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TOGs Sourcebans

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<div><b><font size="4">Description</font></b><br />I'm releasing this per request, but almost all of the plugin is not my work, I am not going to go through the extra work to provide all the documentation, etc., but will instead link to theirs.<br /><br />From my understanding, it is ok to release this, as was explained <a href="https://forums.allie...d.php?p=2139678" target="_blank">&gt;&gt;&gt;here&lt;&lt;&lt;</a>. If that is not the case, let me know and I will take this down. That thread also describes why the plugin bans the game &quot;owner&quot; as well.<br /><br />Ever since valve added &quot;family sharing&quot;, there has been a major loophole in the ban system. A player can get banned, create a new steam account, &quot;share&quot; the game with that steam account, and get right back on the server. This plugin seeks to handle that. For games that are free (e.g. TF2), I would also recommend <a href="" target="_blank">Sourceslueth</a> to handle players who don't change their IPs.<br /><br /><b><font size="4">Installation</font></b><br />To use this plugin, install the <a href="" target="_blank">Sourcebans package</a>. After installation, install the <a href="" target="_blank">SteamWorks Extension</a>. After both are installed, replace the Sourcebans plugin (sourcebans.smx) with the one provided below.<br /><br />Additional notes:<ul><li>All admins with &quot;ban&quot; flag with have messages printed to their console reporting any connecting player's &quot;owner&quot; steam ID. This was just something I was using for debug, but certainly doesnt hurt to leave in.</li>
<li>Anytime a player is banned, and they are NOT the game &quot;owner&quot;, the owner will be banned as well with reason: &quot;Family Sharing Ban for Steam ID: &lt;Steam_ID_that_player_was_banned_under&gt;&quot;.</li>
<li>If you use a game that reports steam IDs using STEAM_1, you may wish to edit line 1114 to say STEAM_1. See note on line 1113. To check which format the game you are using this for uses, grab any player's STEAM ID from your server. If it starts with STEAM_1 (e.g. CS:GO), then you should change this. I *believe* the plugin still works, even if you dont (can someone verify this?), but it would be cleaner just to use the correct one and match the rest of the Steam IDs in your server/Sourcebans.</li>
<li>Feel free to use my coding to implement the features into your own version of Sourcebans 2 or another plugin. Just please give credit where it is due.</li>
</ul><br /><a href="http://www.gametrack...ort=&#38;order=" target="_blank"><b><i>&gt;&gt;&gt; Servers using this plugin &lt;&lt;&lt;</i></b></a><br /><a href=";mod=-1&amp;title=&amp;author=thatoneguy&amp;description=&amp;search=1" target="_blank"><i><b>&gt;&gt;&gt; Click here to check out my other plugins &lt;&lt;&lt;</b></i></a></div>

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<a href="https://forums.allie...38;d=1400470517">sourcebans.smx</a> (34.3 KB)

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<td><img class="inlineimg" src="https://forums.allie...s/attach/sp.gif" alt="File Type: sp" width="16" height="16" border="0" style="vertical-align:baseline" /></td>

<a href="http://www.sourcemod...?file_id=133643"><strong>Get Plugin</strong></a> or
<a href="https://forums.allie...38;d=1400470517">Get Source</a> (sourcebans.sp - 77.4 KB)

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