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Note: This is an alpha.

Allows plugin developers and server administrators to categorize files and make them optional downloads.

I originally wrote this to work with a server that had tons of optional sound downloads (specifically music during humiliation), but it can be useful to make any downloads opt-in (like gee, what am I supposed to do with all these Quake Sounds).

There's still a bit more to improve on to make it easily accessible to non-developers, and there's a few improvements for efficiency and stability (no control over which plugins have control over which categories yet, have to do a query for every preference instead of caching it meaning no equivalent to OnClientCookiesCached(), eugh), but I think it's in a relatively good enough state to do an alpha for. I mean, it doesn't burst into flames.

  • SourceMod's SQLite Driver, preferably.
  • A PHP installation, SQLite3 support, and a supported web server with the ability to use rewrite rules. (This does not necessarily have to be the same as your fast download server.)
Current shortcomings:
  • There is very little support for a non-developer to add files to categories. Though if you know SQL, you can peek at the init script and work off of that.
  • There needs to be a plugin registering a category for it to be accessible. It sounds silly, but there is no functionality to iterate through categories that exist in the database but have not been used by a plugin. Specifically, this affects the included menu plugin. One workaround is to compile the included empty_downloadprefs example plugin with your specific categories.
  • TF2 says that the file is "downloading", though it'll keep chugging along and files actually won't be downloaded as appropriate. Something I can't really fix. (Unless someone's figured out how to modify stringtables before transmission, in which case we can just take out the PHP bit entirely.)
  • It's written for 1.6, and you have to compile it yourself. Gasp. I have no idea how to transitional syntax.
Installation instructions in the project's GitHub repository.

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