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Guest Message by DevFuse


[CSS] MBDM - Deathmatch Mod

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Napisano 25.11.2012 07:37

In all honesty it might be like half a death-match mod. This is the first plugin that I have ever made, so I went for something simple. As of the date of this post, this mod is fully functional and does not return a single error. If I think of anything else to add to it I will update it ( or if someone suggests/requests something I guess). Feedback is appreciated and I hope you enjoy the plugin!Warning:This plugins uses SourceMod Library ( smlib ). You need to have this in order to compile this plugin ( which means the SourceMod Website compiler will not work ). Click here to get SourceMod Library.Plugin Features:-Allows you to pick any different weapon combination you would like.-Allows a client to pick a primary, secondary, and a complete set of equipment ( grenades and armor ) once per life.-Automatically respawns a player when they die.-Automatically gives any secondary and primary weapons 999 bullets.-All notifications ( ReplyToCommand, PrintToChat, etc ) are colorful ( along with the [MBDM] prefix ).-A rule.cfg that puts your rules into a menu.Plugin Commands: Code: - sm_bury *Pushes the target into the ground*- sm_unbury *Lifts a target out of the ground*- sm_openmotd *Forces the Message of the Day to open on a players screen*- sm_health <[+/-]> *Sets a player(s) health to a specified number*- sm_respawn *Makes a player(s) respawn*- sm_smite *Takes 99% from the player's health*- sm_weapons *Re-Opens the Weapon Menu*- sm_rules *Opens the Rule Menu*- sm_plugin_info *Tells a client a little about the plugin*Plugin Convars: Code: - sm_mbdm_version *Sets the version of the plugin*- sm_allow_weapons "1/0" *Enables or Disables the weapon menu*- sm_allow_weapons_t "1/0" *Enables or Disables the weapon menu for the terrorist team*- sm_allow_weapons_ct "1/0" *Enables or Disables the weapon menu for the counter-terrorist team*Installation Instructions:Go about it as you would any other plugin. You drop the .smx file into the plugins folder. Then navigate to sourcemod/configs folder and make a file named "sm_rules.cfg". This is the file were you place your server rules. Each line in the config file will be a line inside the Rule Menu. In game this will look like 1. No Disrespect : 2. No Spawn-Killing : etc. in the Menu.For example: Code: You sm_rules.cfg should look like this:No DisrespectNo Spawn-KillingNo HackingSpecial Notes:I would appreciate that if you modified this you would keep the credits as they are. In the long run it does not matter. As far as first plugins go, I think I did alright with this. The majority of it was from scratch ( I used examples from a couple other scripts to help learn how to do some stuff ). Possible Updates for the future:- Adding an option to save your load-out ( gives it to you on spawn auto ).- Thinking of/finding a need(s) for more commands- Uh, I dunno.A special thanks to Mitchell. I appreciate the help you gave me, and this would not of been created without that help! Thanks for reading and enjoy! Attached Files Dołączona grafika Get Plugin or Get Source (mb_weaponmenu.sp - 24.0 KB) Dołączona grafika mb_weaponmenu.smx (23.2 KB)

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