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Dołączona grafika Dołączona grafika

Guest Message by DevFuse


[CS 1.6] Z-Outbreak (Co-Op Zombie Game) DEV Preview

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Napisano 29.02.2016 15:07

Z-Outbreak: Co-Op (Game Mode for CS 1.6)
- last update: Development Preview

Dołączona grafika

Z-Outbreak: Co-Op (Based on Zombie Scenario and Zombie Crush) is a cooperative zombie game mode where the players (survivors) will have to find a way to survive a zombie apocalypse until to reach to the point of extraction (rescue). It's essential that all players work together and support each other. It'll not be easy to find powerful weapons, so you have to know how to look good even in the darkest corner. The buy zones and the money isn't available. Therefore, the quantity of weapons is limited. The zombies are called mutants now, they are fast, but a little weak. But don't be fooled, the punch of the mutants will stun you and will be a little difficult to fight them. But beware, there is something more than a mutant, it says that the virus force was so strong that it made a hideous and strong beast. Good luck for everyone!

│ Story

Quote: In 2014, the government was secretly doing some tests with nuclear and biological weapons, near a quiet and not very inhabited town, but the tests had its consequences. Something went wrong, the last test was done with a biological weapon, had no encouraging results, it exploded. Unleashing a huge collective panic and killing all the personal present in the experiments and tests. But the bad news didn't end, something made these people return from death, transforming into horrific zombies and mutating in a creepy way. The Radiation of the incident spread almost all over the world, a few humans survived or are still fighting for his own life. That's why a special group of survivors trained to deal with high-level threats, came together to fight this threat.

│ Game Maps:

These are called "Mission Maps", in which you have to achieve certain objectives to reach the point of rescue, the maps are divided into levels (for the simple reason that the limit allowed in Counter-Strike, doesn't authorize the creation of extensive maps), I mean that will be continuous, similar to Sven-Coop maps.

Quote: For example: The City (Level 1) -- > Level 2 -- > Level 3 -- > Final Level (Boss)

│ Credits

Dias: For his codebase Zombie AI function.
Mini_Midget: For his NPC Code.
Exolent[jNr]: For his plugin Auto Join.
ConnorMcLeod: For his plugin BP Ammo.

│ Features

- NPC A.I (Artificial Intelligence: Zombies can attack, walk, run, go up stairs or surfaces)
- Inventory (Health Supply)
- Realistic Weapons
- Ammo Box Supply
- Custom weapons, models and sounds
- Zombie Classes (The NPC choose a zombie class randomly)
- Zombie Hit Boxes (Each body part has a different damage)
- Restriction of 10 players maximum per game
- Exclusive maps and only work with this mod

│ Changelog

Code: Z-Outbreak - Development Preview:
- Public Release.
- Added a simple map test (Survival)

│ Client Commands

'N' key: Use HP Supply.

│ Admin Commands

/ab_maker Create ammo box supply

/boss Create a boss (BETA)

│ Modules & Plugins Required

Z-Outbreak: Co-Op will need the Orpheu Module and Round Terminator to work correctly.

Code: Get Orpheu Module
Get Round Terminator

│ Download Files (RESOURCES)

Download the resources needed to operate Z-OutBreak:

Code: Get Z-Outbreak Resources

│ Installation Guide

- Download the Resources file
- Decompile and open the main folder.
- Move the "sound", "maps", "gfx", "sprites", "models" folders and WAD files to Counter-Strike root. (cstrike/)
- After all that. Download the attach file "Z-Outbreak Co-Op [Recent Version]"
- Decompile the .ZIP file and open the main folder.
- Move the "addons" folder to Counter-Strike root. (cstrike/)
- Replace all files.
- And this is all... Have Fun !!!

│ Video Preview (Old Version)

│ How to play?

- You must to start a new game with the map "zob_testmap"

Basically this is a test version, to find possible bugs or errors. Soon the final version will be launched with mission maps.

Dołączona grafika

Dołączona grafika

Attached Files Dołączona grafikaZ-Outbreak Co-Op (Dev Preview) (30.0 KB)

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#2 Makale


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ciekawe, ciekawe. Testujemy :)

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