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Witamy w Nieoficjalnym polskim support'cie AMX Mod X

Witamy w Nieoficjalnym polskim support'cie AMX Mod X, jak w większości społeczności internetowych musisz się zarejestrować aby móc odpowiadać lub zakładać nowe tematy, ale nie bój się to jest prosty proces w którym wymagamy minimalnych informacji.
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Guest Message by DevFuse


Przerobienie BF2


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#1 BW:*|4fun


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Napisano 20.12.2009 11:04


chciałbym aby plugin BF2, którego używam na serwerze naliczał zabicia tylko dla CT jeśli to możliwe. Wyglądało by to tak, że zawsze się wyświetla na dole rank, ale dodają się zabicia tylko kiedy jest sie CT i zabija się TT. Do tego ten napis na dole informujący nas o randze powinien byc 3 linijki wyżej jeśli to da się zrobić. - to ważne!

Dodaje sma tego BF2 z którego ja korzystam:

//	Battlefield 2 Rank Mod by pRED* | Translated to Polish by Misiek & Korzen |
//	An attempt to recreate the battlefield ranking system onto cs1.6
//	Currently features the basics of the ranking system, with no power up gain recieved from leveling.
//	Ranks are based on the number of kills from the csstats system
//	Badges can also be earned to get power up bonuses - See rewards list. Or look at /bf2menu in game
//	Wish list: 	Add some more badges maybe? Ive put some ideas in comments...
//			Rank pictures..
//	Known Bugs	General optimisation stuff - Ive done most in the wiki tut but there may be more
//	Rewards:	Knife - 20/40/60% of damage done with knife returned to player.
//			Support - Recoil with M249 reduced 1/3,1/2,Full
//			Pistol - Chance of stopping opponent when u get shot (not sure if its working..)
//			Assault - 10/20/30 Bonus HP when spawning
//			Sniper - 1/3,1/2,Full Chance of Free awp/scout
//			Explosives - Free Grenade/Free Defuse Kit/Free Full nade set
//	Credits:	Xuntric and PM for their combined work on the <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/tongue2.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='xP' /> based plugin tutorial (load, save and menu stuff..)
//			Avalanche for the removed cone of fire in i_aim_good plugin (used for lowered recoil on the para)
//			Phantom Warrior and palehorse for inadvertently giving me the idea for this (Military Rank Mod thread..)
//			ev0d00b cos I stole lots of code out of his/our Capture the Hax Plugin
//			Ubernet ( for giving me a test server and help test the mod
//			stupok69 for helping fix the /whois command
//			Geesu for all his defined cs weapon speeds used in wc3ft (resetting users speed after imobilising them),
//			and some great examples of screen flashes and shakes.
//			Cheap_Suit for the extra recoil code
//			Hawk522 for his tutorial on SQLx (and helping me debug problems with it)
//			styremelaker for massive amount of csdm testing.
//			vittu for going through the code and finding heaps of mistakes and efficiency changes
//			teamme06 for his colorchat code
//			vittu again for supporting my plugin more than I do..
//			BlueRaja for player kills and score update code from his damage multiplier plugin (big copy, paste of the kill function)
//			palehorse for the web html documents
//			vittu for testing and helping fix bugs in the code.
//			emp' for the new amxx menu tutorial
//	Cvars:		bf2_active (1|0) - Turns the plugin on or off - Default 1
//			bf2_badges (1|0) - Turns the badge system on or off - Default 1
//			bf2_awp (1|0) - Is user given an awp or scout by having the sniper badge - Default 0 (scout)
//			bf2_xpmultiplier (1|0) - Changes the kill multiplier needed to reach each level - Default 0.1 (15 kills for rank 1, 20k kills for top rank)
//			bf2_sql (1|0) - Turns Switches between SQL and vault saving - Default 1 (SQL)
//			bf2_icon_time (float) - Time (in seconds) to show the rank icon above peoples heads 0=disabled. default 1.5
//			bf2_flag_kills (int) - CS flags - How many bf2 points are awarded for capturing a flag
//			bf2_flag_round_kills - CS flags - How many bf2 points are awarded for winning a round
//			bf2_flag_match_kills  - CS flags - How many bf2 points are awarded for winning the match
//			bf2_flag_min_players - CS flags - Min number of plays before above points get awarded
//			bf2_help_url (string) - remote folder where the bf2 web docs are stored (optional) do not include the trailing /
//			bf2_badgepowers (1|0) - enable/disable the powers for the badgess
//			bf2_hud_options "abcde"
//				a Display Health/Armour/Weapon for teammates
//				b Display Rank for teammates
//				c Display Rank for enemies
//				d Hide display for invisible enemies
//				e Move the display to above peoples heads
//	Cmds:		say /bf2menu - Shows the Main Menu
//			say /who - Shows a list of player and their rank
//			say /whois <name> - Show the rank and badges of a specific player
//			say /whostats <name> - Show the stats page for a player
//			say /hud - Redisplays the HUD
//			say /ranks - Shows the kill <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/tongue2.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='xP' /> table
//			say /bf2stats - your personal stats pages
//			say /pomoc - Displays a Help MOTD
//			say /badges1 - Displays a Help MOTD on some of the badges
//			say /badges2 - Displays a Help MOTD on the rest of the badges
//			say /badges3 - Badges 3
//			bf2_addbagde <player> <badge> <level> - Gives a badge to player. Requires Ban admin access. Badge <0-5>. Level <0-3>
//			bf2_addkills <player> <kills> - Adds to a players kills.. Also requires ban access
//	Changes:	1.1 - 	Fixed Bug with Veteran Assault badge
//				Added SQL support (bf2_sql 1)
//				Changed support badge to bonus speed (added code for extra damage, recoil - will finish when amxx 1.77 is released)
//				Sounds, Screen Shake, User glows..
//			1.2 - 	Massive change to make global kill counting actually work..
//				Added screen to view weapon stats "say /bf2stats" or use the menu
//				Added concmd "bf2_vaultload" to forcibly load your own data from the vault (im using it to convert my stats from vault to sql)
//				Tell people to type bf2_vaultload into console and their badges will be restored. Other than that probably a useless command
//			1.21 -	Added a badge check 5 seconds before map changes.
//			1.22 -  bf2_addbadge admin command added
//			1.23 -  Added CSDM functionality. Give hp/weapons on all spawns. 
//				Recoded badge checking to be individual on player death
//				Fixed HP bug and added message "beginning badge check"
//			1.30 -	Starting work on 4 New ranks
//				Shows Teammates rank when you look at them.
//				Give 50,100,200 armour for having 6,12 or 18 badges..
//				Bf2 now saves totalkills itself. Prevents csstats resets..
//				bf2_addkills (admin abuse tool? - or to reset after csstats reset), gives x kills to a player
//				Reduced the amount of saving to vault - causing server lag.
//				Changed to nVault saving. Now uses only 1 vault data instead of 14.
//				Fixed armour being lower than you had before
//				Split file into large set of includes. Way easier to find functions you want.
//				Added +3 kills for defuse/explode. Cs flags mod support
//			1.31 -	Lowered chance of imobilising happening.
//				Changed damage event and bomb events to the csx forward versions and created a csx forward include
//				Capped knife badge damage to 130
//				Removed bf2_vaultload (pointless now.)
//				Fixed some spelling newbie mistakes..
//				Fixed immunity problems
//				Moved inl and config files into their own folder..
//				Probably a few other things too..
//			1.4 -	Fixed wrong sprites displaying
//				fixed double hp gain on round reset (CSDM)
//				added /whostats command
//				bf2_help_url (and web motds) and bf2_badgepowers cvars
//				fixed sprites
//				CSDM badges not being awarded.
//				Top ranked in server display message
//				New menus
//				reset your stats command
//				Medals other new stats
//				Logging admin commands
//				Two new badges. Fixed Explosives badge for csdm
//				Heaps of new stats options + saving them (server and player)
//				Changed power for support
//				SQL now a defined option
//				Moved needed fakemeta_util functions into a separate file (included)
//				New HUD system thanks to vittu (added cvar to control it)
//				bf2_reset_days cvar - number of days without playing till <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/tongue2.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='xP' /> gets reset
//	Requires: Fakemeta, Csstats, fakemeta_util

#include <amxmodx>
#include <amxmisc>
#include <amxconst>
#include <csstats>
#include <cstrike>
#include <fakemeta>
#include "bf2/fakemeta_util_mini.inl"
#include <csx>
#include <fun>


new const PLUGIN[] = "Battlefield2 Rank Mod"
new const AUTHOR[] = "pRED*"
new const VERSION[] = "1.4"

//Compile Settings

//#define CSDM
//#define SQL

//Message sending variables
new gmsgStatusText;
new gmsgScreenFade;
//new gmsgScreenShake;
new gmsgDeathMsg;
new gmsgScoreInfo;
new gmsgSayText;

new g_status_sync;

#define MAX_RANKS 17
#define MAX_BADGES 8

//Motd variables
new configsdir[200]
new configfile[200]

//Cvar vars
new g_bf2_active;
new g_badges_active;
new g_free_awp;
new g_<img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/tongue2.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='xP' />_multiplier;
new g_icon_hold;
new g_flag_kills;
new g_help_url;
new g_powers;
new g_flag_round_kills
new g_flag_match_kills
new g_flag_min_players
new g_hud_options
new g_prune_days

//Current players info
new g_PlayerRank[33];
new g_PlayerBadges[33][MAX_BADGES];
new knifekills[33];
new pistolkills[33];
new sniperkills[33];
new parakills[33];
new defuses[33];
new plants[33];
new explosions[33];
new accuracy[33];
new totalkills[33];
new authid[33][32];
new smgkills[33];
new shotgunkills[33];
new riflekills[33];
new grenadekills[33];

new bronze[33];
new silver[33];
new gold[33];

//Temp storage variables
new nextrank[33];
new numofbadges[33];
new bool:newplayer[33];
new g_lastwpn[33]
//new g_lastclip[33]
new bool:imobile[33];
new bool:freezetime;
new highestrank
new highestrankid
new statsloaded[33]

new g_friend[33];
new g_invis[33];

new menuselection[33];

//Server stats
new highestrankserver
new highestrankservername[30]

new mostkills
new mostkillsid
new mostkillsname[30]

new mostwins
new mostwinsname[30]

new menuselected[33][3];
//0 - Badge/Kills selected 0/1
//1 - Badgenum/Kills
//2 - Badgelevel

//Sound Vars
new g_Sound1[] = "buttons/bell1.wav"; //Rank gained sound
new g_Sound2[] = "fvox/bell.wav"; //Badges earned sound

//Sprite vars
new spritefile[21][36];
new sprite[21];

//Bf2 includes

//SQl vars
#if defined SQL
new Handle:g_SqlTuple
new Handle:g_SqlTuple2 
new g_Cache[512]
new bool:SQLenabled;
new g_Vault;

#if defined SQL
	#include <sqlx>
	#include "bf2/sql.inl"
	#include <nvault>

#include "bf2/effect.inl"
#include "bf2/const.inl"
#include "bf2/cmds.inl"
#include "bf2/events.inl"
#include "bf2/save.inl"
#include "bf2/forwards.inl"
#include "bf2/check.inl"
#include "bf2/badgepowers.inl"
#include "bf2/menu.inl"
#include "bf2/hud.inl"
#include "bf2/othermods.inl"
#include "bf2/csx.inl"

#if defined CSDM
	#include "bf2/bf2_csdm.inl"

public plugin_init() 
	register_plugin(PLUGIN, VERSION, AUTHOR);

	//Register all the say commands

	register_clcmd("say /ranks","show_rankhelp",0, "Shows The Rank Help");
	register_clcmd("say_team /ranks","show_rankhelp",0, "Shows The Rank Help");

	register_clcmd("say /odznaki1","show_badgehelp",0, "Shows The Badge Help");
	register_clcmd("say_team /odznaki1","show_badgehelp",0, "Shows The Badge Help");

	register_clcmd("say /odznaki2","show_badgehelp2",0, "Shows The Badge Help 2");
	register_clcmd("say_team /odznaki2","show_badgehelp2",0, "Shows The Badge Help 2");

	register_clcmd("say /odznaki3","show_badgehelp3",0, "Shows The Badge Help 3");
	register_clcmd("say_team /odznaki3","show_badgehelp3",0, "Shows The Badge Help 3");

	register_clcmd("say", "cmd_say", 0, "<target> ")
	register_clcmd("say_team", "cmd_say", 0, "<target> ")

	register_clcmd("say /gracze", "cmd_who", 0, "Display a list of player and their levels")
	register_clcmd("say_team /gracze", "cmd_who", 0, "Display a list of player and their levels")

	register_clcmd("say /hud", "ShowHUD", 0, "Shows the HUD")
	register_clcmd("say_team /hud", "ShowHUD", 0, "Shows the HUD")

	register_clcmd("say /pomoc", "cmd_help", 0, "Displays the Help")
	register_clcmd("say_team /pomoc", "cmd_help", 0, "Displays the Help")

	register_clcmd("say /bf2menu", "Bf2menu", 0, "Displays the Menu")
	register_clcmd("say_team /bf2menu", "Bf2menu", 0, "Displays the Menu")
	register_clcmd("say bf2menu", "Bf2menu", 0, "Displays the Menu")
	register_clcmd("say_team bf2menu", "Bf2menu", 0, "Displays the Menu")
	register_clcmd("say /bf2", "Bf2menu", 0, "Displays the Menu")
	register_clcmd("say_team /bf2", "Bf2menu", 0, "Displays the Menu")
	register_clcmd("say bf2", "Bf2menu", 0, "Displays the Menu")
	register_clcmd("say_team bf2", "Bf2menu", 0, "Displays the Menu")
	register_clcmd("say /menu", "Bf2menu", 0, "Displays the Menu")
	register_clcmd("say_team /menu", "Bf2menu", 0, "Displays the Menu")
	register_clcmd("say menu", "Bf2menu", 0, "Displays the Menu")
	register_clcmd("say_team menu", "Bf2menu", 0, "Displays the Menu")
	register_clcmd("say /pomoc", "Bf2menu", 0, "Displays the Menu")
	register_clcmd("say_team /pomoc", "Bf2menu", 0, "Displays the Menu")
	register_clcmd("say pomoc", "Bf2menu", 0, "Displays the Menu")
	register_clcmd("say_team pomoc", "Bf2menu", 0, "Displays the Menu")

	register_clcmd("say /bf2helpmenu", "helpmenu", 0, "Displays the Help Menu")
	register_clcmd("say_team /bf2helpmenu", "helpmenu", 0, "Displays the Help Menu")

	register_clcmd("say /bf2statsmenu", "helpmenu", 0, "Displays the Stats Menu")
	register_clcmd("say_team /bf2statsmenu", "helpmenu", 0, "Displays the Stats Menu")

	register_clcmd("say /bf2adminmenu", "adminmenu", 0, "Displays the Admin Menu")
	register_clcmd("say_team /bf2adminmenu", "adminmenu", 0, "Displays the Admin Menu")

	register_clcmd("say /bf2stats", "show_stats", 0, "Shows your current weapon stats")
	register_clcmd("say_team /bf2stats", "show_stats", 0, "Shows your current weapon stats")

	register_clcmd("say /serverstats", "show_server_stats", 0, "Shows your current weapon stats")
	register_clcmd("say_team /serverstats", "show_server_stats", 0, "Shows your current weapon stats")

	register_clcmd("say /bf2save", "save_badges", 0, "Shows your current weapon stats")
	register_clcmd("say_team /bf2save", "save_badges", 0, "Shows your current weapon stats")

	register_clcmd("bf2_resetstats", "reset_stats", 0, "Resets all of your stats")

	register_clcmd("bf2_addbadge", "add_badge", ADMIN_LEVEL, "<player> <badge#> <level#>")
	register_clcmd("bf2_addkills", "add_kills", ADMIN_LEVEL, "<player> <kills#>")
	register_clcmd("bf2_resetserverstats", "reset_all_stats", ADMIN_LEVEL, "Erases all players stats")


	//FCVAR_SERVER cvar for game monitor.

	g_bf2_active = register_cvar("bf2_active", "1")
	g_badges_active = register_cvar("bf2_badges", "1")
	g_free_awp = register_cvar("bf2_awp", "0")
	g_<img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/tongue2.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='xP' />_multiplier = register_cvar("bf2_xpmultiplier", "0.1")
	g_icon_hold = register_cvar("bf2_icon_time","1.5")
	g_flag_kills = register_cvar("bf2_flag_kills","2")
	g_flag_round_kills = register_cvar("bf2_flag_round_kills", "0") 
	g_flag_match_kills = register_cvar("bf2_flag_match_kills", "0") 
	g_flag_min_players = register_cvar("bf2_flag_min_players", "1")
	g_help_url = register_cvar("bf2_help_url","")
	g_powers = register_cvar("bf2_badgepowers","1")
	g_hud_options = register_cvar("bf2_hud_options","abcd")
	g_prune_days = register_cvar("bf2_reset_days","21")
	//Message sending.
	gmsgStatusText = get_user_msgid("StatusText");
	gmsgScreenFade = get_user_msgid("ScreenFade");
	//gmsgScreenShake = get_user_msgid("ScreenShake");
	gmsgScoreInfo = get_user_msgid("ScoreInfo");
	gmsgDeathMsg = get_user_msgid("DeathMsg");
	gmsgSayText = get_user_msgid("SayText");

	//Register events, logs and forwards to be captured
	register_event("ResetHUD", "event_hud_reset", "be")
	register_event("HLTV", "event_new_round", "a", "1=0", "2=0") //add freeztime start code
	register_event("CurWeapon", "event_curweapon", "be","1=1")

	register_logevent("end_freezetime", 2,"0=World triggered","1=Round_Start"); //freezetime end code
	register_logevent("Event_Round_End", 2, "1=Round_End");

	register_event("StatusValue", "setTeam", "be", "1=1");
	register_event("StatusValue", "on_ShowStatus", "be", "1=2", "2!0");
	register_event("StatusValue", "on_HideStatus", "be", "1=1", "2=0");
	register_message(get_user_msgid("StatusValue"), "hook_StatusValue");
	g_status_sync = CreateHudSyncObj();
*{ rtf1 ansi deff0{ fonttbl{ f0 fnil Tahoma;}}n viewkind4 uc1 pard lang1045 f0 fs16 n par }

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