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Guest Message by DevFuse


[ DMT ] Dynamic Multimode Timer

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Napisano 18.12.2013 16:38

<!-- BEGIN TEMPLATE: postbit_external -->
<div><div align="center"><div align="center"><font size="2"><font size="7"><b>:fox: Dynamic Multimode Timer :fox:<br /><br /></b></font><br />Several months ago my community helped fund a new bhop timer which we sourced to <a href="https://forums.allie...ber.php?u=74431" target="_blank">Zipcore</a>.<br /><a href="" target="_blank"> Zipcore</a></font><font size="2"> proclaimed a three week completion period and asked 200 Euro for the job to which we paid in full. Prior to any payments it was made clear that the timer remain unique to our community with two full years of support. <br /><br /> Six months down the track <a href="" target="_blank">Zipcore </a>presented us with a timer built around <a href="" target="_blank">Alongubs bhop timer</a> with modules ripped from various other plugins. Needless to say, the first version was riddled with bugs.<br /> It took a further two months before he agreed to update the timer on a shared cloud server. <a href="" target="_blank">Zipcore </a>now sells the timer for (reportedly) 100-200 Euro while refusing to update the cloud files despite the two year support.</font> <br />To prevent anymore unwarranted profit we have decided to list this plugin publicly, free of cost.<br /><br /></div><font size="3"><b> <br /><br />Module list</b><br /></font> <font size="3"><br /></font> <font size="3"><br /></font> <div align="left"><font size="3"><u><b>Required:</b></u></font><br /><ul><li><font size="2">Core </font></li>
<li><font size="2">Mapzones </font></li>
<li><font size="2">Physic </font></li>
<li><font size="2">HUD </font></li>
<li><font size="2">World Record</font></li>
<li><font size="2">Configloader</font></li>
<li><font size="2">Logging</font></li>
<li><font size="2">Teams</font></li>
</ul><br /><font size="3"><u><b>Finish Points:</b></u></font><br /><ul><li><font size="2">Ranking</font></li>
<li><font size="3"><font size="2">Ranking Top Only</font></font></li>
</ul><br /><font size="3"><b>Optional:</b></font><br /><ul><li><font size="2">Replay [<a href="http://www.css-timer...ot-preview.html" target="_blank">preview</a>] </font></li>
<li><font size="2">Player Info</font></li>
<li><font size="2">Timer Info</font></li>
<li><font size="2">Checkpoints</font></li>
<li><font size="2">Long Jump Stats</font></li>
<li><font size="2">Weapons (CS:S only)</font></li>
<li><font size="2">Maptier</font></li>
<li><font size="2">Menu</font></li>
<li><font size="2">Sounds</font></li>
<li><font size="2">Quickstyles</font></li>
<li><font size="2">Spectate</font></li>
<li><font size="2">FPSMax</font></li>
<li><font size="2">Style Info</font></li>
<li><font size="2">Bhop Settings Enforcer</font></li>
<li><font size="2">Button Announcer </font></li>
<li><font size="2">Finish Exec</font></li>
<li><font size="2">Finish Msg</font></li>
<li><font size="2">Autospawn </font></li>
<li><font size="2">Strafes</font></li>
</ul><br /><font size="3"><u><b>Anti Cheat:</b></u></font><br /><ul><li><font size="2">Scripter DB</font></li>
<li><font size="2">Scripter DB: SMAC Anti Trigger</font></li>
<li><font size="2">Scripter DB: Macrodox</font></li>
</ul></div> <font size="3"><br /><br /><br /></font><div align="center"><font size="3"><b>Mapzones:</b></font><br /></div><font size="2"><br /> </font><div align="left"><div align="center"><font size="2"> This timer has a new mapzone system, which allows such a complex system to become possible, with up to 128 zones per map. It's trigger_multiple/engine based and does not need to check coordinates every tick, and is 10 times more accurate (0.01s on 100Tick).</font><br /></div><font size="3"><b> <br /><br />Zone Type List:</b></font><br /></div> <font size="2"><br /> </font><div align="left"><font size="2"><u><b>Timer: </b></u></font><br /><br /><font size="2">Timer Start - Start-Zone with prespeed throttling<br />Timer End - Regular end zone<br />Timer ShortEnd - Non-Regular end zone<br />Timer Stop - Stops the players timer<br />Level - Checkpoint zone<br />Bonus Timer Start 1-5 - Bonus start zones with prespeed throttling (4-5 not finished)<br />Bonus Timer End 1-5 - Bonus end zones (4-5 not finished)<br />Bonus Timer Level 1-5 - Bonus checkpoint zone (4-5 not finished)</font><br /><br /><br /><font size="3"><u><b>Teleporting: </b></u></font><br /><br /><font size="2">Timer Restart - Teleport player back to startzone<br />Teleport to last level - Teleport to last level or start zone<br />Teleport to next level - Teleport to next level<br />NPC_Next - NPC to teleport a player to a defined destination (or his mate)<br />NPC_Next_Double - NPC to teleport a player to a defined destination (and his mate)<br />Jail - Players can't escape this zone, only by respawning</font><br /><br /><br /><font size="3"><u><b>Physics:</b></u></font><br /><br /><font size="2">No Gravity Overwrite - Ignore style gravity<br />No Boost - Disable jump boost<br />Bullet Time - Slowmotion <br />Disable Noblock - Toggle collision<br />Auto - Enable auto bhop<br />NoAuto - Disable auto bhop</font><br /><br /><br /><font size="3"><u><b>Movement: </b></u></font><br /><br /><font size="2">Limit Speed - Prespeed throttling<br />Booster - Boost movement speed +50%<br />Full Booster - Boost movement speed up to prespeed limit while in air <br />Bounce Back - 180° movement turn <br />Player Clip - Block movement at this area - (Not finished)<br />Push Up - Push players up<br />Push Down - Push players down<br />Push North - Push players north<br />Push South - Push players south<br />Push West - Push players west<br />Push East - Push players east<br /></font><br /><br /><font size="3"><u><b>Other: </b></u></font><br /><br /><font size="2">Arena - PvP arena, players can kill each other while both touching this kind of zone<br />Long Jump Area - Auto. enables long jump stats</font><br /><br /><br /><font size="3"><b>Customizable Hud</b></font><br /><br /></div> </div><div align="left"><font size="3"> <font size="2">We've implemented a new hud system that the players have control over. If you want the hud to look differently you can personalize it. We've used a cookie based system so your changes will be persistent even across map changes and server restarts.<br /></font></font><font size="2"> <br />You can type <b>!hud</b> which will bring up a menu, the first three options are master switches which allow you to toggle the display of the<br /> </font><ul><li><font size="2">entire hud system</font></li>
<li><font size="2">center hud</font></li>
<li><font size="2">side hud</font></li>
</ul><font size="2"> Apart from the master switch setting you can also toggle <u>each individual</u> component that appears.<br /><br />More info and cvars:<br /><div style="margin: 5px;">
<div class="smallfont" style="margin-bottom: 2px;">
<b>Spoiler</b> <input value="Show" style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; width: 45px; font-size: 10px;" onclick="if(this.parentNode.parentNode.getElementsByTagName('div')[1].getElementsByTagName('div')[0].style.display != 'inline')
{ this.parentNode.parentNode.getElementsByTagName('div')[1].getElementsByTagName('div')[0].style.display = 'inline'; this.innerText = ''; this.value = 'Hide'; }
{ this.parentNode.parentNode.getElementsByTagName('div')[1].getElementsByTagName('div')[0].style.display = 'none'; this.innerText = ''; this.value='Show'; }" type="button">
<div class="alt2" style="border: 1px inset; padding: 6px;">
<div class="spoiler" style="display: none;">Mode-List:<br />0: Normal (ranked)<br />1: Sideways (ranked)<br />2: Easy (ranked)<br />3: Auto (ranked)<br />4: Thirdperson (default: cvar disabled)<br />5: FpsMax<br />6: Low Gravity<br />7: Skittles (drugs)<br />8: Multihop<br />9: Nohop <br /><br />Zonetype-List:<br />0: Start<br />1: End<br />2: stop timer<br />3: restart timer and teleport to start zone<br />4: teleport to last level<br />5: teleport to next level<br />6: Level<br />7: BonusStart<br />8: Bonus End<br />9: BonusLevel<br />10:NPC_Next<br />11:Disable Noblock<br />12:Limit Speed<br />13:Player Clip<br />14:Long Jump Area<br />15:Booster<br />16:Full Booster<br />17:Arena<br />18:Bounce Back<br />19:Jail<br />20:Lift<br />21:Bullet Time<br />22:No Gravity Overwrite<br /><br />##### Admin-Commands #####<br /><br />//Zones<br />sm_zoneadminmode [0|1] - shows active zones as a box if an admin touches it and displays a zone id, also it block any I/O of zones for admins<br />sm_zonename [name] - change current zones name<br />sm_zoneid [id] - change current zones id<br />sm_zonetype [type] - change current zones type<br />sm_zonereload - reload all zones<br /><br />//Race<br />sm_race - force all player to restart with a given mode (default: plugin disabled)<br /><br />//Maptier<br />sm_maptier [tier] - set maptier for current map<br /><br />//Scripter-DB<br />sm_scripter [name] - add a scripter by (short)name (only ingame)<br />sm_scripterid [steamid] - add a scripter by steamid (offline ban)<br />sm_scripter_unban [name] - removes a scripter from your DB<br />sm_scripter_reload [name] - reload scripter DB<br /><br />//World Records<br />sm_reloadcache - reload record DB<br />sm_deleterecord_all [steamid] - delete all records by steamid<br />sm_deleterecord_map [steamid] - delete all records by steamid for current map<br />sm_deleterecord [recordid] - delete a record by recordid<br />sm_deletemaprecords [mapname] - delete all records for a given mapname<br /><br />//Long Jump Stats<br />sm_ljadm - Delete Records<br /><br />//Checkpoints<br />sm_resetcheckpoints- Resets all checkpoints for given player with / without given map<br /><br />##### Player-Commands #####<br /><br />//Main Menu<br />sm_menu - All-In-One for players//not finished<br /><br />//Timer<br />sm_restart, sm_r - restart timer<br />sm_stop - stop timer<br />sm_pause - pause timer<br />sm_resume - resume timer<br /><br />//World Records<br />sm_wr - show world records (mode selection)<br />sm_delete - delete own records<br />sm_record - show your personal record //don't show up - working on it<br /><br />//Teleport (stops a running timer)<br />sm_levels - teleport to a level, allows bonus if unlocked once<br />sm_teleme - teleport to another player which is not at bonus level<br />//sm_nextlvl - teleport to next level<br />//sm_prevlvl - teleport to prev level<br /><br />//Checkpoints<br />sm_next - Next checkpoint<br />sm_prev - Previous checkpoint<br />sm_save - Saves a checkpoint<br />sm_tele - Teleports you to last checkpoint<br />sm_cp - Opens teleportmenu<br />sm_clear - Erases all checkpoints<br />sm_cphelp - Displays the help menu<br /><br />//Settings/Help<br />sm_bhop, sm_mode - change your bhop mode (stops a running timer)<br />sm_mate, sm_challenge - challange another player (stops a running timer)<br />sm_hide - hide other players (not your teammate)<br />//sm_timer - change player settings (default mode, custom hud, sound, hide, mate)<br />//sm_modes - list all modes with settings and if ranked or not<br /><br />//Weapons<br />sm_knife - give weapon_knife<br />sm_usp - give weapon_usp<br />sm_scout - give weapon_scout<br /><br />//Long Jump<br />sm_lj - Enable/disable long jump stats<br />sm_ljblock - Register block<br />sm_ljsound - Enable/disable sounds<br />sm_ljpopup - Enable/disable popup<br />sm_ljtop - view top 10 ranked jumps<br />sm_gap - Measure 2 points<br /><br />##### CVARs #####<br /><br />//Core<br /><br />timer_pauseresume_enabled &quot;1&quot; // Whether or not players can resume or pause their timers.<br /><br />timer_restart_enabled &quot;1&quot;<br /><br />// Whether or not players can restart their timers.<br />timer_showjumpsinfinishmessage &quot;1&quot; //Whether or not players will see jumps in finish message.<br />timer_stop_enabled &quot;1&quot; //Whether or not players can stop their timers.<br /><br />//Core-Sounds<br />timer_sound_finish &quot;ui/freeze_cam.wav&quot;<br /><br />timer_sound_pause &quot;ui/freeze_cam.wav&quot;<br /><br />timer_sound_record &quot;ui/freeze_cam.wav&quot;<br /><br />timer_sound_record_all &quot;ui/freeze_cam.wav&quot;<br />timer_sound_resume &quot;ui/freeze_cam.wav&quot;<br /><br />//Physics<br /><br />timer_block_cooldown &quot;1.0&quot; // Time before player trigger reset (not multihop)<br />timer_disable_leftright &quot;1&quot; // Disable use of left &amp; right bindings. (stop movement)<br />timer_force_mode &quot;1&quot; // Force players to pick a mode. If enabled they can't leave start zone until picked up a mode<br />timer_lowgrav &quot;0.5&quot; // Low-gravity multiplicator<br /><br />timer_min_jump_time &quot;0.5&quot; // Minimum amount of air-time for a jump to count. Does not effect jump counter, only for trigger detection<br />timer_plattform_color &quot;0 255 0 255&quot; // The color of detected plattforms<br />timer_show_bhop_menu_on_spawn &quot;1&quot; // Whether or not the mode menu is being shown to players who spawn<br />timer_tele_delay &quot;0.15&quot; // Time players can stay on blocks<br /><br />timer_thirdperson_enable &quot;0&quot; // Allow thirdperson mode (req. sv_cheats 1 fake for players).<br /><br />//Checkpoints<br />sm_cp_enabled &quot;1&quot; // Enable/Disable checkpoint saves<br />sm_cp_restore &quot;1&quot; // Enable/Disable automatic saving of checkpoints to database<br /><br />//Mapzones<br />timer_endcolor &quot;255 0 0 255&quot; // The color of the end map zone<br />timer_maxprespeeding &quot;500.0&quot; // If timer_stopprespeeding is set to 1 you can limit player movement at start zone by this value<br />timer_startcolor &quot;0 255 0 255&quot; // The color of the start map zone<br />timer_stopprespeeding &quot;0&quot; // If enabled players won't be able to prespeed in start zone<br />timer_zone_entity_bonusend &quot;0&quot; // Spawn zone entitys for Bonusend<br />timer_zone_entity_bonuslevel &quot;0&quot; // Spawn zone entitys for Bonuslevel<br />timer_zone_entity_bonusstart &quot;0&quot; // Spawn zone entitys for Bonusstart<br />timer_zone_entity_end &quot;0&quot; // Spawn zone entitys for End<br />timer_zone_entity_glitch1 &quot;0&quot; // Spawn zone entitys for Glitch 1<br />timer_zone_entity_glitch2 &quot;0&quot; // Spawn zone entitys for Glitch 2<br />timer_zone_entity_glitch3 &quot;0&quot; // Spawn zone entitys for Glitch 3<br /><br />timer_zone_entity_glitch4 &quot;0&quot; // Spawn zone entitys for Glitch 4<br />timer_zone_entity_level &quot;0&quot; // Spawn zone entitys for Level<br />timer_zone_entity_start &quot;0&quot; // Spawn zone entitys for Start<br />timer_zone_npc_confirm &quot;1&quot; // Ask before teleport<br /><br />//Mapzone Sounds<br />timer_sound_start &quot;ui/freeze_cam.wav&quot;<br />timer_sound_tele_last &quot;ui/freeze_cam.wav&quot;<br />timer_sound_tele_next &quot;ui/freeze_cam.wav&quot;<br /><br />//Worldrecord<br />timer_showjumps &quot;1&quot; // Whether or not jumps will be shown in some of the WR menus<br /><br />//Long Jump<br />ljstats_db_name &quot;ljstats&quot; // Database name, sqlite<br /><br />ljstats_db_record &quot;260.0&quot; // Record result into database over this value<br />ljstats_invalid_lj &quot;280.0&quot; // Cancel Jump if PRESTRAFE and DISTANCE is over this value<br />ljstats_print_bj &quot;270.0&quot; // Bhop Jump minimum units to show result to player<br /><br />ljstats_print_buj &quot;250.0&quot; // Bhop Up Jump minimum units to show result to player<br />ljstats_print_lj &quot;240.0&quot; // Long Jump minimum units to show result to player<br /><br />ljstats_register_block_lj &quot;235.0&quot; // Minimum units to register Block Long Jump<br />ljstats_show_bj &quot;270.0&quot; // Print bhop Jump result over this value<br /><br />ljstats_show_block_bj &quot;275.0&quot; // Print Block Bhop Jump result over this value<br />ljstats_show_block_lj &quot;255.0&quot; // Print Block Long Jump result over this value<br />ljstats_show_lj &quot;260.0&quot; // Print long jump result over this value<br />ljstats_show_msg &quot;0&quot; // 0:All, 1:only for lj<br /><br />ljstats_show_wj &quot;270.0&quot; // Print weird jump result over this value<br />ljstats_snd_godlick &quot;268.0&quot; // Play Sound - godlike<br /><br />ljstats_snd_holyshit &quot;270.0&quot; // Play Sound - holyshit<br />ljstats_snd_impressive &quot;255.0&quot; // Play Sound - impressive<br /><br />ljstats_snd_perfect &quot;260.0&quot; // Play Sound - perfect<br />ljstats_snd_wickedsick &quot;265.0&quot; // Play Sound - wickedsick<br /></div>
</div><br /><br /><br />Please note: There are still bugs with the timer and we will update it soon.<br /><br />I will edit this thread with detailed configuration and installation information soon.<br /><br /></font></div></div>

<br /> <div style="padding:6px">

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