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Guest Message by DevFuse


[TF2] Fysics Control

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Napisano 19.08.2012 16:14

Fysics Control(yes that's an "F" ;))IntrodutionBecause my old "Real Fake bHop" mod had gotten a bit old and I really disliked the way I wrote it, I decided to do a total re-write. This mod comes with pretty much all of the old functionality, and quite a bit more. Which brings us to...DescriptionFysics Control (FC) aims to give server administrators a bit more control over the in-game physics. Let's sum up what the features are:* Ability to enable bunnyhopping and how easy it is to do.* Ability to change the strength of airstrafing (and to disable it completely, if needed)* Ability to enable players to "bounce" and how much strength the bounce has.Bouncing is exactly what the name implies it is: upon hitting the ground you bounce back up :). All you need to do is hold CTRL + SPACE.* Do this all on a per-player basis, which comes in handy if you really like yourself :) (or want to bully someone else :grrr:)I think the cvars explain it as well.Cvars Code: fc_versionPlugin version// Airstrafe cvars// (start with "fc_airstrafe_")fc_airstrafe_multThe multiplier to apply to airstrafingOnly values between 0 and 1 allowed. Values higher than 1 don't increase it anyway.// Bunnyhop cvars// (start with "fc_bhop_")fc_bhop_enabledWhether or not players can bunnyhopfc_bhop_multHorizontal boost to apply to bunnyhoppingfc_bhop_zmultBoost to apply to vertical velocity when bunnyhoppingfc_bhop_maxdelayMaximum time in seconds, after which the player has touched the ground and can still get a bhop boostfc_bhop_lazymodeWhether or not player can bunnyhop simply by holding +jumpfc_bhop_maxspeedThe maximum speed for bunnyhopping. Use -1.0 for no max speedfc_bhop_angleratioKind of complicated to explain. "Ratio between old and new velocity to be used with bunnyhopping". In general, you don't need to change this. The higher the value, the 'straighter' the bhop. The lower the value, the more 'curvy'.// Bounce cvars// (start with "fc_bounce_")fc_bounce_enabledWhether or not players can bouncefc_bounce_multModifies the strenght of a bounceBetween 0.0 and 1.0 dampens the bounce, while values higher than 1.0 increase it.Now that's all nice and dandy, but I like to be able to mess around with people a bit. That's why at it's core my mod stores all the multipliers and the like for each individual player. Which allows you to change stuff on a per-player basis :). So if you want to enable bouncing just for player "IamTehLeet", you would just use: Code: sm_bounce_enabled IamTehLeet 1So, for an overview...CmdsNote: admins need the SLAY flag to execute any of these commands. If you wish to change this, you can edit the flag at the top of the source file and re-compile. Code: sm_fc_reloadReloads Fysics Controlsm_airstrafe_multChange an individual user's airstrafe multipliersm_bhop_multChange an individual users's horizontal bhop multiplier (-1 disables bhop)sm_bhop_zmultChange an indivicual users's vertical bhop multipliersm_bhop_lazymodeAllow/dissallow an individual user to bunnyhop by holding +jumpsm_bounce_enabledAllow/dissallow an individual user to bouncesm_bounce_multChange an individual users's bounce multiplierChanging something through a cvar affects all players. Changing something through a cmd affects only the specified players. If you change something with either, you will always override the current settings. So neither cvars or cmds are more 'important', it's the last change that counts.DependenciesSDK hooks: fc.smx in your plugins folder.Known issuesI didn't get the mod to work on my newly installed PC. It turned out I needed the latest 1.4 snapshot because other Sourcemod versions didn't fire OnPlayerRunCmd. If the mod doesn't work, try other Sourcemod versions.Further notes* This plugin might also work with other source games, but I don't plan on supporting any other games, so it's listed as TF2 only.* If you compile the plugin yourself you'll be presented with a 'tag mismatch' warning. I am aware of this and as far as I know there is no problem in this particular case.* Plugin doesn't compile on the forum because it relies on SDK hooks. Attached Files Dołączona grafika Get Plugin or Get Source (fc.sp - 18.5 KB) Dołączona grafika fc.smx (17.5 KB)

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