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Dołączona grafika Dołączona grafika

Guest Message by DevFuse


[] [L4D(2)] Human Director Reloaded

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Napisano 18.03.2012 21:55

<p>[L4D(2)]Human Director Reloaded
Human Player(s) can become a director to replace the AI Director.
Author(s): Marcus101RR, lucskywalker

Dołączona grafika
MCK Productions Plugins
[Survivor Health & Armor | Survivor Upgrades Reloaded | Human Director Reloaded]

Game Type: Left 4 Dead / Left 4 Dead 2
Game Version: /
Plugin Version: 0.6.0
Difficulty: ★★★☆☆

Initial Version Public Release is Scheduled.

Servers Using This Plugin
No Servers Available

Incompatible Plugin List


  • N/A

The Human Director brings back the original Human Director from lucskywalker. The original plugin was outdated, and no longer functioned properly, giving no use. Still approved, this new plugin fixes the problem and brings back its use. As such, this plugin will update over the course of its appearance.

Why is this "Reloaded"? The answer to this question is simple: The plugin no longer in use or abandoned. Plugins that have been remade are titled Reloaded in this section as to inform users this not original work or an idea. Credits go to the original design and idea to the author.

Original Version
What is so different between the Original Release? There is no much to say about the old version other than it is broken and since then, no one has updated it or tried to fix it. For the most part, however, it was written in French, and therefor no one could understand what some of the things where to begin with. In this version, English for everything, it has been slimmed down, and simplified. Not a very big code compared to the old one.

User Commands

Show/Hide Command List

  • sm_hdmenu - !hdmenu - Display Human Director Panel

The Human Director Spawn Menu
The Director will be given a Spawn Menu upon using the command or pressing the key. In this menu he has choices such as Spawn Menu, Help, Quit, and Close. These control the main aspects of the Human Director functioning.

Configuration Variables & Information

Left 4 Dead Hide/Show Variables


No Custom Variables Present
Default: 0
Type: Variable


Hide/Show Official Command Variables


AI Director Control on Tank and Witch.
Default: 0
Type: Variable


AI Director Control on Special Infected.
Default: 0
Type: Variable


AI Director Control on Mobs.
Default: 0
Type: Variable

To Be Announced & Planned
  • N/A
Video, Screenshots, & Visuals


March 18, 2012 - v0.6.0

Initial Beta Release.

Frequently Asked Questions & Solutions
Q: What is this?
A: The Human Director is a player that joins the infected team and hides from the rest of the players view as the replacement for AI Director. When the player joins as the Director, no other players can take his slot, however, to improve game-play experience players can votekick the Director back to survivors team if he/she fails to satisfy the game.

Attached Files Dołączona grafika Get Plugin or Get Source (l4d_humandirectorreloaded.sp - 14.9 KB)

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