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Dołączona grafika Dołączona grafika

Guest Message by DevFuse


[] GasRun v1.0 (02-19-12)

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Napisano 19.02.2012 11:10

GasRun! - v1.0
By Grinf4ce & Kitty the Cat

Both Teams (CT and Terrorists) have a gas-chamber (currently a colored flag), and the other team, has the key for it. You have to get your key back from the enemies base and bring it to your gas-chamber. If you reach the gas-chamber, you activate a nerve-gas-alert. All players of your team are immune to the nerve-gas, but all player of the other team will die.

The enemy team can save their live, if every player change to his knife and press USE. But they have only 5 seconds - and the protecting-suite needs 3.5 seconds to be ready. The best way is, protect the key of the enemies and took your key from enemies base.

It's a deathmatch-mod, if you die, you will respawn after 3 seconds at your base. At spawn, a weaponmenu will open and you can choose between M4A1, AK47 and MP5. There is a grenade-backpack in the map, where you get HE and FBs - but one backpack for both teams. Once the grenade-backpack was picked up, it will respawn after 30 seconds. To restock your ammo, there is a ammo-backpack at both spawnpoints (respawning after 10 seconds).

  • Take the key from the enemy base back to your base.
  • Activate the gaschamber and let the world fill with gas.
  • Kill everyone from the enemy who is not protected.
  • Get free weapons using a weaponmenu on spawn.
  • Restock ammo and grenades by picking up backpacks.
  • Autorespawn after a specifed time.
  • HUD scorebord for gas alerts.
  • Removed roundtimer and objectives.
  • Edit entities (key, chamber, backpacks, ...) like you want.
  • ML system (included DE, EN, FR, ES and HU).
  • Change gamedescription in server-window.
  • Download and extract it.
  • Download gasrun.amxx
  • Put the extracted directories and files into your server-directory.
  • Put gasrun.amxx into your plugins directory.
  • Open plugins.ini,add a new line gasrun.amxx and save it.
  • Restart your server - Have fun!
For testing this plugin, we created some entities-config-files.
** We highly recommend that you create your own entities-config-files using the GasRun!-DevTool. **


Quote: gr_active <0 - 1> - Turn the plugin off/on. [Default: 1]
gr_gamedesc <0 - 1> - Change game description in server-window to "GasRun! (vXX.XX)". [Default: 1]
gr_delayfirstrnd <15.0 - X> - Delay in seconds until entities will spawn, should be more than 15. [Default: 30.0]
gr_delayrespawn <1.0 - X> - Delay in seconds until respawn, should be more than 1. [Default: 3]
gr_showthx <0 - 1> - Show translator-credits on first spawn?. [Default: 1]
gr_carrierhp <0 - 100> - Healthpoints on key pickup, 0 means no change. [Default: 100]
gr_carrierap <0 - 200> - Armorpoints on key pickup, 0 means no change. [Default: 200]
gr_rewardscorer <0 - X> - Bonusscore for player who activate the gas. [Default: 5]
gr_rewardkiller <0 - X> - Bonusscore for player who killed the key carrier [Default: 2]
gr_rewardkilledgas <-X - X> - (Bonus)score for player who died through nerve-gas [Default: -1]
gr_scorechannel1 <1 - 4> - Channel for HUD-Messages of HUD-Score T [Default: 1]
gr_scorechannel2 <1 - 4> - Channel for HUD-Messages of HUD-Score CT [Default: 2] Commands:

Quote: say /weapon (everyone) - Let you choose a new weapon on your next respawn..
say /spawn (everyone) - Force respawn..
gr_resetscore (ADMIN_KICK) - An admin can reset the HUD-Scores of both teams. Screenshots:
Screenshot 1 - Counter-Terrorists-Spawn & Menu
Screenshot 2 - Counter-Terrorists-Spawn
Screenshot 3 - Terrorists-Spawn
Screenshot 4 - Ammo Backpack
Screenshot 5 - Grenade Backpack
Screenshot 6 - Enemy has your key!
Screenshot 7 - Enemy scored!
Screenshot 8 - Put on protecting-suite
Screenshot 9 - Gas!

Is used for setup the entities (gaschambers, keys and backpacks). We recommend, that you only activate the DevTool, if you want to change entity-coordinates or angles. Disable the plugin otherwise. The config-files are located in amxx/configs/gasrun/<mapname>.cfg. If there is no file located for the current map, GasRun will be deactivated. We created some config files for testing, but we recommend you reset our config files.

How to use:
  • Activate gasrun_dev.amxx in your plugins.ini
  • Start server and change to your new map.
  • The plugin will create a config-file in configs/gasrun/<mapname>.cfg
  • Type /grdev in chat - a menu will open.
  • It shows you the current entity name and the currently saved coordinates.
  • Press (1) to save your actuell position and viewangle as new entity coordinates.
  • Press (2),(3) to navigate through the entities.
  • Deactivate gasrun_dev.amxx in your plugins.ini.
  • Set all coordinates and restart the server.
If you created config-files for custom maps, you can post them and we will add them to our release :)

Thanks to everyone who translated GasRun!
We're looking for more translations - Visit our Translationthread.
  • [en] by Grinf4ce & Kitty
  • [de] by Grinf4ce & Kitty
  • [fr] by teol
  • [es] by Tallulah
  • [hu] by blue_zebra
Special thanks to following users :)Changelog:

Quote: Version 1.0 (02-19-12)
- Initial Release If you found a bug, or have suggestions please leave a post :)
We hope you like our plugin and have fun using it.

Attached Files Dołączona grafika Get Plugin or Get Source (gasrun.sma - 58.3 KB) Dołączona grafika Get Plugin or Get Source (gasrun_dev.sma - 6.0 KB) Dołączona grafika (465.3 KB) Dołączona grafika gasrun.txt (9.1 KB)

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