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Guest Message by DevFuse


[Any] XenForo Utilities API

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A few months ago, A plugin commissioner by the name of Wing came to me and asked for a store system. He asked that I make it integrate with his website which ran XenForo at the time and I took this job because mine ran off the same web software. I start off thinking that I should build a XenForo API first via plugins to catch player names, credits, SteamIDs, accountIDs &amp; more. After this was done, I started to expand a little for my servers and came up with more plugins to add and eventually, I wound up doing it wrong because he didn't want an entire API for XenForo... oops.

<hr />
<!-- END TEMPLATE: bbcode_quote_printable -->So... HERE YOU GO! An entire script I worked on while I had servers. I no longer have servers online but I'm hoping these scripts come to some use to people who use XenForo daily.<br /><br />I understand that this could be expanded a lot further to other forum web softwares but I don't have the need to do that unless someone wants to commission it to be expanded upon so, It is what it is. There also might be some bugs in the plugin so I don't expect this plugin set to be approved anytime soon.<br /><br />I will be updating this specific software the next upcoming months once more to add functionality to Sourcemod Store which I'm currently working on so don't threat, It will receive updates.<br /><br /><font size="1">Note: Some are compiled and some aren't. You might have to compile the scripts yourself which isn't difficult.</font><br /><font size="6"><a href=""target="_blank">Github Repository</a></font><br /><br />Details on the plugins:<ul><li>xenforo_api.sp - The primary API that connects to the database and retrieves players account IDs.</li>
<li>xenforo_adminpoints_startup.sp - Was designed to grant points to admins who did good work on the servers. It's currently unfinished.</li>
<li>xenforo_connectstatus.sp - Gives players on connect a new connect message with their current status on the website.</li>
<li>xenforo_credits.sp - API to manage credits for players and allow other addons to manage them.</li>
<li>xenforo_serverlist.sp - Gives a list of servers to the players based off the list on the forum which they can connect to. It's currently unfinished.</li>
<li>xenforo_store.sp - Currently coded version of Store with basic features using configs. I plan to move support for this to Sourcemod Store in the future.</li>
<li>xenforo_usermenu.sp - Menu which displays users information in-game they can access. It's unfinished but functional.</li>
</ul><br />These modules will be updated whenever but people are free to fork these plugins and edit them either for their own forum software or to add features. I'll probably add features here and there if I feel like it but I'm definitely supporting it.<br /><br /><a href="https://www.paypal.c...=SWRQEXHHEGY8A"target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="" /></a><br />You aren't required to donate but if you want to help support development of this plugin, I have no complaints.</div>

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