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Dołączona grafika Dołączona grafika

Guest Message by DevFuse


[CS:S] SM:CTF - Capture the flag (Version 1.0.4)

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Napisano 10.11.2011 00:14

SM:CTF Capture the flag

This is a capture the flag modification for Counter-Strike: Source. There are 2 flags on the map, one for each team. Players need to capture the enemy's flag and bring it back to their own one.

This is based off and uses models from the eventscript SCTF by sn4k3. It wasn't updated after the orangebox update and it's too much of a fun mod to get lost.
Thanks to sn4k3!

Dołączona grafika

Check out SM:Conquest either!

Have a go at!

The blue team plays against the red team. The aim is to carry the enemy's flag to the spawn of the own flag. The own flag needs to be at the spawn to score. So you have to conquer the opponent's flag and defend your own team's one at the same time. It's necassary for the whole team to work together tactically to win.

There are several classes for the player to choose off. They differ in health, speed and weapons. If a player dies, he's automatically respawned with the next respawnwave. The respawnwaves are different for CT and T.

The team which reaches x points first or which got more points after x minutes wins. If both teams have the same points after the time is up, it's a draw.

Players currently carrying a flag are regonized by a colored beam following them and a big speechbubble above their head. You're only able to carry one flag at a time.
The screen of the player itself is faded slightly into the color of the flag he's carrying.

Beware! Enemys will see flag carriers on their radar as well!

Dołączona grafika

There is a small info panel, which shows information about the current status of both flags and the score of both teams. Possible statuses are the name of the flag carrier, the countdown until a dropped flag is returned to it's spawn or the flag just idleing at it's spawn. It's located in the middle bottom of the screen.

Dołączona grafika

There might be a spawnprotection on the flags. This is indicated by a green beam and the flag being black. You have to wait a few seconds until you're able to capture it.

Dołączona grafika

Player Commands

  • sm_class (class, !class, /class) - Opens the class menu.
  • sm_ctfstats (ctfstats, !ctfstats, /ctfstats) - Opens a panel with player stats
There are own ctf statistics saved for each player. It's rather useless and i never expanded on it, but i'll leave it in here for the lol'z.

Here's an older info page about the mod.


  • Download the and upload the content to your gameserver.
  • If you're using a fast download server, upload the materials, models and sounds on there either.
  • Restart the server or change the map to load the plugin.
  • Once loaded, edit the cfg/sourcemod/plugin.smctf.cfg to configure to your needs.
  • Enjoy the game.
Server admins are able to add as many classes as they like. There are some necassary and optional keys to be used in the sourcemod/configs/smctf_classes.cfg:
  • name: The name of the class shown in the chat and menu
  • description: A short description of the class
  • weapons: List of weapons (without the "weapon_" prefix) the class gets on spawn. Seperated by commas ",". Specfiy the backclip ammo or amount of nades with a ":number" added to the name like "ak47:200"
  • health: Set the health of the player
  • speed: Set the speed multiplicator of the player. 1.0 is default. 1.4 would be 40% faster.
  • model: The modelpath, relative to the models/ folder, to a model, the player should use. It's automatically precached, but not added to the downloadables..
Code: "Classes"
"cowboy" // this can be random
"name" "Cowboy"
"description" "Pistol Arts"
"health" "80"
"speed" "1.4"
"weapons" "knife,elite:200,hegrenade,flashbang"
}Adding flags on maps
There are already flags on all default maps. The coordinates are saved in configs/smctf_maps.cfg, but you shouldn't need to edit that file by hand.

Just use the sm_setflag <red|blue> command ingame, to set the flag at your feet. Like typing "!setflag red" in chat to set the red flag at your position. The smctf_maps.cfg is automatically updated.

Players are respawned in waves every x seconds. You're able to specify the wave length in seconds depending on the amount of players playing. This is, so playing a match with a small group of players doesn't require 20 seconds to respawn, if you die just after a wave. During that time, the enemy might have scored twice!
At a full server with 20+ slots, a higher respawn time is better to balance the game.

Open up the configs/smctf_respawnwaves.cfg to set the respawn time until x players are playing. Spectators are disregarded.

Admin Commands
  • sm_setflag - Set's the position of a flag on a map at the origin of the player. Usage: sm_setflag <r|b>
  • sm_dropflag - Forces the a player to drop the flag. Usage: sm_dropflag <#userid|steamid|name>
  • sm_resetctfstats - Resets a players ctf stats. Usage: sm_resetctfstats <#userid|steamid|name>
Edit this convars in the autogenerated config file in cfg/sourcemod/plugin.smctf.cfg after you first ran the plugin.
  • smctf_scorelimit - When any team scores x flags game will end. (Default: 10)
  • smctf_flagtake - How many frags should a player win when capturing a flag? (Default: 1)
  • smctf_flagreturn - How many kills should a player win when returning his team's flag to his base? (Default: 1)
  • smctf_flagscore - How many kills should a player win when scoring? (Default: 2)
  • smctf_flagdrop - How many kills should a player lose when dropping a flag? (Default: 1)
  • smctf_dropreset - How many seconds after drop should we return the flag automatically? (Default: 15) This is obsolete if smctf_returnondrop is 1.
  • smctf_flagprotection - How long should the dropped/returned flag be protected from being picked up in seconds? (Default: 5)
  • smctf_spawnprotection - How long should a player resist any damage after spawn? (Default: 3)
  • smctf_unlimitedammo - Give players ammo back, if they got 0 in their 2nd clip? (Default: 1)
  • smctf_returnondrop - Instantly return the flag to it's spawn, when it's dropped? (Default: 0)
  • smctf_returnonownteam - Instantly return the dropped flag to it's spawn, if it gets picked up by a player of the same colored team? (Default: 0)
  • smctf_statprune - Delete stats of players who haven't been on the server for x minutes. (Default: 230400 -> 160 days)
There are several events logged for an advanced stats system (like HLX:CE) to pick up.
Player Actions:

  • smctf_flag_captured - Fired when a player captures a flag.
  • smctf_flag_dropped - Fired when a player drops a flag.
  • smctf_flag_returned - Fired when a player returns his own team's flag to his base.
  • smctf_scored - Fired when a player carrys the enemy's flag to his own flag at his base.
Team Actions:
  • smctf_team_win_ct - Fired when CTs win the map
  • smctf_team_lose_ct - Fired when CTs lose the map
  • smctf_team_win_t - Fired when Ts win the map
  • smctf_team_lose_t - Fired when Ts lose the map
Thanks to these people:
  • sn4k3 - His initial eventscript SCTF, which gave the idea.
  • Venjax - Modifying the DODS flag models.
  • WCFAN Community - Endless patience on testing this mod earlier this year.
  • berni, Chanz - Creating smlib.
  • exvel - Sharing his colors library.
  • psychonic - Helping with the logging with his loghelper include.
  • psychonic, Tsunami - sdkhooks
  • teame06 - Catching the intermission
  • blodia - Sharing how to spawn brush entities
I really hope i didn't forget anything here. I didn't touch the code for a while and it's a mess, so i'll plan to rewrite it cleanly.

This plugin won't compile on the forum, since it's using some custom includes.

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