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Dołączona grafika Dołączona grafika

Guest Message by DevFuse


[] [TF2] Freak Fortress 2

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Dołączona grafika

"It's like Christmas morning..." - Christian Brutal Sniper

In a few words:

Have you heard about Vs Saxton Hale Mode? I think all of us have.
Freak Fortress 2 is just the same 1 vs all mod, but with different Bosses, and it is also highly customizeable.
The main feature is that you can create your own bosses without editing the source code itself. It can do anyone without SourcePawn knowledge.

Main server:

  • Installrefresh all needed extensions... Do it again...NOW
  • Remove plugin file of VS Saxton Hale Mode if it's installed (tfaddonssourcemodpluginssaxtonhale.smx).
  • Install
  • If your server use FastDl make sure you have uploaded .bz2 files on your FastDl server.
  • Maps to run: practically every arena and koth map is fine to run, but I do not recommend to run it on such maps as arena_granary, cause there are high points at the boxes on the control point, which are difficult for Boss to get.
  • There are also some vsh_ maps with random respawn points. Check this post and GameBanana section.
    • On vsh_ maps boss can play only in BLU team, but on all other maps team is chosen randomly.
  • The plugin doesn't include class restrictions, but it's recommended to limit Engineers, Spies and Pyros to 3. You can use this DJ Tsunami's Class Restrictions to do so.
  • 24-25 slots are recommended.

You can find all the cvars in the tf/cfg/sourcemod/FreakFortress2.cfg

ff2_announce (Default: 120) - Time between info about the mode. 0 = disable announce.
ff2_point_type 1/0 (Default: 0) - Select condition to enable point (0 - alive players, 1 - time).
ff2_point_alive (Default: 5) (for ff2_point_type 0) - Enable control points when there are X people left alive.
ff2_point_delay (Default: 6) (for ff2_point_type 1) - Additional time delay per player before point's activation.
ff2_enabled (Default: 1) - Do you really want set it to 0?
ff2_crits (Default: 1) - Can Boss get crits?
ff2_first_round (Default 0) - If it's 0, first round will be default arena.
ff2_circuit_stun (Default 2) - Short Circuit stuns Boss for N seconds (0 = disabled)
ff2_countdown (Default 120) - Starts draw game timer for N seconds when only one Boss' enemy is not dead.
ff2_spec_force_boss (Default 0) - Spectatots earns queue points and could be turned into a Boss.


Usage: type in console, or type /command or !command in chat (for example: /ff2)

ff2 - The main menu of the mode.
ff2_hp or ff2hp - Show Boss' health.
ff2_next = ff2next = ff2_queue = ff2queue - Show the queue.
ff2_help or ff2help - Show the help about the mode.
ff2_classinfo or ff2classinfo - Show the info about changes of the current class (or about Boss)
ff2_new or ff2new - What's new?
ff2_music or ff2music - Enabledisable music of HHH.
ff2_voice or ff2voice - Enabledisable voice of Boss.
ff2_resetpoints or ff2resetpoints - Reset your queue points.

Admin Commands:

Usage: type in console, or type /command or !command in chat (for example: /ff2)
ff2_addpoints "nickname or part of it" "count of points" - Add some points to this guy.
ff2_special "Name of Boss or part of it" - Set next Boss.
ff2_stop_music - Stop Boss' music for all players.
ff2_point_enable - Force point enable.
ff2_point_disable - Force point disable.
ff2_charset "character set or part of this" - Set character set for next map


Maps, on which the mode will work, can be configured in addonssourcemodconfigsfreak_fortress_2map s.cfg. You can type "FF2 mapname" to maplist or sm_nextmap to play mapname with Freak Fortress 2.
You can use it to use the same map as default arena and with the mode (for example: "arena_well" and "FF2 arena_well")
Also, if you print "all" to the file, then all maps will be with this gamemode.


Q: Is this plugin better than VSH?
A: It's customizable.

Q: Why convars is not changing?
A: Check and edit tf/cfg/sourcemod/FreakFortress2.cfg

Q: What's "bNextMapToFF2" file?
A: If this file exists in tf folder, then VSH will began. It may be used in your own plugin. For example, I'm using it to switch VSH with FF2: if file exists, then VSH will started, else FF2 will.

Q: There is some problems with doors, can it be fixed?
A: Create configs/freak_fortress_2/doors.cfg and add all needed maps to force opening the door (or "all" for all maps, which is not recommended)

Q: How to make koth_ maps work with this mod?
A: http://forums.allied....postcount=2527

Q: I saw cp_, zf_, etc maps running VSH/FF2. How can I do it?
A: http://forums.allied....postcount=2527 but don't forget: some maps has team_round_timer entity.
For example, this is my config for cp_redfort_b3 and all zf maps

PHP Code:

"classname" "team_round_timer"
"setup_length" "10"
"timer_length" "9000"
"classname" "tf_logic_arena"

Q: I can't see Bosses, but I see giant ERROR.
a)Server uses sv_pure 2 or 1 without correct whitelist.
b1)Server uses sv_downloadurl, but there are no bz2-fileson your FTP.
b2)Server doesn't use sv_downloadurl, but has bz2-files on server itself.
c)Client set "do not download any custom files".

Q: I have a character suggestion.
A: Of course! But... do you really can not MAKE him? You probably have not seen the second post yet.

Q: How to disable gamemode's messages?
A: Set ConVar ff2_announce to 0.

Q: I have crashes after new TF2 update.
A: Update your sourcemod, and extensions.

Originally Posted by FlaminSarge (Post 1596872)
1) TF2Items crashing depends on whether the offset required to use GiveNamedItem changes. Adding *just* new items often DOESN'T make it change.
Sometimes, the crash is caused because Valve changes the way GiveNamedItem works, in which case not only the Gamedata for TF2Items has to be updated, but also the ext itself.
Q: Can you help me about something in PM?
A: video-answer

Q: How do queue points work.
A: For each played round, players gets 10 queue points. Guy(s), who has most points, will be the next Boss, and his points will be set to 0.

Extra plugins to improve the gameplay:Natives:
[FF2] Freak Fortress 2 has very much natives and forwards for customisation and your linked plugins.
Also FF2 supports VSH natives, so, you don't should remake your plugin for FF2, if it's works with VSH.
Please use FF2_GetBossIndex(client)!=-1 and do NOT use FF2_GetBossTeam()==BossTeam, cause Seeldier can throw non-Boss players into his team.
Natives is in tfaddonssourcemodscriptinginclude
[VSH] Natives can be used for your plugin to make links to VSH, for example: get Hale's UserId, Health, MaxHealth, Team, Special round index etc.

Customisation is a major objective for FF2.
All Boss' stats placed in config files (addonssourcemodconfigsfreak_fortress_2).
All Boss' abilities placed in sub-plugins (addonssourcemodpluginsfreaks).
You don't need edit Freak Fortress 2 plugin to make your own Boss and abilities for Boss.
Visit 3rd post to get more.

1.0 (compared with VSH v.1.38 )
  • Boss' health is divided by 3.6 in medieval mode
  • Restoring player's default class, after his round as a Boss
  • Added !ff2_resetqueuepoints command (also there is admin version)
  • Medic is credited 100% of damage done during ubercharge
  • If map changes mid-round, queue points are not lost.
  • Dead Ringer will not be able to be activated for 2 seconds after backstab
  • Added ff2_spec_force_boss cvar

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