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Dołączona grafika Dołączona grafika

Guest Message by DevFuse


Accuracy Fix

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Napisano 06.09.2011 00:16

One of the least known bugs in Counter-Strike is that accuracy of your bullet is predefined at the moment you made your previous shot, and how much time you wait has no effect on the bullet you just fired. However it has effect on the next time when you shall shoot. Sometimes players even think that their reg (bullet registration on the server) is off quite a bit. Fortunately this isn't a net code issue, but the actual glitch in accuracy calculation, what this plugin fixes. Also this plugin has few more extra features. Shortly here's everything what it does:
  • Fixes "use last fired bullet accuracy" glitch.
  • Improving accuracy drastically, when you aren't moving and your recoil is cooled down so to speak. You must stay on ground of course for that to happen. If you crouch, than effect becomes even stronger (in most weapons this scenario makes first bullet dead on center).
  • One more drastic change is major improvement on sg550 weapon recoil - as you may noticed, normally it isn't accurate at all, and recoil is simply horrible, especially comparing to terrorist automatic sniper rifle g3sg1.
  • Last, but not least, when standing, scout accuracy is somewhat improved - normally, scout is really inaccurate, you must duck to make a shot, after what you wont ask yourself "Whaaat??? How did I miss?".

Additional info:
Tested in Counter-Strike 1.6 with amxmodx 1.8.2 (dev build hg21). You may also download demos to see for yourself this bugs and how well plugin handles them.

Once installed, you wont see no graphical changes in accuracy. This is due to client-side accuracy calculation, what server does not update by default. In order to see actual location where bullet decal appears, you have to type "cl_lw 0" in console. But don't use this setting in actual gameplay, cause it disables client-side fire animations, and forces server-side ones what are delayed due to ping ("cl_lw 0" may and will lead to laggy gameplay).

Special thanks to Arkshine for Counter-Strike SDK!


* 1.0
- First release.
Attached Files Dołączona grafika (450.1 KB, N/A views) Dołączona grafika Get Plugin or Get Source (accuracy_fix.sma - 28.6 KB)

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