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Witamy w Nieoficjalnym polskim support'cie AMX Mod X

Witamy w Nieoficjalnym polskim support'cie AMX Mod X, jak w większości społeczności internetowych musisz się zarejestrować aby móc odpowiadać lub zakładać nowe tematy, ale nie bój się to jest prosty proces w którym wymagamy minimalnych informacji.
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Guest Message by DevFuse



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2 odpowiedzi w tym temacie

#1 iron_baby


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Napisano 23.11.2009 14:46

Witam jak w temacie mam problem z tym pluginem polegajacy na tym ze jak wpisuje mape do nominacji to wyskakuje mi komunikat:
Nominacja nieudana; zadna mapa nie pasuje "westwood".. W logach zadnych erroów nie ma, a plugin pobralem tąd: ... ht=galileo

O to ustawienia plugina:
// Galileo Configuration File
echo Executing Galileo (GAL) Configuration File

// Allowing an extension of the current map's time limit will add an  //
// "extend the map" option to map votes which, if the option wins,    //
// will increase the time limit by a predetermined amount, letting    //
// players stay on the current map longer.                            //

// Specifies the maximum number of minutes a map can be played, if it 
// has been extended. A value less than mp_timelimit will not let the 
// map be extended.
amx_extendmap_max 70

// Specifies the number of minutes a map will be extended each time 
// the "Extend Map" option wins the map vote.
amx_extendmap_step 10

// There are two standard HL1 map related commands that you may not   //
// want to function normally, if at all, when using this plugin, so   //
// as to avoid conflicts of map voting procedures.                    //

// Indicates how the standard HL1 "votemap" command should function.
// 0 - disable
// 1 - behave normally
gal_cmd_votemap 1

// Indicates how the standard HL1 "listmaps" command should function.
// 0 - disable
// 1 - behave normally
// 2 - behave the same as the "gal_listmaps" command (galileo default)
gal_cmd_listmaps 1

// Banning recently played maps means that the last several maps that //
// have been played can not be nominated or otherwise placed in the   //
// map vote. This ensures that a map can not be played over and over  //
// again at the expense of playing a variety of other maps.           //

// Specifies how many of the most recent maps are disallowed from a 
// map vote. A value of 0 will disable this feature.
gal_banrecent 3

// Indicates the style in which the recent maps are displayed when a 
// player uses the "recentmaps" say command.
// 1 - all maps on one line
// 2 - each map on a separate line
gal_banrecentstyle 2

// Rocking the vote is a way players can indicate their desire to     //
// start an early map vote to change maps. Once enough players have   //
// rocked it, a vote will begin.                                      //

// Indicates which say commands can be used to rock the vote. 
// The flags are additive. A value of 0 will disable this feature.
// 1 - standard "rockthevote" command
// 2 - shorthand "rtv" command
// 4 - dynamic "rockthe<anything>vote" command (allows a player to type 
//     any one word (i.e. no spaces) that starts with "rockthe" and ends 
//     with "vote". Some examples might be: "rockthedamnvote", 
//     "rockthesillylittlevote", or "rockthefreakingvote". The total 
//     length of the word can not be longer than 31 characters. That 
//     leaves 20 characters for creativeness once you factor in the 
//     lengths of "rockthe" and "vote")
gal_rtv_commands 4

// Specifies the number of minutes after a map starts that players 
// have to wait before they can rock the vote. When a single player
// is on the server, that player can rock the vote at any time, 
// regardless of this setting.
gal_rtv_wait 5

// Specifies the ratio of players that need to rock the vote before a
// vote will be forced to occur. When a single player is on the server,
// that player can rock the vote and start an immediate vote.
gal_rtv_ratio 0.60

// Specifies how often, in minutes, to remind everyone how many more
// rocks are still needed, after the last rock has been made.
// A value of 0 will disable this feature.
gal_rtv_reminder 2

// Nominations can be used to let players nominate maps they would    //
// like included in the next map vote. Depending on how many maps     //
// have been nominated, it is possible that not all nominations will  //
// make it into the next vote.                                        //

// Specifies how many nominations each player can make.
// There is a hard cap defined, MAX_NOMINATION_CNT, that is set to 5
// in the SMA.  It can be changed, if needed.
// This CVAR needs to be set equal to or less than the hard cap.
// A value of 0 will disable this feature.
gal_nom_playerallowance 1

// Specifies the file to use which holds the names of the maps that 
// players can nominate. Use * for all maps in the server's maps folder.
gal_nom_mapfile mapcycle.txt

// Indicates if the ./amxmodx/configs/gal/prefixes.ini file should 
// be used to attempt to match map names if the player's entered 
// text doesn't match any.
gal_nom_prefixes 0

// Specifies how many of the nominations made will be 
// considered for use in the next map vote. 
// A value of 0 means all the nominated maps will be considered.
gal_nom_qtyused 0

// Runoff voting happens when none of the normal vote options receive //
// over 50% of a given vote. The two options with the highest vote    //
// counts will be in the runoff vote.                                 //

// Indicates whether to allow runoff voting or not.
// 0 - disable runoff voting
// 1 - enable runoff voting
gal_runoff_enabled 1

// Specifies the number of seconds the runoff vote should last.
gal_runoff_duration 10

// Weighted votes allows admins to have their vote counted as more    //
// than a regular player's vote.                                      //

// Specifies how many votes a single admin vote should count as. 
// A value of 0 or 1 will disable this feature.
gal_vote_weight 1

// Specifies the standard access flags needed to have weighted votes. 
// You can specify multiple flags.
gal_vote_weightflags c

// Ending a map on a new round after time has expired, for round-     //
// based mods, is a much nicer way of ending the current map than the //
// standard HL1 way, which is to suddenly end the map the second time //
// runs out.                                                          //

// Indicates when a map should end when time runs out.
// 0 - end immediately when time runs out
// 1 - when time runs out, end after the current round
gal_endonround 1

// By showing the status of the vote, you allow players to see how    //
// many votes the various choices received.                           //

// Indicates when the vote progress should be shown to a player.
// A value of 0 disables this feature.
// 0 - never
// 1 - after player has voted
// 2 - after the vote ends
gal_vote_showstatus 2

// Indicates how to show the progress of a vote.
// 1 - as vote count
// 2 - as percentage of all votes cast
gal_vote_showstatustype 1

// Server restarts could be due to a benign reason or could be due to //
// a map that just crashed the server. In any case, you can specify   //
// what happens when the server restarts.                             //

// Indicates which action to take when it is detected 
// that the server has been restarted.
// 0 - stay on the map the server started with
// 1 - change to the map that was being played when the server was reset
// 2 - change to what would have been the next map had the server not
//     been restarted (if the next map isn't known, this acts like 3)
// 3 - start an early map vote after the first two minutes
// 4 - change to a randomly selected map from your nominatable map list
gal_srv_start 0

// Some people like to stick to their defined map cycle unless a vote //
// is started in the meantime. Other people like to always have a     //
// vote near the end of the map to decide what the next map will be.  //

// Indicates whether there should be a vote near the end 
// of the map to decide what the next map will be.
gal_endofmapvote 1

// Paginating the map listings displayed from the gal_listmaps        //
// console command will prevent players from getting kicked when you  //
// are listing a large number of maps. When paginated, the listings   //
// will only display a portion of the total map list at a time.       //

// Specifies how many maps per "page" to show when using 
// the gal_listmaps console command. 
// Setting it to 0 will not paginate the map listing.  
// Pagination will be in the style of the amx_help command.
gal_listmaps_paginate 10

// Primary voting is what most people generally think of when they    //
// think of starting a vote for a new map. It's just your standard    //
// map vote.                                                          //

// Specifies the number of maps players can choose from during the vote.
// The number of maps must be between 2 and 8.
gal_vote_mapchoices 5

// Specifies the number of seconds the vote should last.
gal_vote_duration 10

// Specifies the file to use which either holds the names of the maps 
// that the vote will be filled with or is used in the map group feature 
// to specify how many maps to use from each group as determined by 
// the gal_vote_mapfiletype CVAR.
gal_vote_mapfile mapcycle.txt

// Indicates whether the maps being added, after nominations have been
// added to a vote, should have unique map prefixes from those already 
// in the vote.
gal_vote_uniqueprefixes 0

// The vote expiration countdown begins display a timer, to players   //
// that haven't voted, when there are 10 seconds left in the current  //
// vote. The timer counts down from 10 to 0, at which point the vote  //
// will be over.                                                      //

// Indicates whether a vote expiration countdown should be displayed.
// 0 - do not show the countdown
// 1 - show the countdown
gal_vote_expirationcountdown 1

// When the player's choice is announced, everyone on the server is   //
// shown what every other player's selection was.                     //

// Indicates whether to announce each player's choice.
// 0 - keep the player's choice private
// 1 - announce the player's choice
gal_vote_announcechoice 1

// You may have a lot of maps but only a few are sure to attract a    //
// lot of players. When the server is empty, you may want the server  //
// to change to those maps.                                           //

// Specifies how many minutes to wait, when the server is empty, before 
// changing to an alternate empty-server map cycle. 
// A value of 0 disables this feature.
gal_emptyserver_wait 0

// Specifies the file which contains a listing of maps, in the style of
// mapcycle.txt, to be used as the map cycle when the server is empty.
gal_emptyserver_mapfile mapcycle.txt

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#2 Gość__*

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Napisano 23.11.2009 15:10

Nie pamiętam dokładnie, mapcycle.txt / maps.ini bądź sam tworzy/wymaga pliki, w których umieszcza mapy. Dodaj do dwóch pierwszych i zobacz ;-)

#3 DaddyKuba


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Napisano 23.11.2009 16:46

Dodaj mapy do mapcycle i maps.ini tak jak kur3k napisał.
Jeszcze 3 dni temu miałem te galileo i działało w 100 % i nie tworzyło mi innego pliku.
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