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Guest Message by DevFuse


[ANY] FAC - Convar Checker.

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Napisano 24.10.2011 07:25

What is this?
This is a pretty basic Anti Cheat that people can basically set, wait about a day, read the logs (with clients in game), configure then forget.

Uh. What the hell man. There's SMAC, VBAC, KAC, VAC, Rcon Locker, etc.
Well, I originally started this in hopes that it would make it's way into SMAC, since KAC is forever horrible. However, I don't have the time to bring this up to feature spec for what's in place currently. That, and I think it's pretty easy to follow how this works (At least it was easy until I added all these dang configuration options :P).

Oh, okay... What makes this different?
This doesn't care about what static values should be in place, depending server settings, this will check the client against those. This checks every replicated and cheat cvar. The list is generated based on your server. For instance, the list generated on my CS:S server was 414 Convars that it goes through.

Oh Sh*t didn't Bailopan do this way back in 2008?
Yes, he did. I sadly only found this out today after I ran into the same issue he did with mat_hdr_tonemapscale. It's highly suggested you place this in RemovalsSlowThread.cfg.

Uh... How do we prevent a reoccurrence from what happened with that?!
Well see the Cvars below! You'd basically set a detection ratio where if **% are detected, an error is thrown with the ratio of detection and convar name, no one will be banned when this occurs.

Convar list (Not automatically generated).
fac_convarcheck_timertime(5.0)- How often should I be querying for values? (0 to disable)
fac_convarcheck_checkcount (5)- How many checks should I do before moving on?
fac_convarcheck_ratiocheck (75) - If the ratio is higher then this, something has gone terribly wrong.
fac_convarcheck_detectionaction (1) - 0 = Kick, 1 = Ban
fac_convarcheck_banduration (0) - Ban Length. 0 = Permanent. Onwards = Minutes.

Configuration Files (Not automatically generated).

Psychonic - Huge thanks for putting up with my questions, as silly as some are.

You do know this can be easily bypassed, right?
Yeah, I know. This was done for fun mostly. Besides, hopefully VAC can catch those "fools".
Attached Files Dołączona grafika Get Plugin or Get Source (ConvarChecker.sp - 14.3 KB)

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