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Guest Message by DevFuse


[CS:S] RankMe Connect Announcer (Version r4 - 14 Oct 11)


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Napisano 09.10.2011 17:01

RankMe Connect Announcer

--- Introduction:
This plugin was requested by siangc to make a plugin that announce when a top 10 player connects for RankMe. Just like Top 10 Player HlstatsCE Announcer. I've made his request and added a few more features.

--- Features:
= Announce when a player connect with his position and points. (e.g: lok1 joined the server. (Pos 1 - 3000 Points)
= Announce when a player disconnect with his position and points when disconnected and position/points won/lost. (e.g: lok1 left the server. (Pos 3 [-2] - 2950 [-50] Points)
= Announce when a top x player connects with his position. Can be at center, chat and hint box. (e.g: Top 10 player lok1 connected, currently rank 1)
= Features can be chosen by cvars.
= Translations.

--- ConVars:
= rankme_connect_announcer_version -> RankMe Connect Announcer Version

You can found these CVars on cfg/sourcemod/rankme_connect_announcer.cfg. (The file is auto-generated in the first run).

= rankme_announcer_player_connect -> Announce when a player connect with position and points? Default 1.
= rankme_announcer_player_disconnect -> Announce when a player disconnect with position and points? Default 1.
= rankme_announcer_top_player_connect -> Announce when a top player connect? Default 1.
= rankme_announcer_top_pos_player_connect -> Max position to announce that a top player connect? Default 10.
= rankme_announcer_top_player_connect_center -> Announce when a top player connect at center? Default 1.
= rankme_announcer_top_player_connect_chat -> Announce when a top player connect at chat? Default 1.
= rankme_announcer_top_player_connect_hint -> Announce when a top player connect at hintbox? Default 0.

--- Translations:
= English.
= Brazilian Portuguese.

--- Installation:
Simply extract the at your addons/sourcemod folder.

--- Requirements:
It requires RankMe plugin version V.2.5.8 or later.

--- Credits:
= lok1 (me) -> Making the plugin.
= AlliedModders Staff/SourceMod Staff -> Providing information and SourceMod.
= siangc -> Requesting the plugin.
= Loko (a.k.a away000) -> Helping on testing the plugin.
= exvel -> [INC] Colors.
= All the guys that report bugs, suggest features and criticise it. -> It make me want to continue with the plugin and make it better.

--- Donate:
I'm a student. I'm at school all day and afternoon and can develop only by night that is my free time. So, if you like the plugin, feel free to send me a game on steam. (vinifred01)

=== Please, post bugs, suggestions and critics.
=== If possible, translate for your language and post the translation.
=== Please, rate the thread.
=== I'm brazilian, so, my english probably sucks.
=== If you want to post it in other forum, please, give the credits.
=== The source code is avaliable in the zip file and also at the SVN

--- Changelog (MM/DD/YY):

=> r4 (14/10/11):
        = Fix: Fixed translations #format. (As the translation has changed, a map change is required).

=> r3 (09/10/11):
        = Change: Cvars and cfg file renamed.
        = Feature: Added version cvar. (rankme_connect_announcer_version)
=> r2 (08/10/11):
        = Change: Updated
        = Change: Now using RankMe_GetPoints instead of RankMe_GetStats. Better performance as don't retrieve the whole stats array.
        = Feature: Added translations.
=> r1 (08/10/11):
        = Feature: Release.

It doesn't compile on web compiler since there is some includes.

To see servers using it, click here.

=> When you download the plugin, first time or not, if possible, give me a feedback about how it is working and what you think about it so then i can use that to improve it.

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