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Dołączona grafika Dołączona grafika

Guest Message by DevFuse


[] [TF2] Lo-Fi Beacon (Deluxe Edition)

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Napisano 12.02.2012 19:07

Lo-Fi Longwave Beacon (Deluxe Edition)
Dołączona grafika
(Click to see full-size image)

Some of you may have seen the original Lo-Fi Beacon plugin, created by Nightgunner5. Some of you probably haven't seen it.

For those of you who have seen the thread/plugin:
The plugin he created was broken and didn't work. So I ended up fixing it. I posted the fixed version, plus a modified version, in the thread and left a message for Nightgunner5, stating that he could use my fixed & modified versions of his plugin, and add his own features to it. However, he hasn't been online in quite some time, so I think it's about time that I post an updated, tricked out version of the plugin.

For those of you who haven't seen the thread/plugin:
Nightgunner5's original version was made to only display the beacon effect when the KritzKast crew was recording a show. The beacon effect was brilliant, but the whole "only appears when they're recording" thing was a tad gimmicky. When I fixed his version, I made a second version that added the beacon effect at all times.

This plugin is an enhanced version of that second version I made, with the beacon effect being displayed at all times.

Installation Instructions
1. Drop .smx into "addons/sourcemod/plugins"
2. Set up the CVARs below in your server.cfg file
3. ???
4. Profit!

lofi_beacon_red - Controls the red value of the beacon's RGBA. (Default: 69)

lofi_beacon_green - Controls the green value of the beacon's RGBA. (Default: 97)

lofi_beacon_blue - Controls the blue setting of the beacon's RGBA. (Default: 141)

lofi_beacon_alpha - Controls the alpha setting of the beacon's RGBA. (Default: 255)

lofi_beacon_radius - Controls the radius of the beacon effect. (Default: 24.0)

lofi_beacon_interval - Controls the amount of time in seconds between each effect. (Default: 1.5)

1. The default RGB values 69, 97, 141 are the RGB values of the TF2 item quality "Vintage". Since the Lo-Fi Longwave was first given out in Vintage quality, I decided it'd be fitting to color the beacon effect "Vintage" blue.

1A. For those of you who use hex color codes, and don't know how to find out the equivalent RGB values for a certain hex code, try this easy to use Hex to RGB in-browser converter.

2. If the small default radius size of 24.0 is too small for you, I personally like to set it at 100.0. If you find that the beacon effect is clipping through walls, lower the radius size.

3. If you set the interval CVAR to 0.1, the beacon effect will become very rapid. The default setting should be just fine, but hey, it's your server, set it to whatever you want :)

Version History

Quote: Version 1.0 (February 12th, 2012)
  • Added Beacon Radius CVAR.
  • Added Beacon Interval CVAR.
  • Added 4 CVARs to control the RGBA color of the beacon.
  • (Line 220 in Notepad++) Changed "vec[2] += 8.0;" to "vec[2] += 13.0;", thus raising the beacon effect a bit higher over the player's head so it looks like it's being emitted from the tower, as opposed to the players forehead.
  • Moved the BeaconCheck timer from OnMapStart to OnPluginStart.
  • Organized the hell out of the source code!
Nightgunner5 - Coming up with such an awesome plugin. Shame it was broken though ;_;
Whosat - His L4D(2) Laser Tag plugin's source code was a huge help when it came to properly implementing CVARs for changing the RGBA values of the beacon effect. In particular, it was the way he had set up the Laser Colour CVARs that helped me solve the dilemma.

Bugs? Issues? Suggestions? Don't be shy! Feel free to let me know about any bugs, issues, or suggestions you may have, especially if those suggestions are about improving the coding (let's face it, I'm no SourcePawn expert :oops:)

Coming soon: Another plugin similar to this one, but for the Earbuds!

Attached Files Dołączona grafika Get Plugin or Get Source (lofi_beacon_deluxe.sp - 7.7 KB)

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