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Guest Message by DevFuse


[L4D2 (mutation19)] Taaaaaaank!Time! (v1.0, 09-23-2014)

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Napisano 23.09.2014 12:09

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<div>A Left 4 Dead 2 plugin for the &quot;Taaaaaaank!&quot;-mutation (mutation19). Since this gamemode is nearly dead, i decided to release this plugin. It makes the game some more balanced. Oh, and it's my first plugin, so don't bother me :wink:<br /><br /><b><font size="4">Features:</font></b><br /><br /><ul><li> Support Bot-Tanks, so that it will always a &quot;4 survivors vs. 4 tanks&quot;-match. (If a spawn limit is set by Valve (the finales of the old campaigns), the tanks will get more health and the spawn time will be reduced)</li>
<li> All Tanks will spawn at the same positions at round start, so it should be a nicer match now.</li>
<li> Shows a counter when the round starts, so that every player should know, when the tanks are spawning and the game begins.</li>
<li> Comes with a huge list (but not a full list) of well known bugged spawn areas, so that you will never &quot;spawn behind the fence&quot; again. (means: in stuck)<ul><li>If you spawn in stuck, you are able to kill yourself by typing a command.</li>
<li> Comes with a list of glitchy areas (on trucks, behind fences). If a survivor try to use glitches, they will be teleported to a valid point or be killed. (First roof in No Mercy - 1st chapter)</li>
<li> A survivor will not be able to stop tanks on ladders</li>
<li> Supports <a href="https://forums.allie...t=39439?t=39439" target="_blank">stripper</a> and dynamic routes with a little balancing ability. (inspirated by <a href="" target="_blank">this</a> plugin from <a href="" target="_blank">AtomicStryker</a>). So, use the map files from the package! I added some things, fixed some things and removed some things. (Ok, i didn't know what i do, but it works :))</li>
<li> Survivors are able to crawl (well, that was written by valve) and able to kill themself, if incapped.</li>
<li> Comes with a Poll, so that the survivors-team could kill the incapacitated bots (if you wanna start the elevator)</li>
<li> A hud to see who is hunting you (survivors) or to see who is the tank in my team.</li>
<li> Some little bugfixes and stuff what you see, when you install the plugin and play it.</li>
</ul> <br /><b><font size="4">Installation &amp; Compiling:</font></b><br /><br />Just copy the files from the package to the right folders. That's all.<br /><br />The Plugin uses the colors Plugin written by <a href="https://forums.allie...ber.php?u=17252" target="_blank">exvel</a>, which you can find <a href=";highlight=Color" target="_blank">here</a>. But you have to use the file from the package to compile the plugin, i added some functions for my needs.<br /><br /><font size="4"><b>ConVars and commands:</b></font><br />l4d2_tanktime_version = Version of the plugin<br />l4d2_tanktime_gameoptions = Flags to enable the avaiable game options (<b>default:</b> value 519)<br /><br />Sum up these values to enable the game options:<br />#define GO_FLAG_BOTS 1 = Enables Bots (<b>default</b>)<br />#define GO_FLAG_CRAWLING 2 = Enables Crawling (<b>default</b>)<br />#define GO_FLAG_ENABLE_INCAPPED_BOTS_POLL 4 = Enables &quot;Kill all incapped Bots&quot;-Poll (<b>default</b>)<br />#define GO_FLAG_HUD 8 = Enables a HUD (left side)<br />#define GO_FLAG_HEALTH_INFO 16 = Shows the hp from the tank when you going down<br />#define GO_FLAG_FORCE_SI_SPAWN 32 = Forces cvars like versus_tank_chance or versus_witch_chance to 1.0 <br />#define GO_FLAG_DYNAMIC_ROUTES 64 = Enables dynamic routing (by stripper) or some Map changes (by this plugin) <br />#define GO_FLAG_HIDE_DIFFICULTY_INFO 128 = Doesn't show the current difficulty<br />#define GO_FLAG_FORCE_DIFFICULTY_COMB 256 = The Map changes will be ONLY loaded when a map route is avaiable and loaded via stripper<br />#define GO_FLAG_DONT_ALLOW_REGULAR_TANKS 512 = Doesn't allow regular tanks (<b>default</b>)<br /><br />l4d2_tanktime_spawntime = Spawntime from start (<b>default:</b> 15 seconds)<br />l4d2_tanktime_respawntime = Respawn time for each tank (<b>default:</b> 30 seconds)<br />l4d2_tanktime_slaytime = Timelimit in seconds until a tank is able to kill themself (<b>default:</b> 20 seconds)<br />l4d2_tanktime_slaycommand = Slayme command to kill yourself (<b>default:</b> !slayme)<br />l4d2_tanktime_regulartankcolor = Defines the color of the regular tank (<b>default: </b>&quot;255 0 0 255&quot; - r,g,b,alpha)<br />l4d2_tanktime_balance_pointdiff = Defines the point difference for dynamic route balancing (<b>default:</b> 250 points)<br />l4d2_tanktime_autorestart_command = Defines a restart command for restarting the game if the game starts too early in the 1st map of a campaign (<b>default:</b> &quot;&quot;, empty)<br /><br />There are two commands too, but not registred as convar or as command.<br /><br />Type in chat:<br /><ul><li> &quot;!slayme&quot; (<b>default</b>) = You can kill yourself while incapacited (Survivors) or when you spawn as a tank for the first 20 seconds. (<b>default</b>)</li>
<li> &quot;!ttcfg&quot; = lists the current config of the plugin.</li>
</ul> <br />Just works when the gamemode is enabled.<br /><br /><b><font size="4">Translations:</font></b><br /><br /><ul><li> English version by &quot;Not a native speaker&quot;</li>
<li> German version by &quot;Mir&quot;</li>
<li> Spanish Version by &quot;Torpedo - The Legend&quot; - But a <b>translator is needed!</b> The translation file is not fully translated, so if a spain wanna do this...there are 2 full sentences and a bunch of words / small sentences to translate.</li>
</ul> <br /><b><font size="4">Credits:</font></b><br /><br /><ul><li> Thanks to &quot;Tanoshii&quot; for testing much things.</li>
<li> Thanks to &quot;Torpedo - The Legend&quot; (he's not truly a legend...) for almost fully translating into spanish and for testing this plugin.</li>
<li> Thanks to &quot;pix&quot; for testing much things.</li>
<li> Thanks to <a href="https://forums.allie...ber.php?u=61596" target="_blank">untalented893</a>, <a href="" target="_blank">Eraa</a> and <a href="" target="_blank">Zoeylicious</a> for designing the map routes.<ul><li>The Original files and threads:</li>
<li><a href="https://forums.allie...8;postcount=207" target="_blank">https://forums.allie...t=207</a>,</li>
<li><a href="https://forums.allie...8;postcount=261" target="_blank">https://forums.allie...stcount=261</a> and</li>
<li><a href="https://forums.allie...8;postcount=300" target="_blank">https://forums.allie...t=300</a>.</li>
</ul> </li>
</ul> <br />And the other some hundreds people who was playing on my servers.<br /><br /><b><font size="4">Recommended Plugins:</font></b><br />You should install the<a href="" target="_blank"> TankDoorFix-Plugin</a> written by <a href="" target="_blank">Dr. Greg House</a>.<br /><br /><font size="4"><b>Changelog</b></font>:<br />09/23/2014 - Version 1.0 released</div>

<br /> <div style="padding:6px">

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