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Guest Message by DevFuse


[TF2, CSS, CS:GO, FOF] War3Source:EVO v3.0a (6-25-2016)

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Napisano 26.06.2016 14:22

<div><b>Credits to the 1st Generation of War3Source (PimpinJuice (anthony))</b> : <a href="https://forums.allie....php?p=1007365"target="_blank">https://forums.allie...=1007365</a><br /><b>and the 2nd Generation of War3Source Ownz (Dark Energy)</b> : <a href="" target="_blank">https://forums.allie...t=136956</a><br /><br /><b>This is the 3rd Generation of War3Source with a new name: War3Source: Evolution.</b><br /><br /><br />----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br /><br /><b>This is ALPHA</b> as I have not fully tested it after the conversion from my private version.<br /><br /><b>Compiled for SourceMod version 1.8</b><br /><br /><b>* Bare with me, the current version is a RAW &amp; BARE-BONES version and does not have all the extra addons to make it look really good yet.<br />* Currently only 2 Races. (Until I can test the rest of the 30+ races).<br /></b><br />Working Right now: <b>TF2</b><br /><br />Roadmap for next working: Compile CSGO, CSS, FOF versions<br /><br />In theory, the CSGO, CSS, and FoF <u>should </u>(note I said should, but that isn't a meaning it will) work but you will need to compile those yourself. The compiled version below will be for TF2 and only work for TF2 at this moment.<br /><br />So, I have a server that is up and I was able to get it running with SQLite so those of you whom don't have a MySQL database does not need to worry.<br /><br /><u>About tf2attributes</u>: It has not been updated for over a year, so I have updated the .sp file and included it with my sourcecode and will only update the .sp file... if the gamedata stops working, maybe we can beg FlaminSarge or someone else with that knowledge to update it.<br /><br />This version will run a default SQLite database if you don't setup the databases.cfg file. See <a href="" target="_blank"></a><br /><br /><br /><b><u>Make sure you...</u></b><br /><br />* use my version of war3source.ini and war3sourceMVM.ini in the configs section.<br />* use only my version of the translation files.<br />* install from my version of the gamedata<br />* use and modify my version of the war3source configuration (cfg) files<br />* download and install steamtools extension: <a href="" target="_blank">https://forums.allie...t=236206</a><br /><br /><br />Some extra help can be found on Ownz's wiki page. Most of it applies. <a href="" target="_blank"></a><br /><br /><br /><b>Notes</b><br /><br /> Compiles fine for TF2, but you may need certain extensions to run<br /> You need to go to change the contents in the file War3Source-EVO/addons/sourcemod/scripting/include/GAME_SWITCHER/ in order to compile for your platform<br /><br /><b>All Game Mode Convars</b><br /><br /> war3AllowInstantRaceChange - 0 disabled / 1 enabled. Allows players to change race instantly in spawn. (default 1)<br /> war3pause - 0 disabled / 1 enabled. Pauses all War3Source stuff, so plugins can be reloaded easier. (default 0)<br /> war3_allow_developer_access - 0 disabled / 1 enabled. Allows developer to have developer access. (default 0)<br /> war3_allow_developer_powers - 0 disabled / 1 enabled allows developer to bypass race restrictions, etc. (default 0)<br /> war3_racelimit_enable - 0 disabled / 1 enabled. Should race limit restrictions per team be enabled. (default 1)<br /> war3_game_desc - 0 disabled / 1 enabled. change game description to war3source? does not affect player connect. (default 1)<br /> war3_metric_system - 0 disabled / 1 enabled. Do you want use metric system? 1-Yes, 0-No. (default 0)<br /> war3_bots_invisibility_gives_evasion - 0 disabled / 1 enabled. Should invisibility give evasion against bots? (default 1)<br /> war3_disable_races_mapend - 0 disabled / 1 enabled. Disable races on round end? (default 1)<br /> war3_enable_races_mapstart - 0 disabled / 1 enabled. Enable races on round start? (default 1)<br /> war3_newplayer_enabled - 0 disabled / 1 enabled. Do you want to enable new player benefits? (does not include levelbank) (default 1)<br /> war3_new_player_levelbank - The amount of free levels a person gets that is new to the server (no xp record) (default 20)<br /> war3_print_levelbank_spawn - 0 disabled / 1 enabled. Print how much you have in your level bank in chat every time you spawn? (default 0)<br /> war3_ignore_bots_xp - 0 disabled / 1 enabled. Set to 1 to not award XP for killing bots.(default 0)<br /> war3_max_shopitems - (default 2)<br /> war3_max_shopitems2 - (default 3)<br /> war3_max_shopitems3 - (default 3)<br /> war3_Load_RacesAndItems_every_map - 0 disabled / 1 enabled.<br /> sm_bank_withdraw_timelimit - default 2700 = 45 minutes (default 2700)<br /> war3_clan_id - If GroupID is non-zero the plugin will use steamtools to identify clan players(Overrides 'war3_bonusclan_name')<br /> war3_no_spendskills_limit - Set to 1 to require no limit on non-ultimate spendskills. (default 0)<br /> war3_show_playerinfo_other_player_items - 0 disables showing other players items using playerinfo. (default 1)<br /> war3_savexp - 0 disabled / 1 enabled. (default 1)<br /> war3_set_job_on_join - 0 disabled / 1 enabled. Jobs = Races .. Just another way of saying races. (default 1)<br /> war3_race_dynamic_loading - 0 disabled / 1 enabled. (default 1)<br /> war3_race_dynamic_loading_fulldisable - 0 disabled / 1 enabled. (default 0)<br /> war3_sh3_autosavetime - (300 default)<br /> war3_buyitems_category - Enable/Disable shopitem categorys. (0 default)<br /> war3_disable_ward_checking - 0 disabled / 1 enabled. (default 0)<br /> war3_maxplatinum - (1000000 default)<br /> war3_command_blocking - 0 disabled / 1 enabled. block chat commands from showing up. (default 0)<br /> war3_minimumultimatelevel - (10 default)<br /><br />TF2 Game Mode Convar<br /><br /> tf2_attributes - 0 disabled / 1 enabled. (default 0)<br /><br /><br /><b>Method Maps Link</b> - To help make race creation easier<br /><a href="" target="_blank"></a><br /><br />^^ Check out the current races on how to use them!<br /><br /><b>Private Forwards Link</b> - Only the races that players are playing should have forwards while the other races do not need them.<br /><a href="" target="_blank"></a><br /><br /><br /><b>ROADMAP</b>:<br /><br />* Move more Global Forwards into the Private Forwards section<br />* Get Jenkins working to auto-compile for each game platform<br />* Get all platforms working<br /><br />----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br /><b><u>NOTE</u>: Make sure you read the file before grabbing the plugins directory or compiling because it is usually only setup for 1 game platform which means it will not run on your platform if it is setup for some other platform.</b><br />Github: <a href="" target="_blank"></a><br /><br />If you still have issues let me know.</div>

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