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Witamy w Nieoficjalnym polskim support'cie AMX Mod X

Witamy w Nieoficjalnym polskim support'cie AMX Mod X, jak w większości społeczności internetowych musisz się zarejestrować aby móc odpowiadać lub zakładać nowe tematy, ale nie bój się to jest prosty proces w którym wymagamy minimalnych informacji.
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[] billing


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Napisano 21.10.2011 09:53 billing

Bill players on your game servers


What is it? is a service that enables you to bill players that play on your game servers by the minute. You can define exactly who is billed, when, and how much. For example, you can let players play 1 hour for free every day and bill them for extra time. Or, only let paying players enter your server when it’s full. Or, give paying players special privileges.

How does it work?

Players create an account at, add cash to their e-wallet using a credit card or Skrill account (SMS and phone billing will be supported soon), associate one or more Steam IDs with their account, define which game servers can bill them and how much, and then connect to your game servers.

On your part, you create an account at, register your game servers, install this plugin on your servers and configure how you want to bill your players. When a player connects to your server, this plugin communicates with Game-coin and looks the player up by his Steam ID. If he’s registered and has allowed your server to bill him, then, depending on your billing settings, he’ll be billed by the minute. If he can’t be billed, he’ll be kicked from your server (or you could force him into spectator mode or put him in a prison cell or whatever).

What about teenage players without access to credit cards?

That's becoming rare, with the increasing availability of pre-paid cards that can be bought at stores all over the world.

Still, teenagers can charge their accounts with cash through Skrill, a SMS (coming soon) or a phone call (coming soon). We are also working on adding support for player sponsorships, meaning that a player can be funded by an older brother or friend. Between all these options, most players should be billable.

How do I get paid?

Your profits are passed to your Game-coin account and you can withdraw them into a Skrill account, which you can use to purchase stuff on stores that accept Skrill, or transfer your money to a bank account, or obtain a Skrill credit card which you can use to buy everywhere and withdraw money from ATMs.

We will be adding an option to withdraw directly into a credit card soon, including to prepaid rechargeable cards that you can obtain easily without needing a bank account.

The bad side:
  • We take a 15% fee from your profits (hey, building that system costs us money!)
  • Your profits are transferred at a 90-day delay, because we only receive player payments from SMS and phone calls (which we’ll be accepting soon) at that delay and can’t pass you money we haven’t received ourselves yet. We will be reducing that delay in the future.
  • Currently the rate at which you can bill your players is limited to a maximum of 0.2 EUR/hour. This limit will be raised gradually, as our system becomes more mature.


Balance & recent transactions:

Payment details:

You can add multiple Steam IDs, and can quickly review the last servers you played on and enable them to bill you:

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