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Dołączona grafika Dołączona grafika

Guest Message by DevFuse


[TF2] Zombie Fortress Redux - [v1.0]

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Napisano 01.12.2013 23:59

Zombie Fortress Redux
by KTM (Expansion/Update), Dirtyminuth (Recode), Sirot (Original)


- Zombie Fortress Redux is a full update and expansion of Zombie Fortress Vanilla by Dirtyminuth. The aim of Zombie fortress Redux is to balance and refine the gameplay of the original Zombie Fortress Vanilla mod while adding a number of new features designed to fix some of the major issues present with ZF Vanilla. Zombie Fortress Redux is a gamemode for Team Fortress 2 that pits two teams, survivors (RED) and zombies (BLU), against each other in a battle to the death. The survivor's goal is to survive till time runs out or to complete an objective defined by the map. The zombie's goal is to kill all survivors. Whenever a survivor dies, he/she becomes a zombie, with a new goal of converting the rest of his/her former teammates. Survivors can use any weapon they'd like. Zombies can only use melee weapons, drinks, food and invisiwatches.


Fully updated and totally compatible with the newest version of TF2 - All weapons since the last update to ZF Vanilla (May 2011) added to the plugin.
Survivor weapon rules and kill bonuses updated - All weapon rules and kill bonuses are now updated to Encompass all weapons added since May 2011. See next post for more details.
Zombie rage ability revamped - The rage ability now recharges every 30 seconds. When activated, it gives the client a speed boost for 5 seconds, a boost in health to 150% of normal, and applies a particle effect for duration. Can only be activated when client is at full health.
"Hoarde" system revamped - Zombie "hoarde" critchance calculations changed, and hoarde range has been lowered for balance.
ZF Notification system revamped - The ZF notification system now notifies the player of balancing changes to weapons he/she has equipped. It also notifies players on whether or not Crippling backstab is enabled. Hud hint messages are now center text messages for better readability.
Backstabs cripple their victim - If Crippling backstabs are enabled (enabled by default), backstabs stun their victim for 10 seconds, and sets the victim's health down to 15. This allows victims with a good team the ability to recover. However, if they're surrounded by zombies, they're as good as dead.
Total Compatibility with all Super Zombie Fortress maps - Zombie Fortress redux offers a balanced, working alternative for playing SZF maps instead of using the outdated/unbalanced (in my opinion) Super Zombie fortress game mode. Maps confirmed compatible include: szf_isaac_v1_7, szf_cityescape, szf_labs_remake, szf_steel, szf_turtleattack, szf_normandy and szf_graveyardbash. All others should work perfectly, though they remain untested. See below for more details.
Spy knives no longer kill silently - If the crippling backstab is disabled, spy knives that normally would kill silently instead cause a death scream.
Overpowered weapons balanced - This includes: The Flying Guillotine, The Half-Zatoichi, Fists of Steel, Eviction Notice, Warrior's Spirit, Holiday Punch and Buffalo Steak. See next post for more details.
...and all the original features of Zombie Fortress Vanilla


Why didn't you fix Zombie Fortress Perks?

- I've always felt ZF perks was a cluttered and impossible to balance gamemode. While ZF Perks was somewhat fun, it was hard for new players to understand and even more importantly, due to the hundreds of variables effecting gameplay, balancing each and every possible combination would take far too long. Most importantly, when I first started playing TF2, I fell in love with the original Zombie Fortress plugin. By the time zf perks became pretty much the only version of Zombie Fortress out there, I quit playing ZF. I've missed it ever since. Because of this I decided I was going to update/expand/balance Dirtyminuth's Zombie Fortress Vanilla plugin. If you want someone to release a public, updated version of zf perks, you'll need to find another person.

Why did you create a new thread?

- Dirtyminuth discontinued support for Zombie Fortress 2 years ago. Since then, no one has stepped in to continue the public development of the Zombie Fortress mod. I plan to offer full support and bugfixing for this expansion. Zombie Fortress Redux also sports a number of changes compared to ZF Vanilla with many more incoming. With the original thread up to 26 pages, I felt it might be a good idea to start fresh and offer support in a new thread. If the admins would prefer I keep the updates on Dirtyminuth's thread, please let me know.

What is Zombie Fortress Redux?

- It's an update/expansion of Zombie Fortress Vanilla. See the plugin description for more details!

How do I play ZF?

- It's really easy. Just find a server running ZF Redux and join it!

Can I play Super Zombie Fortress maps with ZF Redux?

- Yes you can! ZF redux is totally compatible with all SZF maps (so far). SZF maps played in ZF Redux function as a normal CP map in ZF would. All special map pickups (like those in szf_isaac_v1_7) work normally. The difference is survivors spawn with all their normal weapons and zombies spawn as they normally would. This is arguably more balanced then how weapons work in SZF. Maps such as szf_isaac_v1_7 and szf_turtleattack are totally playable. This means you can run normal zf_survival maps alongside szf maps for extra variability in your map rotation!

Can I still play normal ZF maps?

- Of course! All normal ZF maps still work as they would in vanilla ZF. This includes zf_asylum_b2, zf_yard_b4 and all others. If you need some maps, gamebanana has a nice list.

How do I install Zombie Fortress Redux?

1. Download zombiefortress_redux.smx (do not click get plugin, ZF Redux will not compile using the web compiler)
2. Place zombiefortress_redux.smx in your sourcemod plugins folder.
3. Restart your server.
4. Now go play!

ConVar and Command List:


  • sm_zf_version
    - Current ZF Redux version
  • sm_zf_force_on
    - 0: Disable ZF for non-"zf_" prefixed maps.
    - 1: Enable ZF for non-"zf_" prefixed maps.
    - Default: 1
  • sm_zf_ratio
    - Percentage of players that start as survivors.
    - Default: 0.65 (65%)
  • sm_zf_allowteampref
    - 0: Do not allow client team preference.
    - 1: Allow client team preference.
    - Default: 1
  • sm_zf_swaponpayload
    - 0: Do not swap team roles on payload maps.
    - 1: Swap team roles on payload maps.
    - Default: 1
  • sm_zf_swaponattdef
    - 0: Do not swap team roles on attack/defend maps.
    - 1: Swap team roles on attack/defend maps.
    - Default: 1
  • sm_zf_cripplebackstab
    - 0: Disable crippling backstab.
    - 1: Enable crippling backstab.
    - Default: 1
  • zf, zf_menu
    - Displays main help / preferences menu.
  • zf_teampref [sur|zom|none]
    - sur: Prefer to start on survivor team.
    - zom: Prefer to start on zombie team.
    - none: No preference
    - Default: None
  • sm_zf_enable
    - Enables ZF and restarts the round. Adminflag Generic.
  • sm_zf_disable
    - Disables ZF and restarts the round. Adminflag Generic.
  • sm_zf_swapteams
    - Swaps current team roles (RED to BLU, BLU to RED) and restarts the round. Adminflag Generic.


- Add prop_dynamic stripper that kills off all the unnecessary weapons laying around in szf maps. Toggle-able by cvar.
- Apply zombie skin for players on the zombie team (BLU).
- Rework survivor morale system. Suggestions wanted.

Known Issues:

- Occasionally, zombies with a botkiller equipped will have a botkiller head appear floating around them.
- Spies with the spycicle don't ignite reliably. Spycicle will not melt when flamed by pyro. Spycicle banned till fix found.

Quote: 12/1/2013 - initial release. Verison 1.0


- Dirtyminuth: Re-coder of original ZF.
- Sirot: Original author of ZF.
- MechatheSlag: For creating the SZF plugin which spawned so many cool maps.
- {SuN} Community: For being a wonderful group of testers and not yelling at me for not updating ZF perks.
- Allied Modders: For being such a helpful, awesome community.

See the next post for list of weapon changes/survivor weapon rules/ammo systems. If you have any questions or want to provide feedback, please do so! It is greatly appreciated!


Attached Files Dołączona grafikazombiefortress_redux.smx (35.2 KB) Dołączona grafikaGet Plugin or Get Source (zombiefortress_redux.sp - 62.1 KB) Dołączona (62.3 KB)

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