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Guest Message by DevFuse


Grenade Manager[V 0.2]

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Napisano 17.06.2016 18:44

Grenade Manager 0.2
Release: 17.06.2016 | Last Update: 17.06.2016

Table of Contents
  • Description
  • Requirements
  • Installation
  • Cvars
  • Changelog
  • Downloads
Description top

With this plugin you can do two things:

  • Drop grenades(with "drop" command, like for any other weapon.
  • Control the max ammount of grenades that a player can have.
1.Grenades Drop features:
  • Drop grenades.
  • Press "g"(default bind for drop command)
  • Grenades are properly dropped
2.Grenade Ammo features:
  • As you know, in CS you have have 1 HE/ 2 FL/ 1 SK
  • Now, you can choose how many grenades a player can buy/pickup via cvars.
  • All grenades are fully usable and no useless entities are created.

Requirements top

This doesn't require much special things, only:

  • Orpheu module.
  • A server without dproto.
    This is not generally needed, but I won't help you if you are running an outdated server with dproto. If you are experiencing problems, update your server/ fix the erros by yourself.

Installation top

To install the plugin:

  • Download the resources from this post.
  • Put grenade_manager.amxx in addons/amxmodx/plugins
  • Open addons/amxmodx/configs/plugins.ini and add at the end of this file grenade_manager.amxx
  • You can put the sma file into addons/amxmodx/sources but this is not mandatory.
  • Download the Grenade Manager archive and copy everything from orpheu folder to server's orpheu folder.
  • Restart the server/change map.
To install orpheu:
  • Download and extrat the arhive.
  • Copy orpheu_amxx.dll/ depending on your operation system into addons/amxmodx/modules
  • The module will be auto-loaded, you don't need to add it into modules.ini
To compile locally:
  • First way:
    • Download AMX Mod X for windows/linux from main site
    • Extract somewhere the arhive and remember the folder!
    • Copy the content from include folder from the orpheu archive into addons/amxmodx/scripting/include( in the folder created in the step 2 ).
    • Download the source of the plugin( grenade_manager.sma) from this post and drag it over the compile.exe(scripting folder from the archive created at step 2)
    • It will create a new folder called compiled. Open it and you will find your compiled plugin( grenade_manager.amxx )
  • Second way:
    • Go to
    • Copy/paste the code from the .sma file into the website.
    • Under the big blue Compile button you see a box which Drop .inc files here
    • Then press Compile and Download
If you don't know/want to compile locally, you can download the attached amxx file(not the one from Get Plugin link).

Cvars top

  • max_flashbangs: max ammount of flashbangs that a player can have in his inventory. Default 2
  • max_hegrenades: max ammount of hegrenades that a player can have in his inventory. Default 1
  • max_smokegrenades: max ammount of smokegrenades that a player can have in his inventory. Default 1
  • drop_grenades: 1 - allow grenade drop | 0 - block grenade drop

ChangeLog top

  • V 0.1:
    • Initial release
  • V 0.2:
    • Fixed plugin not working on linux
    • Code cleaned

Downloads <a href="#top">top

  • 0.2 version: will see

End Note:

This is pretty experimental, though I tested it and everything seems to work as intended. It does a lot of things that game is not made to do. I did my best to handle every case, but if you find any kind of bugs please report so I can fix them.
Code has some comments for explaining why some methods were choosed and not the others.
I have not tested in linux, but signatures and offsets look ok. If someone can check I would be glad.

You may also noticed the "Grenade Drop+Ammo Control" plugin, which is basically this one, but I removed it since it was broken. This version should be fully functional and the name is better IMO. I'm open to suggestions, anyway.

Attached Files Dołączona grafikaGrenade (9.9 KB) Dołączona grafikaGet Plugin or Get Source (grenade_manager.sma - 19.2 KB) Dołączona grafikagrenade_manager.amxx (6.7 KB)

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