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Guest Message by DevFuse


Realistic Fire Selector (burst options)

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Napisano 28.05.2014 17:41

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<div><b><u>Description</u>:</b><br />Ever wondered that something is missing in the weapons? That something doesn't seem right? Well, I have. And guess what I found. Valve messed up once again. Luckily I like fixing cs engine and making it more realistic if it means more fun. So once again a weapon plugin from me. This one changes glock18 and famas fire mode options to what they really are, and also adds fire selectors to other weapons what have more than one fire option in real life (however weapons what already have secondary fire button doing something, aren't included). Here's a small list of burst options (and to avoid future explanations, damage percentage):<ol style="list-style-type: decimal"><li><u>Glock18</u>: semi-auto (100%), full-auto (97.5%)</li>
<li><u>TMP</u>: full-auto (100%), semi-auto (103%)</li>
<li><u>MAC10</u>: full-auto (100%), semi-auto (103%)</li>
<li><u>P90</u>: full-auto (100%), semi-auto (103%)</li>
<li><u>UMP45</u>: full-auto (100%), 2-bullet-burst (103%), semi-auto (105%)</li>
<li><u>MP5Navy</u>: full-auto (100%), 3-bullet-burst (103%), semi-auto (105%)</li>
<li><u>Famas</u>: full-auto (100%), 3-bullet-burst (103%), semi-auto (105%)</li>
<li><u>Galil</u>: full-auto (100%), 3-bullet-burst (103%), semi-auto (105%)</li>
<li><u>AK47</u>: full-auto (100%), semi-auto (103%)</li>
</ol><br /><b><u>Requires</u>:</b><br />FakeMeta<br />HamSandWich<br /><br /><br /><b><u>Additional info</u>:</b><br />Tested in Counter-Strike 1.6 with amxmodx 1.8.2. When in full-auto, glock18 will have a reasonable recoil, when in semi-auto it will be more accurate than usual (as if you waited 0.05 seconds longer before shooting). When inside a burst-fire mode, you can release your attack key to cancel the burst. Also when burst is complete you will have to release the attack key to fire in burst again. Semi-auto mode has a recoil and spread limit which is smaller than burst-fire or full-auto, therefor weapons will be more accurate. Burst-fire mode has a recoil and spread limit which is smaller than full-auto as well. Damage made to others is highest at semi-auto, then burst-fire, and only then full-auto. I also would like to point out, that even by default famas damage in burst-fire is 103.(03)% (or 34/33 if you prefer it that way). Talking about famas, this plugin also fixes the glitch, that when in burst, weapon has no recoil. Oh, and it also blocks the 4 bullet burst script.<br /> <br /> <br /><b><u>Notes</u>:</b><br />Took me a while to find some free time to release the plugin. What fire mode selector options what weapons have, I found from <a href="" target="_blank">wikipedia</a>. So if something is wrong, feel free to PM me with actual fire mode information, and proof. One of the bumps was MP5Navy, since military version is full-auto and semi-auto only, while full-auto, burst-fire, and semi-auto is counter-terrorism version only. But since this is a counter-terrorism game, the choice was clear (though at one point I thought of making terrorist MP5Navy as a military version, but that would just add too much confusion to the game). If you're still reading this, you deserve my friendly advice: go easy on the glock. xD<br /><br /><br /><b><u><font color="red">Warnings</font></u>:</b><br />If you are using other plugins which notify what fire mode is enabled when switching to the weapon, like <a href="" target="_blank">Weapon Balance Mod</a>, make sure to put this plugin at the end of &quot;<u>plugins.ini</u>&quot;.<br />In case of high ping, weapon animations may and will be messy - it's a low ping plugin design.<br />When pausing the plugin, all weapons will return to their default states.<br /><br /><br /><b><u>Credits</u>:</b><br />I would like to thank <a href="" target="_blank"><b><font color="magenta">Arkshine</font></b></a> for <a href="" target="_blank">CS-SDK</a>. <a href="" target="_blank"><b>ConnorMcLeod</b></a> for helping me to find a method of how to force client-side to think famas is still in full-auto. And everybody who tested the private beta.<br /> <br /> <br /><b><u>Change-Log</u>:</b><br /><br />* <b>1.0</b><br />- First release.</div>

<br /> <div style="padding:6px">

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<a href="http://www.amxmodx.o...?file_id=133897"><strong>Get Plugin</strong></a> or
<a href="https://forums.allie...38;d=1401295370">Get Source</a> (realistic_fire_selector.sma - 43.1 KB)

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