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Dołączona grafika Dołączona grafika

Guest Message by DevFuse


[TF2] G-Fortress - 1.0.0 - 2016/4/9

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[TF2] G-Fortress
Version 1.0.0

Dołączona grafika


This plugin aims to bring plug and play TF2 support to maps designed for Gmod (or potentially other source games). This plugin should require very little technical expertise. It should for the most part be fully automated.

**Note, this plugin is for casual/non competitive gameplay. You almost definetely will not spawn in a spawnroom. I would recommend a good uberspawn plugin to help mitigate the likelihood of serious spawn campage.

Video Demonstration:

  • Replaces G-mod spawns with TF2 spawns.
    -- If it finds more than one G-mod spawn it will also begin assigning them equally to red or blue.
  • Player resized to G-mod dimensions.
    -- This is handled completely by the ResizePlayers plugin. G-Fortress regulates ResizePlayers cvars.
  • Player's speed reduced to G-mod speed.
    -- Uses TF2Attributes to accomplish this.
  • Player's jump height reduced to G-mod jump height.
    -- Uses TF2Attributes to accomplish this.
  • +Use Activates when you Attack1 (Left click by default)
    -- This method is fully functional but would like to improve. Thank you to this thread.
  • Automatic enable/disable
    -- This plugin detects your map is missing TF2 spawns, and doesn't run at all unless it's needed.
  • gfortress_enabled | Enable or disable G-fortress. | 0 = Disabled, 1 = Enabled | Default = 1
  • gfortress_zoffset | Controls Z-Offset. | (Any Float) | Default = 0.25
  • gfortress_size | Controls Default Size/Jump/Speed | (Any Float) | Default = 0.83


    **Note** The Z-Offset is required to not spawn in the floor on some maps. There is a slight truncation from getting spawn coordinates and raising the spawns 0.25 hammer units solved it. Only mess with if you know what you're doing... Or want to fall out of spawn...[/I]


  • 1.0.0
  • Initial version.


I would like to add a few cvars that will allow users to disable/enable features so they aren't FORCED to rely on the plugin's automatic scanning abilities (though I'm confident in them). I'd like users to be able to enable/disable if they want the plugin to manage +Use/Resize/Swap spawns individually. I also need to add support for THIS, because as of right now, FleaDamage isn't compatible with G-Fortress.

Temporary FleaDamage Patch:


If you absolutely MUST have compatibility between the fleadamage plugin and this plugin, the following patch will work. However, note that it will not work if you set your size any smaller than the default 0.83! DOWNLOAD

Example Maps:
  • EvoCity_v2d DOWNLOAD
    *Note that I didn't make this map, I merely packed it with materials and models we were missing. If anyone on the EvoCity team wishes me to remove this link please PM me and I will immediately.*
Final Thoughts:
This is the first plugin I've ever released. It will likely have some bugs. I would like the opportunity to learn and grow as a coder through this experience. The SM community is awesome! :)

Attached Files Dołączona grafikaGet Plugin or Get Source (G-Fortress.sp - 6.7 KB)

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