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Guest Message by DevFuse


[l4d2] skyrpg_v2 [store | trails | rpg | saving | etc.]

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DescriptionThis was my second attempt at an rpg-like plugin for left 4 dead 2.I was unhappy with the linearity involved with skyrpg_v1; In fact, unhappy with how a lot of rpg's don't give players theimmensely satisfying freedom of choice. This plugin provides an immense sense of Freedom:Freedom, to develop your character exactly how you see fit.Freedom, to pick exactly what skills you want, exactly when you want them.Freedom, to choose how powerful you want your skills to be.Freedom, to choose not to spend talents unless you want to, and save them for when you do.Freedom, to play any Infected class, or use any Survivor weapon, without penalty.Freedom, to not be restricted to spending talents in Survivor or Infected only categories. You level up, you place themwhere you want to place them.Freedom, to make your survivor and Infected look how you want them to look.This version of skyrpg is a complete re-write. Nothing is set in stone. There's no confusing buy menu stacked on top, you don'thave multiple experience categories to level. Whether you are Infected or Survivor, you level a single experience bar.When you level up, you earn talent points that you can choose to assign to any category you want. The only restriction I'veset in place is the maximum talents that you can enter in a category is whatever your current level is. You can always saveyour talent points, and spend them on that category the next time you level up, though!Server admins can configure a lot of options, but the main options are:- The maximum player level- The maximum sky level- The talent points players receive the first time they connect- The talent points players receive when they level up- If the max talent points a player can input into a category is their current level; If not, it unlocks the maximum when a playerreaches the maximum level- The amount of bonus talent points players receive when they level, per sky level they have achievedThe purchase system, and how it worksPurchasing in this version of skyrpg is different than in the previous installment. In skyrpg1, players earned points that they spenton the accompanying buy plugin. This time, your experience acts as your currency, so you have to balance purchases with howmuch you're earning, or how badly you want it. When a player levels up, their experience is reduced to 0, which means they won'tbe able to buy anything until they start earning experience again. This can be annoying, but it's set up this way for strategicpurposes. Often, I find that when players are close to leveling, if they're survivors, they'll buy incap protection, and anything elsethey want, just so they aren't unable to pick themselves up if they go down, shortly after leveling. Infected players might buy atank, because they'll generally make that experience back - or at the least, that's the gamble they make.Players are never obligated to spend experience on anything. However, you can spend experience to make purchases on abilitiesor other goodies if your level isn't high enough to chance them to happen as often as you'd like. For instance, the best examplehere is tank spawns. There's a talent where players have a chance every time they enter ghost mode, to have their classchanged to a tank; They aren't immediately spawned into the world, because where's the fun in that? If a players chance is low,or they have opted out of this ability altogether, the player can always purchase a tank whilst in ghost mode. Remember, foreither of these to be valid, tanks must be available; If the tank limit has been reached, or tanks are restricted, neither can occur.Everything you buy in the purchase menu expends experience points, and the cost of each item is listed next to it.He pounced me, Then he biled me, Then he spit on me. What the hell?My skyrpg plugins boast this shape-shifting system, where players aren't restricted to being the class they spawned as.At any time, the player can change classes. You can even change your class to a tank when you're not in ghost mode, by buyingit, however, changing to a tank has two restrictions:- you cannot change into a tank if you have a player ensnared- you cannot change into a tank if you're currently a chargerThe charger rule applies to changing into anything, actually. Due to an issue that renders the charger and the victim invulnerable todeath (charger) and saving (victim) if the charger player were to change while charging or pounding, I've made it so players who areactually spawned into the world can't change their class, if they're a charger.For the rest of the classes, again, also not if you're tank, you can spend experience to change your class, whenever you want. Theonly restriction for the standard class change is:- you cannot buy the class that you currently areHowever, as in the bold header above, you can do something which is pretty common in this plugin:Pounce your target, turn into a boomer and bile your target, turn into a spitter and spit on your target, turn into a charger and try tomelee your target to death.You aren't restricted to that combo, either, and there are many combos to choose from, so experiment, and see what you like best!Map record challengesEach map of each campaign has several map records; Don't worry, there are a lot more of these that I plan to add! Since this is stillan early beta, there are only a few, straight-forward challenges. Here's how it works:- Every round, all player earnings toward map challenges reset.- The challenge screen shows your progress, as well as the goal.- If you break the record, you receive the experience that your new record is worth. The screen shows the old record value!- If multiple people break the record, the player with the highest new record is recorded and only they receive their record value!The current records that can be obtained in versus are:- Survivor Damage- Infected Damage- Survivor Kills- Infected Kills- Infected IncapsSurvival mode offers one more, which is a little different due to the nature of survival:- Survival map timeIn survival, if the survival time for that map is defeated, all present survivor players earn experience equal to a value times the numberof seconds the survivor team survived.Survival is also a great way to level up - since the director think system supports survival mode, oh boy!What is sky level?If you've played games like Call of Duty, you'll know what prestige mode is.It's completely optional; Players aren't forced into it, and never have to do it. But, for the players who do, they're rewardedwith additional buffs and other goodies. Raising your sky level results in your current level being reduced back to 1. You loseall of the talents you've earned, and all of your talent categories reset; You pretty much lose everything. So, what's the point?- Earn additional talent points each time you level, based on your current sky level.- Unlock passive abilities; If passive abilities are already unlocked, you unlock additional passive abilities and passive ability slots.- Every time you raise your sky level, you're earning more talent points, so you can become more and more powerful!The Director can level up, too!Director leveling, and Director think support the following gametypes that I have tested:- Versus- Survival- Coop (Realism by default)Like in skyrpg1, the director can level up as well as making purchases against players, if it's enabled; The director think systemand the director leveling system can be disabled. However, when the director levels up, I currently have not set up automatedtalent point distribution, so server admins will have to manually enter where each talent point goes. The negative side is obviousbut the positive side is that server admins can place talent points where they'll play to strengths and/or weaknesses of theirservers' player-base.The director is limited to the same restrictions that are applied to human players in terms of their abilities, and must also followthe rules set; For example, tank limit cannot be raised; Due to the nature to how players obtain tanks in this plugin, there's noneed for it, but if the maximum tanks are in play, or tank restrictions are enabled, the director cannot obtain a tank, even ifit meets the criteria to do so. Event tanks required for natural progression are not stopped by the plugin, as that would breakthe game.Why are the infected bots random colours?They're assigned random colours when they spawn, just to mix the game up a little bit. Just so it isn't the same jockey over andover again. Maybe, to bring some life into it. You can always edit the code and disable this feature if you don't like it, though.The in-game storeCurrently, there aren't many options in the in-game store, most notably, players can buy experience multipliers and passive abilityupgrade slots. This is something I'm willing to expand upon; But I need ideas from players and server owners on what they'd liketo see. I also haven't expanded on it because the store sections are another reason for players to want to frequent your server,so it's likely that you'll want to code in specifics.Bonus ExperienceThere is currently bonus experience hours that are hard-coded into the plugin. The hours are based on the current time of the serverand not of the individual players, so you can configure it for whatever time you prefer, by changing a few lines of code. I will, at alater date, change these to variables that can be edited through the config.Currently, experience bonuses are awarded like so:Weekends: 12am - 9am = 3.0x Experience gainsWeekends: 9am - 12am = 2.0x Experience gainsWeekdays: 12am - 9am = 2.0x Experience gainsWeekdays: 9am - 12am = 1.0x Experience gains (standard)Translations are supported!Unlike skyrpg1, skyrpg2 supports translations. This means everything displayed to players can be set in whatever languages you wantto support. You'll have to find people to add the new language translations to the file, though. If you do update the translations file,it would be greatly appreciated if you could mail the new translations file to me so I can add itto the official translations file in the download, and on the googlecode page. Remember, there's a hard-coded limit to the number ofcharacters that each line of text or menu can hold, and I can't change this value, so please keep that in mind when writing out yourtranslations.You mentioned some abilities have a "chance" to fire. What do you mean?In skyrpg1, once you unlocked an ability like spawn anywhere or wall of fire, they triggered every single time you entered ghost mode.This was, as you can probably imagine, extremely overpowered and unbalanced.In skyrpg2, talent points determine the chance of an ability firing. So, by default, each talent point in spawn anywhere increases yourchance of the ability triggering by 1%. If I have 10 talents in the ability, every time I enter ghost mode, there's a 10% chance I canspawn wherever I want, but a 90% chance that I won't be able to. This works for wall of fire, and other powerful abilities, such astank spawn chance, and special ammo chances, for survivors.Special Ammos work a bit differently, themselves. In skyrpg1, every single shot expended special ammo. This time, your special ammocount only reduces if the roll wins against your special ammo chance ability, and it rolls every single time you fire your weapon. However,special ammos are several different abilities. For instance, special ammo chance only governs the chance the special ammo will fire off.And it's rolled for each special ammo type that qualifies; Each ammo that has at least 1 talent point in each of its required categories.This means that if you have all of the special ammo types, there's still a chance that only 2, or only 1, or none of them will trigger.Also, in skyrpg1, you had to attach special ammos to different weapons. In skyrpg2, you don't have to, because all abilities are what Icall "passive" abilities. I'll explain that in the last section, below.For ice ammo to qualify to trigger, for example, you must have at least 1 point in ice ammo time (how long it affects the target) and 1point in ice ammo intensity (how slow the target moves for the duration). Any weapon you use has a chance to trigger these abilities.You mentioned that all abilities are "passive." What do you mean?Once you've placed talent points in a category, there's nothing more to do. Based on the events and actions required, your abilities willtrigger without you having to do any additional work. This applies for everything - included Special Infected passives, abilities, buffs, etc.This also applies for the passive abilities that you can unlock. It all happens automatically, and maintains themselves automatically.Experience RestrictionsOriginally, I had designed the plugin for versus. However, after version 0.3.5, I added the ability to earn experience from Infected bots, andthen off of Survivor bots. I added this feature so players could farm. In version 0.5, I plan to add the ability for Survivor bots to be able tolevel, in a similar regard to Infected bots, but to split their leveling so that each survivor has their own leveling; Such that Zoey and Coachwill level individually of each other, etc.Currently, there's an option for server admins that allows them to disable Survivors from being able to earn experience when they have died.Known bugsCurrently, there's one bug that I am working on fixing; Occasionally survivor players have reported that they can't purchase incap protection.However, I do need more information on when it happens, since it seems to be rare. If this occurs to you, please explain how to reproduce it,so I can trace the origin of where the issue is coming from.Different Gametypes, and what you should knowThe Director leveling is saved differently for each gametype, since it will most likely level at much faster rates in certain game modes as opposedto others. It's stored as a different steamid for each game type, as a result. They are:- STEAM_0b0s for survival- STEAM_0b0c for coop- STEAM_0b0v for versusPassive AbilitiesPassive abilities are powerful, new traits that players can assign when they've reached sky level 1 ( default ). The server admins can assign passivetraits to the special infected bots, when the Director sky level reaches 1. Since the Director can only manage Infected bots, the infected passives arethe only passives that will be displayed in that menu. There are some passive abilities that don't clearly explain what they exactly do, so I'm going toexplain those ones here:Critical Chance: Critical Chance is the chance that every attack a survivor makes will critical strike, doing 1.5 normal damage, and, you guessed it,awarding the survivor 1.5x their current experience multiplier. Using this passive will increase your current critical chance talent by an additional amount.By default, it raises it by an additional 5%, and by default, you have an additional 0.1% to have a critical chance, per talent point in the category.Luck Chance: Luck chance is the chance that everything special in your life will happen more often. It's a small chance that critical hits, specialammos, and all abilities with a chance base will fire more often. In fact, it's so special, there's no reason to not use it, right? A really important part tothis passive is that among boosting all of your abilities by a small amount, it also boosts the chance that you'll find a gift package on a corpse. I'll explainthat next.Gifts?Does anyone remember the Christmas update, where gifts could spawn? I liked this idea so much that I implemented it into this plugin.There's a chance, but it's so stupidly low, that when you kill a Special Infected, that a gift can spawn. It'll announce it to the entire server, and if yousee it, you best be on your way to finding it. Both Survivor and Infected players can grab the gifts, and currently, they only do a few things, but I'llexplain them below; I do have plans to add more, and your suggestions will be considered!- By default, when a Special Infected is killed, there's a 1% chance a gift will spawn. Using the luck passive, by default, bumps it up to 2%, but only forthe player who kills the Special Infected, and only if that player has the luck passive equipped.- The rarest gift is the global level up which immediately gives every player in the survivor the experience required to level, so the next time theyearn experience, they'll instantly level up.- The second rarest (remember, these are only by default, and can be changed) is the local level up which levels up the player who picked it up.- The third gift chance is a team-based experience multiplier which doubles (by default, again) the experience multiplier of all players on the teamof the player who picks up the gift.- The last gift, currently, is the local experience multiplier which doubles (default) the experience multiplier of the player who picks up the gift.Gifts don't glow (I considered this, but it's a super-item, so it shouldn't be that easy to find) and you don't know what you'll get until you grab it.Other InformationKeep in mind that some abilities, such as Smoker Whip and Jockey Jump require multiple points in the category to effectively lift the Survivor Players.This means you'll have to actually invest points into them. Once you've placed enough points to lift the player, though, additional points will simplylift the player even higher, making the abilities more effective. I had considered requiring the initial talent to require 10 talent points, or somethingconstructive, but I felt that doing so would limit the freedom of the player.The Survivor health talent permanently increases your maximum health; It won't tick down, ever, but remember that it doesn't change how much healtha first aid kit heals you for, so if your maximum health is 400, you're probably not going to feel too happy with a first aid kid that heals you for 80.Instead, consider buying an instant heal, or incap protection.When a player levels up, their new level will be an even greater requirement based on their sky level. Keep this in mind; Server admins can disable this, orcustomize it as they see fit, but everyone should be aware of it. By default, every time a player levels, the new requirement is:(3% + (1% * SkyLevel)) * ExperienceInitially, it's not big, but imagine sky level 10 (default maximum) where each new level up is 13% * Experience. That's a lot, but, also by default, the playerwill be earning 20 talent points when they level, as opposed to 10 if they are sky level 0. Again, these are default values and can be configured.When an Infected player purchases a new Infected class, their health pool is modified to reflect the new class. Keep in mind that, as a result, it's ofteneasier to simply shove the player off of the Survivor, rather than try to kill the player.In Survival, if Director Shapeshifting is enabled, and Director Hard Mode is enabled, there's a chance the director can turn into a tank, as part of theshape shift, even if that Infected bot has the Survivor player ensnared. If the process was jockey -> tank, survivors can shove the tank off of the player.The director can shape-shift into tanks in this method because it adds to the severity and impossibility of endless survival.I haven't listed all of the abilities, because there's a ridiculous amount of them. It's up to you to play with the plugin and discover them for yourself.I feel this is extremely important in terms of an rpg.You must have the latest version of the compiler, and its dependencies, or you will be unable to compile the plugin.Commands!skyrpg - This opens your control panel, from which all menus and information branch from.!incap - This attempts to buy incap protection; Survivors only.!heal - This attempts to buy instant heal; Survivors only.!colour - This lets you change your infected class / survivor colour. Simply say the command to see the syntax.!trails - This lets you set your weapon trails colours. Again, say the command to see the syntax. It's nothing super fancy, but it's still cool.!class - This command lets you change your infected class without the menu; The syntax is !class [hunter | smoker | boomer | jockey | spitter | charger]!botmenu - This command lets server admins with the KICK flag open the bot menu, and allows them to see bot data, as well as assign bot talent points.!loadbotdata - This is a debug command that lets server admins force bot data to load.Installation Instructions, DependenciesThis plugin requires my Ready Up plugin.Prodigy Sim's L4D2 DirectRotoblin Gamemode.incMr. Zero's l4dstocksSDKHooksLeft 4 Downtown 2Bug Reports, Comments, etc.If you have a bug to report, please make sure you've checked it against the known issues, which will beposted at the sky-plugins project issues page to make sure your issueisn't already added to a new update; And if it isn't, please add it to the list.Source CodeYou can always find the latest source code here. Attached Files Dołączona grafika (84.5 KB)

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