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Guest Message by DevFuse


[CSS/CSGO] Hide and Seek (Prop Hunt)

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<div><div align="center"><font size="5">SM: Hide and Seek</font><br /></div><font size="3"><b>History</b></font><br />--------------------------------<br /><b><a href="https://forums.allie...ber.php?u=36536" target="_blank">SelaX</a></b> has written this mod and become inactive for private reason, now hes back but will concentrate on other projects on AM. Meanwhile <a href="" target="_blank"><font color="purple"><b>Peace-Maker</b></font></a> supported this, but he has no more interest in this plugin and CS:GO has been released 2 years ago and this plugin has still no support for it. I'll overtake this project for this community and added CS:GO support. Maybe I'll add some new features, but first CS:GO support is my main target.<br /><br /><font size="3"><b>What's this?</b></font><br />--------------------------------<br />Terrorists &quot;Hiders&quot; choose a random model on spawn, like a chair, plant or a sign, which is common on the played map and search a place, where they blend in best. The CTs &quot;Seekers&quot; wait a specified time to give the hiders a chance to find their spot. They have to search for the hiders and shoot them.<br /><br />Seekers either lose some health (default 5 hp) on every shot or hiders get more invisible everytime they get shot - or both. Seekers gain hp by hurting or killing a hider. <br /><font size="3"><b><br />Player Commands<br /></b></font>--------------------------------<br /><ul><li><i>/hide /hidemenu</i> - Opens the menu with the list of available models if still enabled</li>
<li><i>/tp /third /thirdperson /+3rd /-3rd</i> - Switches to the thirdperson view so hiders see how they fit into the environment</li>
<li><i>/whistle</i> - Hiders play a random sound to give the seekers a hint</li>
<li><i>/freeze</i> - Toggles freezing for hiders</li>
<li><i>/whoami</i> - Shows hiders their current model name again</li>
<li><i>/hidehelp</i> - Displays a panel with informations how to play.</li>
</ul> <br /><font size="3"><b>Plugin Cvars<br /></b></font>--------------------------------<ul><li><i>sm_hns_version</i> - ...</li>
<li><i>sm_hns_enable</i> - Enable the Hide and Seek mod? (Default: 1)</li>
<li><i>sm_hns_freezects</i> - Should CTs get freezed and blinded on spawn? (Default: 1)</li>
<li><i>sm_hns_freezetime</i> - How long should the CTs are freezed after spawn? (Default: 25.0)</li>
<li><i>sm_hns_changelimit</i> - How often a T is allowed to choose his model ingame? (Default: 2)</li>
<li><i>sm_hns_changelimittime</i> - How long should a T be allowed to change his model again after spawn? (Default: 30.0)</li>
<li><i>sm_hns_autochoose</i> - Should the plugin choose models for the hiders automatically? (Default: 0)</li>
<li><i>sm_hns_whistle</i> - Are terrorists allowed to whistle? (Default: 1)</li>
<li>sm_hns_whistle_times - How many times a hider is allowed to whistle per round? (Default: 5)</li>
<li><i>sm_hns_hider_win_frags</i> - How many frags should surviving hiders gain? (Default: 5)</li>
<li><i>sm_hns_hp_seeker_enable</i> - Should CT lose HP when shooting, 0 = off/1 = on. (Default 1)</li>
<li><i>sm_hns_hp_seeker_dec</i> - How many HP should a CT lose on shooting? (Default 5)</li>
<li><i>sm_hns_hp_seeker_inc</i> - How many hp should a CT gain when hitting a hider? (Default 15)</li>
<li><i>sm_hns_hp_seeker_inc</i> - How many hp should a CT gain when hitting a hider with shotgun ? (Default 5) (csgo only)</li>
<li><i>sm_hns_hp_seeker_bonus</i> - How many hp should a CT gain when killing a hider? (Default 50)</li>
<li><i>sm_hns_opacity_enable</i> - Should T get more invisible on low hp, 0 = off/1 = on. (Default 0)</li>
<li><i>sm_hns_hidersspeed</i> - Hiders speed (Default: 1.00)</li>
<li><i>sm_hns_disable_rightknife</i> - Disable rightclick for CTs with knife? Prevents knifing without losing heatlh. (Default: 1)</li>
<li><i>sm_hns_disable_ducking</i> - Disable ducking. (Default: 0)</li>
<li><i>sm_hns_auto_thirdperson</i> - Enable thirdperson view for hiders automatically (Default: 1)</li>
<li><i>sm_hns_slay_seekers</i> - Slay seekers on round end, if there are still hiders alive? (Default: 0)</li>
<li><i>sm_hns_hider_freeze_mode</i> - What to do with the /freeze command? (Default: 2)<ul><li>0: Disables /freeze command for hiders</li>
<li>1: Only freeze on position, be able to move camera</li>
<li>2: Freeze completely (no cameramovents)</li>
<li><i>sm_hns_hide_blood</i> - Hide blood on hider damage. (Default: 1)</li>
<li><i>sm_hns_show_hidehelp</i> - Show helpmenu explaining the game on first player spawn. (Default: 1)</li>
<li><i>sm_hns_ct_ratio</i> - The ratio of hiders to 1 seeker. 0 to disables teambalance. (Default: 3:1)</li>
<li><i>sm_hns_show_progressbar</i> - Show progressbar for last 15 seconds of freezetime. (Default: 1)</li>
<li><i>sm_hns_disable_use</i> - Disable CTs pushing things. (Default: 1)</li>
<li><i>sm_hns_hider_freeze_inair</i> - Are hiders allowed to freeze in the air? (Default: 0)</li>
<li><i>sm_hns_anticheat</i> - Check player cheat convars, 0 = off/1 = on. (Default: 0)</li>
<li><i>sm_hns_whistle_delay</i> - How long after spawn should we delay the use of whistle? (Default: 25.0)</li>
<li><i>sm_hns_cheat_punishment</i> - How to punish players with wrong cvar values after 15 seconds? (Default: 1)<ul><li>0: Disabled</li>
<li>1: Switch to Spectator</li>
<li>2: Kick</li>
<li><i>sm_hns_remove_shadows</i> - Remove shadows from players and physic models? (Default: 1)</li>
<li><i>sm_hns_use_taxed_in_random</i> - Include taxed models when using random model choice? (Default: 0)</li>
</ul><font size="3"><b><br />Protected Server Cvars<br /></b></font>--------------------------------<br />There are some protected server convars, which are enforced by the plugin to enable the mod to operate properly: <br /> <ul><li>mp_flashlight 0</li>
<li>sv_footsteps 0</li>
<li>mp_limitteams 0</li>
<li>mp_autoteambalance 0</li>
<li>mp_freezetime 0</li>
<li>sv_nonemesis 1</li>
<li>sv_nomvp 1</li>
<li>sv_nostats 1</li>
<li>mp_playerid 1</li>
<li>sv_allowminmodels 0</li>
<li>mp_teams_unbalance_limit 0</li>
<li>sv_turbophysics 1</li>
</ul> <b>It's recommend to set <i>mp_forcecamera</i> to 1 in your server.cfg! </b><br /><br /><br /> <font size="3"><b>Admin commands</b></font><br />--------------------------------<br /><ul><li><i>sm_hns_force_whistle &lt;#userid|steamid|name&gt;</i> - Force a player to whistle disregarding his whistle limit. (chat flag)</li>
<li><i>sm_hns_reload_models</i> - Reload the modellist from the map config file. (rcon flag)</li>
</ul> <br /> <font size="3"><b>Adding new maps</b></font><br />--------------------------------<br />By default the plugin currently comes with a choice of models for all default maps for CS:S, but it's really easy to add support for any other map. You should only use maps with lot's of props, so hiders aren't that obvious to find. Run a map and type listmodels into console to list all models loaded on this map for example.<br /><br />Just create a new textfile in the /configs/hide_and_seek/maps folder named the same as the map you want to support. Check the existing files for the format - you're allowed to add as many models and languages as you want. Make sure to set the file encoding to UTF-8 without BOM (<a href="http://forums.allied...8;postcount=297" target="_blank">more info</a>).<br />I'd always appreciate it if you would share your model configs so they get added to the package by default.<br /><br />There are some special keys to set:<br /><ul><li>&quot;heightfix&quot; &quot;[addheight]&quot; (e.g. &quot;heightfix&quot; &quot;80&quot;)<ul><li>Some models are bugged and halfway in the ground. You're able to add this key to get them showing up over the ground when standing still. Hiders using a bugged model will be teleported up regularly while running, so they can't hide by constantly running against a wall staying in the ground.</li>
<li>&quot;tax&quot; &quot;[money]&quot; (e.g. &quot;tax&quot; &quot;600&quot;)<ul><li>You're able to put taxes on some models to prevent everyone from using it every round. Useful for small models.</li>
<li>Since Hiders don't get that much money during gameplay, don't set the tax too high. <font size="1">(If you've got some ideas for events to give hiders money for, let me know!)</font></li>
</ul> </li>
</ul> <font size="3"><b>Get Sourcecode</b></font><br />--------------------------------<br />You can follow future developement of this project and grab the latest fixes on github:<br /><a href="" target="_blank"><font size="3"><b></b></font></a><font size="3"><b><br /><br />Installation</b><br /></font>--------------------------------<br />Download the zip file and extract it into your cstrike folder.<br />Restart the server. A config file has been generated in cfg/sourcemod/plugin.hideandseek.cfg which you can edit as you like.<br />Switch to a map, which is supported by the plugin (config file in sourcemod/configs/hideandseek/maps/)<br /><font size="3"><b><br />Notice</b></font><br />--------------------------------<br />This plugin requires the SDKHooks extension to compile, so you have to do it manually, since the webcompiler is missing the include file.</div>

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