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Witamy w Nieoficjalnym polskim support'cie AMX Mod X

Witamy w Nieoficjalnym polskim support'cie AMX Mod X, jak w większości społeczności internetowych musisz się zarejestrować aby móc odpowiadać lub zakładać nowe tematy, ale nie bój się to jest prosty proces w którym wymagamy minimalnych informacji.
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Guest Message by DevFuse


widzialnosc na bf2

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5 odpowiedzi w tym temacie

#1 Pomidor


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Napisano 08.11.2009 09:07

witam mam serwer z bf2 i mam taki problem gdy zdobede odznake a dokladnie odznake nie widzialnosci i wezmę na noż to jestem widoczny prawie normalnie i tu moje pytanie jak to zmienic ?
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#2 naven


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  • Imię:Adam
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Napisano 08.11.2009 14:16

"Prawie"? Słyszałem, że to w ogóle nie działa, jeśli jednak zmień w kodzie set_user_rendering. Najlepiej pokaż ten kod(wszystkie pliki .inc i .sma)
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#3 Pomidor


  • Autor tematu
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  • Lokalizacja:ŁÓdz

Napisano 08.11.2009 14:25

// Battlefield 2 Rank Mod by pRED* | Translated to Polish by Misiek & Korzen |
// An attempt to recreate the battlefield ranking system onto cs1.6
// Currently features the basics of the ranking system, with no power up gain recieved from leveling.
// Ranks are based on the number of kills from the csstats system
// Badges can also be earned to get power up bonuses - See rewards list. Or look at /bf2menu in game
// Wish list: Add some more badges maybe? Ive put some ideas in comments...
// Rank pictures..
// Known Bugs General optimisation stuff - Ive done most in the wiki tut but there may be more
// Rewards: Knife - 20/40/60% of damage done with knife returned to player.
// Support - Recoil with M249 reduced 1/3,1/2,Full
// Pistol - Chance of stopping opponent when u get shot (not sure if its working..)
// Assault - 10/20/30 Bonus HP when spawning
// Sniper - 1/3,1/2,Full Chance of Free awp/scout
// Explosives - Free Grenade/Free Defuse Kit/Free Full nade set
// Credits: Xuntric and PM for their combined work on the xP based plugin tutorial (load, save and menu stuff..)
// Avalanche for the removed cone of fire in i_aim_good plugin (used for lowered recoil on the para)
// Phantom Warrior and palehorse for inadvertently giving me the idea for this (Military Rank Mod thread..)
// ev0d00b cos I stole lots of code out of his/our Capture the Hax Plugin
// Ubernet ( for giving me a test server and help test the mod
// stupok69 for helping fix the /whois command
// Geesu for all his defined cs weapon speeds used in wc3ft (resetting users speed after imobilising them),
// and some great examples of screen flashes and shakes.
// Cheap_Suit for the extra recoil code
// Hawk522 for his tutorial on SQLx (and helping me debug problems with it)
// styremelaker for massive amount of csdm testing.
// vittu for going through the code and finding heaps of mistakes and efficiency changes
// teamme06 for his colorchat code
// vittu again for supporting my plugin more than I do..
// BlueRaja for player kills and score update code from his damage multiplier plugin (big copy, paste of the kill function)
// palehorse for the web html documents
// vittu for testing and helping fix bugs in the code.
// emp' for the new amxx menu tutorial
// Cvars: bf2_active (1|0) - Turns the plugin on or off - Default 1
// bf2_badges (1|0) - Turns the badge system on or off - Default 1
// bf2_awp (1|0) - Is user given an awp or scout by having the sniper badge - Default 0 (scout)
// bf2_xpmultiplier (1|0) - Changes the kill multiplier needed to reach each level - Default 0.1 (15 kills for rank 1, 20k kills for top rank)
// bf2_sql (1|0) - Turns Switches between SQL and vault saving - Default 1 (SQL)
// bf2_icon_time (float) - Time (in seconds) to show the rank icon above peoples heads 0=disabled. default 1.5
// bf2_flag_kills (int) - CS flags - How many bf2 points are awarded for capturing a flag
// bf2_flag_round_kills - CS flags - How many bf2 points are awarded for winning a round
// bf2_flag_match_kills - CS flags - How many bf2 points are awarded for winning the match
// bf2_flag_min_players - CS flags - Min number of plays before above points get awarded
// bf2_help_url (string) - remote folder where the bf2 web docs are stored (optional) do not include the trailing /
// bf2_badgepowers (1|0) - enable/disable the powers for the badgess
// bf2_hud_options "abcde"
// a Display Health/Armour/Weapon for teammates
// b Display Rank for teammates
// c Display Rank for enemies
// d Hide display for invisible enemies
// e Move the display to above peoples heads
// Cmds: say /bf2menu - Shows the Main Menu
// say /who - Shows a list of player and their rank
// say /whois - Show the rank and badges of a specific player
// say /whostats - Show the stats page for a player
// say /hud - Redisplays the HUD
// say /ranks - Shows the kill xP table
// say /bf2stats - your personal stats pages
// say /pomoc - Displays a Help MOTD
// say /badges1 - Displays a Help MOTD on some of the badges
// say /badges2 - Displays a Help MOTD on the rest of the badges
// say /badges3 - Badges 3
// bf2_addbagde - Gives a badge to player. Requires Ban admin access. Badge <0-5>. Level <0-3>
// bf2_addkills - Adds to a players kills.. Also requires ban access
// Changes: 1.1 - Fixed Bug with Veteran Assault badge
// Added SQL support (bf2_sql 1)
// Changed support badge to bonus speed (added code for extra damage, recoil - will finish when amxx 1.77 is released)
// Sounds, Screen Shake, User glows..
// 1.2 - Massive change to make global kill counting actually work..
// Added screen to view weapon stats "say /bf2stats" or use the menu
// Added concmd "bf2_vaultload" to forcibly load your own data from the vault (im using it to convert my stats from vault to sql)
// Tell people to type bf2_vaultload into console and their badges will be restored. Other than that probably a useless command
// 1.21 - Added a badge check 5 seconds before map changes.
// 1.22 - bf2_addbadge admin command added
// 1.23 - Added CSDM functionality. Give hp/weapons on all spawns.
// Recoded badge checking to be individual on player death
// Fixed HP bug and added message "beginning badge check"
// 1.30 - Starting work on 4 New ranks
// Shows Teammates rank when you look at them.
// Give 50,100,200 armour for having 6,12 or 18 badges..
// Bf2 now saves totalkills itself. Prevents csstats resets..
// bf2_addkills (admin abuse tool? - or to reset after csstats reset), gives x kills to a player
// Reduced the amount of saving to vault - causing server lag.
// Changed to nVault saving. Now uses only 1 vault data instead of 14.
// Fixed armour being lower than you had before
// Split file into large set of includes. Way easier to find functions you want.
// Added +3 kills for defuse/explode. Cs flags mod support
// 1.31 - Lowered chance of imobilising happening.
// Changed damage event and bomb events to the csx forward versions and created a csx forward include
// Capped knife badge damage to 130
// Removed bf2_vaultload (pointless now.)
// Fixed some spelling newbie mistakes..
// Fixed immunity problems
// Moved inl and config files into their own folder..
// Probably a few other things too..
// 1.4 - Fixed wrong sprites displaying
// fixed double hp gain on round reset (CSDM)
// added /whostats command
// bf2_help_url (and web motds) and bf2_badgepowers cvars
// fixed sprites
// CSDM badges not being awarded.
// Top ranked in server display message
// New menus
// reset your stats command
// Medals other new stats
// Logging admin commands
// Two new badges. Fixed Explosives badge for csdm
// Heaps of new stats options + saving them (server and player)
// Changed power for support
// SQL now a defined option
// Moved needed fakemeta_util functions into a separate file (included)
// New HUD system thanks to vittu (added cvar to control it)
// bf2_reset_days cvar - number of days without playing till xP gets reset
// Requires: Fakemeta, Csstats, fakemeta_util

#include <amxmodx>
#include <amxmisc>
#include <amxconst>
#include <csstats>
#include <cstrike>
#include <fakemeta>
#include "bf2/fakemeta_util_mini.inl"
#include <csx>
#include <fun>


new const PLUGIN[] = "Battlefield2 Rank Mod"
new const AUTHOR[] = "pRED*"
new const VERSION[] = "1.4"

//Compile Settings

//#define CSDM
//#define SQL

//Message sending variables
new gmsgStatusText;
new gmsgScreenFade;
//new gmsgScreenShake;
new gmsgDeathMsg;
new gmsgScoreInfo;
new gmsgSayText;

new g_status_sync;

#define MAX_RANKS 17
#define MAX_BADGES 8

//Motd variables
new configsdir[200]
new configfile[200]

//Cvar vars
new g_bf2_active;
new g_badges_active;
new g_free_awp;
new g_xP_multiplier;
new g_icon_hold;
new g_flag_kills;
new g_help_url;
new g_powers;
new g_flag_round_kills
new g_flag_match_kills
new g_flag_min_players
new g_hud_options
new g_prune_days

//Current players info
new g_PlayerRank[33];
new g_PlayerBadges[33][MAX_BADGES];
new knifekills[33];
new pistolkills[33];
new sniperkills[33];
new parakills[33];
new defuses[33];
new plants[33];
new explosions[33];
new accuracy[33];
new totalkills[33];
new authid[33][32];
new smgkills[33];
new shotgunkills[33];
new riflekills[33];
new grenadekills[33];

new bronze[33];
new silver[33];
new gold[33];

//Temp storage variables
new nextrank[33];
new numofbadges[33];
new bool:newplayer[33];
new g_lastwpn[33]
//new g_lastclip[33]
new bool:imobile[33];
new bool:freezetime;
new highestrank
new highestrankid
new statsloaded[33]

new g_friend[33];
new g_invis[33];

new menuselection[33];

//Server stats
new highestrankserver
new highestrankservername[30]

new mostkills
new mostkillsid
new mostkillsname[30]

new mostwins
new mostwinsname[30]

new menuselected[33][3];
//0 - Badge/Kills selected 0/1
//1 - Badgenum/Kills
//2 - Badgelevel

//Sound Vars
new g_Sound1[] = "buttons/bell1.wav"; //Rank gained sound
new g_Sound2[] = "fvox/bell.wav"; //Badges earned sound

//Sprite vars
new spritefile[21][36];
new sprite[21];

//Bf2 includes

//SQl vars
#if defined SQL
new Handle:g_SqlTuple
new Handle:g_SqlTuple2
new g_Cache[512]
new bool:SQLenabled;
new g_Vault;

#if defined SQL
#include <sqlx>
#include "bf2/sql.inl"
#include <nvault>

#include "bf2/effect.inl"
#include "bf2/const.inl"
#include "bf2/cmds.inl"
#include "bf2/events.inl"
#include "bf2/save.inl"
#include "bf2/forwards.inl"
#include "bf2/check.inl"
#include "bf2/badgepowers.inl"
#include "bf2/menu.inl"
#include "bf2/hud.inl"
#include "bf2/othermods.inl"
#include "bf2/csx.inl"

#if defined CSDM
#include "bf2/bf2_csdm.inl"

public plugin_init()
register_plugin(PLUGIN, VERSION, AUTHOR);

//Register all the say commands

register_clcmd("say /ranks","show_rankhelp",0, "Shows The Rank Help");
register_clcmd("say_team /ranks","show_rankhelp",0, "Shows The Rank Help");

register_clcmd("say /odznaki1","show_badgehelp",0, "Shows The Badge Help");
register_clcmd("say_team /odznaki1","show_badgehelp",0, "Shows The Badge Help");

register_clcmd("say /odznaki2","show_badgehelp2",0, "Shows The Badge Help 2");
register_clcmd("say_team /odznaki2","show_badgehelp2",0, "Shows The Badge Help 2");

register_clcmd("say /odznaki3","show_badgehelp3",0, "Shows The Badge Help 3");
register_clcmd("say_team /odznaki3","show_badgehelp3",0, "Shows The Badge Help 3");

register_clcmd("say", "cmd_say", 0, " ")
register_clcmd("say_team", "cmd_say", 0, " ")

register_clcmd("say /gracze", "cmd_who", 0, "Display a list of player and their levels")
register_clcmd("say_team /gracze", "cmd_who", 0, "Display a list of player and their levels")

register_clcmd("say /hud", "ShowHUD", 0, "Shows the HUD")
register_clcmd("say_team /hud", "ShowHUD", 0, "Shows the HUD")

register_clcmd("say /pomoc", "cmd_help", 0, "Displays the Help")
register_clcmd("say_team /pomoc", "cmd_help", 0, "Displays the Help")

register_clcmd("say /bf2menu", "Bf2menu", 0, "Displays the Menu")
register_clcmd("say_team /bf2menu", "Bf2menu", 0, "Displays the Menu")
register_clcmd("say bf2menu", "Bf2menu", 0, "Displays the Menu")
register_clcmd("say_team bf2menu", "Bf2menu", 0, "Displays the Menu")
register_clcmd("say /bf2", "Bf2menu", 0, "Displays the Menu")
register_clcmd("say_team /bf2", "Bf2menu", 0, "Displays the Menu")
register_clcmd("say bf2", "Bf2menu", 0, "Displays the Menu")
register_clcmd("say_team bf2", "Bf2menu", 0, "Displays the Menu")
register_clcmd("say /menu", "Bf2menu", 0, "Displays the Menu")
register_clcmd("say_team /menu", "Bf2menu", 0, "Displays the Menu")
register_clcmd("say menu", "Bf2menu", 0, "Displays the Menu")
register_clcmd("say_team menu", "Bf2menu", 0, "Displays the Menu")
register_clcmd("say /pomoc", "Bf2menu", 0, "Displays the Menu")
register_clcmd("say_team /pomoc", "Bf2menu", 0, "Displays the Menu")
register_clcmd("say pomoc", "Bf2menu", 0, "Displays the Menu")
register_clcmd("say_team pomoc", "Bf2menu", 0, "Displays the Menu")

register_clcmd("say /bf2helpmenu", "helpmenu", 0, "Displays the Help Menu")
register_clcmd("say_team /bf2helpmenu", "helpmenu", 0, "Displays the Help Menu")

register_clcmd("say /bf2statsmenu", "helpmenu", 0, "Displays the Stats Menu")
register_clcmd("say_team /bf2statsmenu", "helpmenu", 0, "Displays the Stats Menu")

register_clcmd("say /bf2adminmenu", "adminmenu", 0, "Displays the Admin Menu")
register_clcmd("say_team /bf2adminmenu", "adminmenu", 0, "Displays the Admin Menu")

register_clcmd("say /bf2stats", "show_stats", 0, "Shows your current weapon stats")
register_clcmd("say_team /bf2stats", "show_stats", 0, "Shows your current weapon stats")

register_clcmd("say /serverstats", "show_server_stats", 0, "Shows your current weapon stats")
register_clcmd("say_team /serverstats", "show_server_stats", 0, "Shows your current weapon stats")

register_clcmd("say /bf2save", "save_badges", 0, "Shows your current weapon stats")
register_clcmd("say_team /bf2save", "save_badges", 0, "Shows your current weapon stats")

register_clcmd("bf2_resetstats", "reset_stats", 0, "Resets all of your stats")

register_clcmd("bf2_addbadge", "add_badge", ADMIN_LEVEL, " ")
register_clcmd("bf2_addkills", "add_kills", ADMIN_LEVEL, " ")
register_clcmd("bf2_resetserverstats", "reset_all_stats", ADMIN_LEVEL, "Erases all players stats")


//FCVAR_SERVER cvar for game monitor.

g_bf2_active = register_cvar("bf2_active", "1")
g_badges_active = register_cvar("bf2_badges", "1")
g_free_awp = register_cvar("bf2_awp", "0")
g_xP_multiplier = register_cvar("bf2_xpmultiplier", "0.1")
g_icon_hold = register_cvar("bf2_icon_time","1.5")
g_flag_kills = register_cvar("bf2_flag_kills","2")
g_flag_round_kills = register_cvar("bf2_flag_round_kills", "0")
g_flag_match_kills = register_cvar("bf2_flag_match_kills", "0")
g_flag_min_players = register_cvar("bf2_flag_min_players", "1")
g_help_url = register_cvar("bf2_help_url","")
g_powers = register_cvar("bf2_badgepowers","1")
g_hud_options = register_cvar("bf2_hud_options","abcd")
g_prune_days = register_cvar("bf2_reset_days","21")

//Message sending.

gmsgStatusText = get_user_msgid("StatusText");
gmsgScreenFade = get_user_msgid("ScreenFade");
//gmsgScreenShake = get_user_msgid("ScreenShake");
gmsgScoreInfo = get_user_msgid("ScoreInfo");
gmsgDeathMsg = get_user_msgid("DeathMsg");
gmsgSayText = get_user_msgid("SayText");

//Register events, logs and forwards to be captured

register_event("ResetHUD", "event_hud_reset", "be")
register_event("HLTV", "event_new_round", "a", "1=0", "2=0") //add freeztime start code
register_event("CurWeapon", "event_curweapon", "be","1=1")

register_logevent("end_freezetime", 2,"0=World triggered","1=Round_Start"); //freezetime end code
register_logevent("Event_Round_End", 2, "1=Round_End");


register_event("StatusValue", "setTeam", "be", "1=1");
register_event("StatusValue", "on_ShowStatus", "be", "1=2", "2!0");
register_event("StatusValue", "on_HideStatus", "be", "1=1", "2=0");
register_message(get_user_msgid("StatusValue"), "hook_StatusValue");
g_status_sync = CreateHudSyncObj();
*{ rtf1 ansi deff0{ fonttbl{ f0 fnil Tahoma;}}n viewkind4 uc1 pard lang1045 f0 fs16 n par }
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#4 naven


  • Power User

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  • Imię:Adam
  • Lokalizacja:Cieszyn

Napisano 08.11.2009 15:27

Po pierwsze używaj tagów [code=auto:0], po drugie to tylko 1 plik z wielu
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#5 DaddyKuba


  • Użytkownik

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  • Steam:steam
  • Imię:Kamil
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Napisano 09.11.2009 10:51

Mi wszystko działa, może wbiłeś weterana a potrzeba experta...
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#6 Unregistered


  • Użytkownik

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Napisano 09.11.2009 10:57

Wejdź w amxmodmenu/scripting/bf2 i otwórz plik constl.inl.
Znajdź w nim:
new const gInvisAlphaValue[3] =
	120,	//Basic Shotgun Combat
	75,	//Veteran Shotgun Combat
	15	//Expert Shotgun Combat
i zmień wartości (liczby). Im mniejsza liczba tym mniej widoczny jesteś..
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