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Guest Message by DevFuse


[TF2] SelectiveCrits (v0.1 BETA, 2014-4-14)

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Napisano 14.04.2014 23:57

The concept of Random Critical Hits is perhaps the most dividing of all debates in the Team Fortress 2 community. Veteran and competitive TF2 players, more often than not, resent the idea that a new player can obliterate their team with a "lucky" crocket. On the other hand, some argue that crits are a balancing factor, giving everyone a chance to defeat their nemesis that increases with damage dealt. In addition, Valve has included random critical hits as a reason to use melee weapons, by making their crit chance up to 60% vs. other weapons' 12%.

However, on the receiving end of a crit, getting smacked in the face with a glowing Scattergun shot when the killer had 3 HP left is enraging. Wouldn't it be nice to have the best of both worlds - that is, for example, letting the risky melee weapon roll for crits while a rocket launcher never will?

SelectiveCrits offers an entirely new way of configuring critical hits. Rather than giving two options, crits on or crits off, server owners can enable and disable random crits for every weapon separately. With an easy-to-use config file, you can set several different schemes of weapons that crit and weapons that don't.

Here are just a few ways you could configure and use this plugin:
  • Only melee weapons get Random Crits.
  • Disable explosive crits.
  • Make the knife backstab animation resemble that of a nocrit server without disabling them for all weapons.
  • Turn crits off if you don't think they belong on a weapon (like the Bushwacka.. random AND situational? come on)
  • Anything you can think of! You customize the configuration however you want.
However, as per a Valve restriction, there is a downside to using this plugin. Whenever it is enabled, the "nocrits" tag is applied to your server, therefore excluding you from a majority of quickplay traffic. Any workaround for this could get you into trouble with Valve.

This plugin doesn't add any Cvars to the server! All modifications from the mod utilize the tf_weapon_criticals Cvar that already exists. By default, TF2 only uses values of 0 and 1 for the Cvar, but this plugin is enabled when you set it to 2 or higher. See the Installation and Configuration sections for more information.


Code: sm_sc_reload: Reloads the current SelectiveCrits configuration file.Installation:
  • Use the bold Get Plugin button at the bottom of the page and place the .smx file in your addons/sourcemod/plugins folder.
  • Download the selectivecrits.cfg file and place it in your addons/sourcemod/configs folder.
  • Configure the selectivecrits.cfg however you want to use it. See below for details.
  • Restart your server or change the map.
  • Set the Cvar tf_weapon_criticals to a value greater than 1, based on how you configured it.
All configuration is done in the selectivecrits.cfg that you must download to make this plugin work.
  • You can have several different setups, each with different weapons receiving random crits. For example, you could have one with only melees getting crits, one with all but a few weapons, etc.
  • Each setup is defined under a tag such as "Weapons2". You can have any number of these tags, but they must all be 2 or greater.
  • You should base your configuration on the default one. I recommend that you leave the "Weapons2" section alone and create a new one if you plan on changing it significantly.
  • Click here for a list of Weapon IDs.
  • You may include and exclude any weapons, however there must be a "Default" key that all undefined weapons will default to.
  • Be careful of reskins! With the exception of festive and botkiller variants, all reskins have their own entries here. If you want to block crits on the Homewrecker, you probably also want to block them on the Maul!
A few notes on some weapons:

All knives: They don't random crit anyways. If you set one to 0, the backstab animation will not properly play. You may want this, you probably don't.
Pistols and Shotguns: They have several different IDs across classes and renamed/stranges. Only IDs 9 and 22 will do anything.
Gunslinger: It doesn't random crit, but setting it to 0 breaks the three-hit-combo crit.
All Demoman melees/shields: There seems to be an issue with the crit that you should get at the end of your charge. The Eyelander, Caber, Claidheamh Mor, and Persian Persuader all don't randomly crit, so leaving them on 1 should be okay, but this will effect the Half-Zatoichi, Stock, Skullcutter, and Pain Train.

These are all noted in the sample Config file.

To enable Weapon Setup X, use the command sm_cvar tf_weapon_criticals X. Whenever the Cvar tf_weapon_criticals changes, the plugin will check if it should be enabled and load that configuration into memory.

  • Test for Release!
  • Fix demoknight melees

Quote: 2014-4-14 v0.1
* First Beta Release Oh, and this is the first plugin I'm releasing, so please let me know if I've done anything wrong.

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