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Dołączona grafika Dołączona grafika

Guest Message by DevFuse


[TF2] Mario Bros.

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<div><div align="center"><font size="7"><b><u><font face="Impact">Mario Bros.</font></u></b></font><br />A custom game mode written by me (<u><b>X Kirby</b></u>),<br />where you jump on people's heads (A.K.A. Goomba Stomp) to defeat them.<br /><br /><i>That's not all</i>, though! There are <i>15 different Power-Ups</i>, each with their<br />own abilities. Use <b>&quot;Alt-Fire&quot;</b> (Right Click by Default) to use them!<br /><br />You can also Sprint by double-tapping and holding <b>&quot;Forward&quot;</b>! Don't sidestep,<br />however, or else it'll end your sprinting early.<br /><br />There's also 2 built-in extra game modes: <b><u>Battle Arena</u></b> and <b><u>Coin Rush</u></b>!<br /><br /><b>Battle Arena</b> is a Team Deathmatch Mode where you have a limited<br />number of respawns. Once you're out of respawns, you're sent to Spectator.<br /><br /><b>Coin Rush</b> is a Team &quot;Collect-a-Thon&quot; Mode where you grab as many<br />coins as you can and hold onto them until time runs out. Getting hit or killed<br />will make you lose your coins, so be careful!<br /></div><br /><font size="5"><u><b>Power-Ups</b></u></font><ul><li><b>Fire Flower:</b> The Fire Flower gives you a Flare Cannon that deals damage and heavy knockback.</li>
<li><b>POW Block:</b> The POW Block sends enemies in a radius around you high into the sky!</li>
<li><b>P-Wing:</b> The P-Wing increases your movement speed.</li>
<li><b>Goomba's Shoe:</b> Goomba's Shoe increases your Stomp damage significantly and allows you to stomp on players using the Bowser Suit.</li>
<li><b>Super Leaf:</b> The Super Leaf allows you to jump repeatedly in the air! Also, you can hold down jump while falling to slow down your descent.</li>
<li><b>Boo Thief:</b> The Boo Thief steals an item from one of your opponents, if any of them have one. It'll also cloak you for a little while!</li>
<li><b>Mushroom:</b> Mushrooms heal your health by a good amount.</li>
<li><b>Starman:</b> The Starman makes you completely invincible AND increases your movement speed. You can also hurt your opponents by just running into them!</li>
<li><b>Hammer:</b> The Hammer is an extremely powerful weapon, capable of dealing thousands of damage per hit. And it swings fast.</li>
<li><b>Thunderbolt:</b> The Thunderbolt slows down all enemies within a radius around you.</li>
<li><b>Golden Mushroom:</b> Golden Mushrooms force your health to the maximum value of what normal Mushrooms can heal.</li>
<li><b>Ice Flower:</b> The Ice Flower gives you a Flare Cannon that slows down whoever you hit with it significantly. It also fires faster than the Fire Flower.</li>
<li><b>Lazy Shell Armor:</b> The Lazy Shell Armor cuts down all forms of damage drastically and protects against certain power-ups!</li>
<li><b>1-Up Mushroom:</b> 1-Up Mushrooms give you extra lives! Whenever you hit zero health and have extra lives, you lose an extra life instead of dying and gain invincibility for a limited time. You can carry up to 3 extra lives.</li>
<li><b>Bowser Suit:</b> The longest-lasting timed Power-Up at 3 times the length, you gain a large sum of health as well as becoming painful to the touch and wielding a Fire Flower! However, you're slowed until the Power-Up wears out.</li>
</ul><br /><u><b><font size="5">Requirements</font></b></u><ul><li>Latest Version of SourceMod</li>
<li>TF2Items (Extension)</li>
<li>SteamTools (Extension, optional)</li>
<li>TF2Items Give Weapon (Plugin)</li>
<li>MoreColors (Include, only needed to compile)</li>
<li><a href="https://dl.dropboxus... Song" target="_blank">Mario Songs</a> (optional, but adds to the atmosphere, in my opinion)</li>
</ul><br /><u><b><font size="5">Special Thanks</font></b></u><ul><li><b>Creators of TF2Items and TF2Items Give Weapon</b><br />(Used for some of the Power-Ups!)</li>
<li><b>Creators of Vs. Saxton Hale</b><br />(Took the &quot;Force Team Win&quot; code for the extra gamemodes. Sorry!)</li>
<li><b>Creator of Goomba Stomp</b><br />(Used it as reference material.)</li>
<li><b>Creator of TF2 Capture Toggle</b><br />(Used its method of handling the disabling of points and respawn rooms.)</li>
<li><b>Members of the SG-Servers community, and others I might've forgotten</b><br />(A bunch of them betatested and the owner helped me host it for a short time.)</li>
<li><b>E-S</b><br />(Created the custom Map and Models for the gamemode! Also betatested.)</li>
</ul><br /><u><b><font size="5">Terms of Use Details</font></b></u><ol style="list-style-type: decimal"><li>This plugin is provided <b>as-is</b>. I take no responsibility<br />if it somehow harms you or your computer when using it.</li>
<li>Any changes made to the plugin, map, or models included in<br />the Official &quot;[TF2] Mario Bros.&quot; gamemode must be made public<br />and free. You are not allowed to sell, distribute, or barter<br />this plugin or its resources for anything. If hosted elsewhere,<br /><font color="#BB0000"><i>It must include the source code and resource files.</i></font>.</li>
<li>The custom map &quot;mb_koth_overworld_a1&quot; is included with the plugin.<br />All of the included model and material files, as well as this<br />map, are free for public use.</li>
<li>All copyrights pertaining to characters, music, and designs<br />from both &quot;Team Fortress 2&quot; and &quot;Mario&quot; are owned by their<br />respective copyright holders. This is an <b>unlicensed fan-made<br />gamemode.</b></li>
<li>Any further official updates made to this gamemode are only<br />going to be bug-fixes from this point on. I feel as though<br />every feature I'd want is already in the gamemode. Feel free<br />to make your own Power-Ups or whatever, just as long as the updates<br />remain open source.</li>
</ol><br /><u><b><font size="5">Commands and Console Variables</font></b></u><ul><li><b>Commands</b><ul><li><i>sm_mb_powerhints</i>: Toggles whether or not you get Power-Up hints.</li>
<li><i>sm_mb_setpowerup</i> &lt;target&gt; &lt;0-15&gt; (&quot;Cheat&quot; Level): Sets a user's Power-Up to a specific Power-Up index.</li>
<li><b>Console Variables</b><ul><li><i>sm_mb_jumpheight</i>: Sets the jump height for every player. (Default: 750)</li>
<li><i>sm_mb_jumpdamage</i>: Sets the damage for landing on another player. (Default: 150)</li>
<li><i>sm_mb_fireflowerdamage</i>: Sets the damage that fireballs deal. (Default: 50)</li>
<li><i>sm_mb_powblockdamage</i>: Sets the damage that POW Blocks deal. (Default: 40)</li>
<li><i>sm_mb_speedboostpwing</i>: Multiplies your speed by this number when using the P Wing. (Default: 2.0)</li>
<li><i>sm_mb_poweruptimer</i>: Sets the amount of time until your Power Up ends. (Default: 10)</li>
<li><i>sm_mb_leaffallspeed</i>: Sets the terminal velocity while using the Super Leaf. (Default: -120)</li>
<li><i>sm_mb_mushroomhealth</i>: Sets the amount of health a Mushroom gives you. (Default: 300)</li>
<li><i>sm_mb_speedbooststar</i>: Sets the speed boost you get from a Starman. (Default: 1.5)</li>
<li><i>sm_mb_thunderboltdamage</i>: Sets the percentage of damage that Lightning deals. (Default: 0.25)</li>
<li><i>sm_mb_bowsersuithealth</i>: Sets the amount of health a Bowser Suit gives you. (Default: 2000)</li>
<li><i>sm_mb_powerdistance</i>: The distance between the player and anyone else for certain powers to affect. (Default: 2500)</li>
<li><i>sm_mb_packspawndelay</i>: How long the maximum time is before ammo packs respawn. (Default: 16)</li>
<li><i>sm_mb_maxrespawns</i>: How many times you're allowed to respawn during a round of Team Battle Arena. (Default: 5)</li>
<li><i>sm_mb_movespeed</i>: How fast you can move normally. (Default: 300)</li>
<li><i>sm_mb_gamemode</i>: Special Game Mode Setting. &lt;0 = None, 1 = Team Battle Arena, 2 = Team Coin Rush&gt; (Default: 0)</li>
<li><i>sm_mb_coinrushtime</i>: How much time in seconds you have to collect coins during Coin Rush. (Default: 180)</li>
<li><i>sm_mb_coinrushglow</i>: How many coins you're carrying before you start to glow. (Default: 20)</li>
<li><i>sm_mb_roundlimit</i>: How many rounds can pass before a Game Mode vote occurs. (Default: 3)</li>
</ul> </li>
</ul><br /><u><b><font size="5">Mapper's Resources</font></b></u><ul><li><b><font size="4">Power-Ups</font></b><ul><li>Weighted Power-Ups are added to maps by using the point entities &quot;item_ammopack_small&quot;, &quot;item_ammopack_medium&quot;, and &quot;item_ammopack_full&quot;. The better the ammo pack, the more likely better Power-Ups will spawn.</li>
<li>Fixed Power-Ups are added to maps by using the point entity &quot;info_target&quot; and setting its name to &quot;mb_powerspawn [x]&quot;, where [x] is a number between 0 and 15.<ul><li>0: Random Power-Up</li>
<li>1: Fire Flower</li>
<li>2: POW Block</li>
<li>3: P Wing</li>
<li>4: Goomba's Shoe</li>
<li>5: Super Leaf</li>
<li>6: Boo Thief</li>
<li>7: Mushroom</li>
<li>8: Starman</li>
<li>9: Hammer</li>
<li>10: Thunderbolt</li>
<li>11: Golden Mushroom</li>
<li>12: Ice Flower</li>
<li>13: Lazy Shell Armor</li>
<li>14: 1-Up Mushroom</li>
<li>15: Bowser Suit</li>
</ul> </li>
<li><b><font size="4">Coins</font></b><ul><li>Coins are added to maps by using the point entity &quot;info_target&quot; and setting its name to &quot;mb_coinspawn&quot;. That's about it. I recommend adding at least 40 coins to a Mario Bros. map.</li>
</ul> </li>
</ul><br /><u><b><font size="5">Changelog</font></b></u><ul><li>v1.0.3: Initial public released! Changed the Jumping Mechanics, fixed some bugs, changed some item stuff around, and added the ability to Sprint by double-tapping +forward.</li>
<li>v1.0.2: Fixed a &quot;precache&quot; issue with the models and materials. Also added a voting system.</li>
<li>v1.0.1: Fixed the &quot;Models Not Downloading&quot; issue, apparently the paths are case-sensitive.</li>
<li>v1.0: Initial private release!</li>

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