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Guest Message by DevFuse


[TF2 | Mapping & Gameplay] TriggerHappy

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This plugin will remain under development on an as-needed basis.This plugin adds event trigger support to your custom maps.NOTE: Currently, this plugin only supports triggers for voicemenu commands and sudden death events.I plan on adding more triggers in the future as the need arises or if someone requests a specific trigger.How to use:
  • Download the attached (zipped) trigger_brush FGD file, place it in your SourceSDK folder with the other FGD files
  • Import the FGD file into hammer
  • Create a trigger_brush brush-based entity
  • Name said brush to "voicemenu X Y">> the name of this brush indicates which voicemenu command the map will listen for.>> for a list of voicecommands, see here>> please note that you need to subtract 1 from the above list's indicies;>> (Calling medic is "voicemenu 0 0", NOT "voicemenu 1 1" [that's for "incomming"])
  • Wire up your trigger's USE output however you want.>> Now whenever someone uses the specified voicemenu command,>>>> the trigger_brush's USE output should fire and whatever event you desire will occur.>> the !activator IS passed to the triggered I/O chain, should you need it to; this allows you to filter your inputs too!
For a demo, Please see the attached zip file for VMF & BSP the demo, a Medic bot should spawn whenever a BLU player calls for a medic; nothing will happen if a RED player calls for a medic as the trigger is filtered by team.(demo requires sv_cheats 1 and depending on server team balance settings, the medic might be RED)Important Notes:The attached FGD file enables you to use trigger_brush entity. this entity is SOLID with no way to make it's best to put it somewhere where nothing could collide with it (or cleverly texture it into part of your map, I don't care.)Also, if you name your trigger_brush to one of the following below, the game engine itself will automatically trigger these events (this plugin does not trigger them)
  • game_playerdie Fires whenever a player dies. The person who dies is the !activator
  • game_playerkill Fires whenever a player kills another player. (game_playerdie also fires) The person who killed the player is the !activator
  • game_playerjoin Fires whenever a player joins the game. The person who joined is the !activator
  • game_playerspawn Fires whenever a player spawns. The person who spawned is the !activator
  • game_playerleave Fires whenever a player leaves the game. The person who left is the !activator
Mapping IdeasHere's some ideas and possibilites this plugin could add to your maps:
  • spawn engineer buildings when someone says to
  • payload maps could "switch" tracks depending on voicemenu "go left" "go right"
  • payload maps could start/stop the cart on voicemenu "go" or "no"
  • lock/unlock doors in sudden death (maybe even remove spawn walls?)
...the possibilities are endless. :)History:0.2 - 19 Oct 2012 - Added support for Sudden Death events>> teamplay_suddendeath_begin Fires when sudden death begins>> teamplay_suddendeath_end Fires when sudden death ends>>>> These triggers can be used to change the map layout, un/lock doors, maybe even destroy that wall between spawns... it's up to you :)0.1 - 19 Oct 2012 - Inital release, only supports voicemenu commands Attached Files Dołączona grafika Get Plugin or Get Source (triggerhappy.sp - 2.1 KB) Dołączona grafika (7.1 KB) Dołączona grafika (1.1 KB)

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