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Guest Message by DevFuse


[CSGO] BlockBuilder

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Napisano 17.02.2015 03:56

<div><div align="center"><font face="Verdana"><b><u><font size="6">BlockBuilder</font></u></b></font><b>V1.0</b><br /></div><font face="Verdana"> <font size="5"><b><br /><u>Description</u></b></font></font><br /><br /><font face="Arial"><font size="2"><font color="#FFFFFF"><font face="Verdana"><font color="Black">A Imported mod from CS 1.6 called &quot;BlockMaker&quot; is an additional mod that works nicely with the Hide'N'Seek mod</font></font></font></font></font><font size="2"><font face="Verdana"> but you can use it however you like. :D</font></font><br /><br />This mod gives you the ability to spawn a variety of blocks around a map and the ability to save/load them in the same exact location on new round or map.<br /><u><br /><b><font size="5">Features</font></b></u><br /><br />- Say in chat !bb to open the blockbuilder menu<br />- To grab a block you must have spawned the block first and then by aiming at the block press the number 2 on the menu to grab and place the block.<br />- Create a block by aiming at the floor or a wall.<br />- Convert block you are aiming at to the selected block type.<br />- Delete block you are aiming at.<br />- Rotate the block you are aiming at.<br />- Optional noclip and godmode to make creating blocks easier.<br />- Snapping option so when creating and moving blocks, they snap into place next to, above or below other nearby blocks. <br />- Snapping gap option to leave a gap between blocks when they snap together.<br />- Save all blocks to file using mapname, will load on map load. Save folder: sourcemoddata<br />- Look at a block to see what type of block it is. (currently disabled, but can be enabled in source code.)<br />- Transparency options (changing the visibility of the block.)<br />-Server Ops can edit the 'blockbuilder.blocks.txt' file to specify alternative block models (path: sourcemodconfigs)<br /><br /><u><font size="5"><b>CVARS</b></font></u><br /><font size="2"><br />Sorry there is none ATM :(</font><font size="5"><font size="2"><br /><br /></font> <u><b>Block types</b></u></font><br /><br />- Platform (A platform you can stand on)<br />- Bunnyhop (A platform that disappears for a short period of time after touching it)<br />- Damage (Hurts you if you stand on top of it)<br />- Healer (Heals you if you stand on top of it)<br />- No Fall Damage (You don't take any damage if you fall onto it)<br />- Ice (You slide around like you're on ice)<br />- Trampoline (Throws you up in the air)<br />- Speed Boost (Throws you forwards in the direction you're looking)<br />- Invincibility (Player becomes invincible for a set amount of time)(timer can be set in sourcemodconfigsblockbuilder.blocks.txt) <br />- Stealth (Player becomes invisible for a set amount of time)(timer can be set in sourcemodconfigsblockbuilder.blocks.txt) <br />- Death (Player dies instantly)<br />- Nuke (Destroys all players on the other team unless a player has invincibility)<br />- Camouflage (Player looks like the other team for a set amount of time)(timer can be set in sourcemodconfigsblockbuilder.blocks.txt) <br />- Low Gravity (Jumping from this block you get low gravity for 3s)<br />- Fire (Another damage block)<br />- Slap (You get slapped!)<br />- Random (Random between Invincibility, Stealth, Camouflage, Boots Of Speed, a slap, or death!) Currently disabled due to bugs.<br />- Honey (Player moves slowly like they're stuck in honey)<br />- CT Barrier (Only Terrorists can pass through these blocks, pushes back Counter-Terrorists)<br />- T Barrier (Only Counter-Terrorists can pass through these blocks, pushes back Terrorists)<br />- Boots Of Speed (Player runs fast for a set amount of time)(timer can be set in sourcemodconfigsblockbuilder.blocks.txt) <br />- Glass (Same as platform but looks like a transparent pane of glass)<br />- Bunnyhop - No slow down (Same as bunnyhop block but you don't slow down after landing)(timer can be set in sourcemodconfigsblockbuilder.blocks.txt) <br />- Delayed - same as the bunnyhop block but longer disappearance (timer can be set in sourcemodconfigsblockbuilder.blocks.txt) <br /><font face="Verdana"><font size="2">- Awp (Only terrorist can gain a Awp, has only 1 bullet, 1 Awp per round)<br />- Deagle (Only terrorist can gain a Deagle, has only 1 bullet, 1 Deagle per round)</font></font><b><font face="Verdana"><font size="5"><br /><br /><u>How to install</u></font></font></b><br /><br />I added all the files to the zip and are in the correct path, all you have to do is unzip to the server.<br /><br /><u><font size="5"><b>Recommended mod</b></font></u><br /><br /><a href="https://forums.allie...d.php?t=239132"target="_blank">Hide'N'Seek</a><br /><br /><font size="3"><b><u><font face="Verdana"><font size="5">Credits</font></font></u><font face="Verdana"><font size="5"><br /><font size="2"><br /></font></font></font></b><font face="Verdana"><font size="2"><font face="Verdana">Credits</font> to Necro for the original 1.6 version.<br />Special thanks to <a href="" target="_blank">Zephyrus</a> for creating a css/csgo version through private request.<br />Props to Techknow for creating/helping me with models.<br />Much appreciation to <a href="" target="_blank">Oshizu</a> for helping with major code/bug fixes and additions.<br />Credits to the people who made the images I used for the models. (Google is your best friend :D)<br />Also many thanks to all those who helped and tested. <br /><br />(sorry if I forgot anyone else!)<br /><br /><u><b><font size="5">Changelog</font></b></u></font></font></font><br /><font size="3"><font face="Verdana"><font size="2"><font size="5"><font size="2"><div style="margin:20px; margin-top:5px; ">
<div class="smallfont" style="margin-bottom:2px">Quote:</div>
<table cellpadding="6" cellspacing="0" border="0" width="100%">
<td class="alt2">
<hr />

Version 1.0 - Official Release

<hr />
</div></font></font></font></font></font><br /><br /><font size="3"><b>Note -</b></font> I'll be really busy for the next couple of months but I will try my best to help with bug fixes and if anyone would like to help or take over the mod please leave me a PM!</div>

<br /> <div style="padding:6px">

<fieldset class="fieldset">
<legend>Attached Files</legend>
<table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="3" border="0">
<td><img class="inlineimg" src="https://forums.allie.../attach/7z.gif"alt="File Type: 7z" width="16" height="16" border="0" style="vertical-align:baseline" /></td>

<a href="https://forums.allie...kBuilder.7z</a>(3.06 MB)

<td><img class="inlineimg" src="https://forums.allie.../attach/sp.gif"alt="File Type: sp" width="16" height="16" border="0" style="vertical-align:baseline" /></td>

<a href="http://www.sourcemod...53"><strong>GetPlugin</strong></a> or
<a href="https://forums.allie...1424140698">GetSource</a> (blockbuilder.sp - 96.1 KB)



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