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Dołączona grafika Dołączona grafika

Guest Message by DevFuse


[l4d2] skyrpg_v1 [store | trails | rpg | saving | etc.]

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Napisano 07.10.2012 01:58

Descriptionskyrpg_v1 was my first attempt at an rpg plugin for left 4 dead 2.It featured a linear leveling path; Players level up their weapons classes and infected classes and unlock pre-determinedabilities and skills for attaining configurable levels.Weapons classes were split into [pistol | smg | shotgun | sniper | rifle | grenade]Infected classes, are obviously [hunter | smoker | boomer | jockey | spitter | charger | tank]The Infected team also had an "infected" level which governed the classes, by adding bonus movement and health, whilethe Survivor team had a "physical" level which governed unlocks, total health, and other bonuses.Anytime a player earned experience, if they were survivor it would add to their physical level; infected level if infected, andalso into the category they were using, if the weapon was applicable; using weapons that the player hadn't "unlocked" wouldstill count towards physical level, but not towards that weapons category, so the player could unlock the category using thatweapon, but not earn experience in that category until said weapon was unlocked.Max levels, as well as experience requirements and multipliers, are calculated based on configurable settings; you can set playersto level up ridiculously fast, or horrendously slow. You can choose to let players have all the abilities unlocked at level 1, and justmake them more powerful as the player levels. It's completely configurable for how you want the game to be played.Players that don't have all of the unlocks can spend points that they earn through the plugins accompanying buy plugin that willlast until the end of the round. Points earned for attacks, damage, distance, etc., are separate from the experience earned, andare reset every time the round ends, along with temporary purchases that the player made. Some of these purchases do includeallowing players to buy up to their higher tier infected abilities, so with a little work, they can temporarily have the abilities thatthe other players have unlocked.There are 4 tiers of Infected classes:Tier 1: Standard, no buffs, no bonuses, no additional perks.Tier 2: Default (blue) players unlock one buff, no bonuses, and one additional perk.Tier 3: Default (green) players unlock one buff, one bonus, and one additional perk.Tier 4: Default (red) players unlock one buff, all bonuses, and one additional perk.There are two other tiers that are the same for all Infected classes, and unlock the same way each tier unlocks; through attaininga certain level with that Infected Class.Wall Of Fire: When the infected player dies, they explode into a river of flames. This kills most (un)common infected, but dealsmassive damage to survivors. Wall of Fire can be toggled on/off for each individual class in the players settings panel, but even iftoggled on, will not trigger if that class has not unlocked the ability.Spawn Anywhere: When the infected player enters ghost mode, they will be able to spawn anywhere they want; even if it's in fronton the survivor, looking straight at him. Anywhere the player wants to spawn. This ability isn't applicable to tanks.When an infected class reaches a new tier, the bonuses, buffs, and/or perks they unlock are unique to their class.To combat these upgrades, survivors have some seriously destructive abilities of their own that they can unlock. The most notableof these abilities being able to attach special ammo types to their weapons.Each weapon category can hold only one type of special ammo at a time, and cannot hold a special ammo type currently in use byanother weapons category.The special ammo types are: [bloat (heavy) | ice (slowing) | bean bag (teleporting) | heal (heals teammates) | blind (blinds enemies)]Installation Instructions, DependenciesThis plugin requires my Ready Up plugin.Rotoblin Gamemode.incMr. Zero's l4dstocksSDKHooksLeft 4 Downtown 2Bug Reports, Comments, etc.If you have a bug to report, please make sure you've checked it against the known issues, which will beposted at the sky-plugins project issues page to make sure your issueisn't already added to a new update; And if it isn't, please add it to the list.Source CodeYou can always find the latest source code here. Attached Files Dołączona grafika (143.1 KB)

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