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Guest Message by DevFuse


How to reduce the 512 limit on server.

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Napisano 30.10.2013 19:22

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<div>Author of the article: Shalun ( SISA )<br /><br />Hello =)<br /><br />I want to share their extraordinary knowledge of CS server and about the method that to me (I think), yet no one applied.<br /><br />Just say. I am a noob in this, his feet do not hit. My ZM server is made on the basis of this method and had been working for 30 days.<br /><br />Why do we need this method and what its advantages?<br />All of you know that the replacement model means amxx creates an additional load on the server, and sometimes the cause of his fall (with a large number of replacement models).<br />This method allows you to change the model by means of the server itself, even using metamod (and even more so amxx). No plug-ins and other izvraschenstvo.<br /><br />As well, many of you have with a limit of 512 sounds (when creating ZP servers)<br />This method is also possible to overcome it and to push the client to -200 (the) sound (depending on the card and the number of weapons).<br /><br />What do we need?<br />1) Direct hands<br />2) Brain<br />3) The program WinHex (kryaknite its required) <br />Download: winhex.rar [1.36 Mb]<br /><br />4) Plug precache_management<br /><br />Let's go ...<br /><br />1) Open the program<br />2) Find the file mp.dll ( cstrike dlls)<br />3) We throw it in WinHex<br /><br />OMG! We see a lot of confusing numbers and letters. Do not worry, we do not need =)<br /><br />All further work will be carried out buttons ctrl + f (ie, search).<br /><br /><br /><br />Replacement models.<br /><br />In general:<br /><br />Each weapon has three models (except knife):<br /><br />v_ this model we can see at the screen while playing a first-person (as do the hands and arms)<br />p_ this model we see in the hands of another player<br />w_ this model we see on the ground or in the air (if it's a grenade)<br /><br />Example:<br />We want to replace the model v_ (the first person) on automatic AK 47<br /><br />What do we do?<br /><br />Poke in WinHex search (ctrl + f) and search v_ak47.mdl<br /><br />Found? Approx. Now what ...<br /><br />Now we have to change the path from the original on his own.<br /><br />for example: models/v_ak47.mdl on models/ts/ak7.mdl<br /><br />Just want to note that your changed the way must not exceed (number of characters), the original path. That is,<br /><br />models/v_ak47.mdl - 17 characters<br />models/ts/ak7.mdl - 17 characters<br /><br />Create your own folder in the models (eg ts), throws back all of their new models and prescribe ways to mp.dll<br /><br />That's it! No plug-ins, server load, and other dances with a tambourine!<br /><br /><br /><br />Replacement sounds.<br /><br />There is already difficult without dancing with a tambourine not do ...<br /><br />Just want to say that &quot;Overcome&quot; limit of 512 sounds impossible ... I've read a lot of things, and tried to do, but the limit was not conquered.<br /><br />Try to optimize the server and remove all unnecessary plugins (especially if they are not related to fashion), or they'll cut out the sound.<br /><br />So where do we get the free space for our sound? The only source - it sounds from the standard weapon =)<br /><br />Yes, yes ...... we take away from the sounds of prekesha standard weapons (recharge, taking out the arms squeak bombs, etc.), as all these sounds have a client and they do not need a server prekeshe as All these sounds are called model weapons.<br /><br />Let's go ...<br /><br />Install the plugin precache_management. What is he doing? It creates a PrecacheList.log ( cstrike addons amxmodx logs) and writes it prikeshiruemye files. But he says there is not everything, and we do not need it ...<br /><br />We need the very end of the log, ie<br /><br />files precached<br /><br />Here he shows just what a cherished number of sounds that prekeshitsya at the moment (that is, on this map.)<br /><br />I note that the card itself can gobble up a lot of sounds. You can compare (for example) de_dust2 and cs_sibiria <a href="" target="_blank">http://www.fpsbanana...maps/126329</a> and see the difference in the 35-40 sounds! When the fight is for every sound, the difference is palpable 35-40, on the need to keep the stock for saturated maps.<br /><br />A little theory ...<br /><br />Sam ZP (the busiest modes) in its pure form, being stuffed with the sounds of most tomatoes, loosely fit in the limit of 512 ... All the problems started when this very cluttered ZP plugins that are driven into prekesh many additional sounds.<br />That's just it, we shove instead of the standard sounds of weapons.<br /><br />All the sounds of weapons are available here ( cstrike sound weapons). Open the notebook and make a list of replaceable sounds. For example:<br /><br />famas_boltpull.wav<br />famas_boltslap.wav<br />famas_clipin.wav<br />famas_clipout.wav<br />famas_forearm.wav<br />famas-burst.wav<br /><br />Here's what for need these sounds in 6 prekeshe server, one hell knows ...<br /><br />Now what?<br /><br />To begin, create a folder in the ( cstrike sound weapons). For example, let's call her st<br /><br />In this folder, we will store all the extra sounds from the plug-ins.<br /><br />Open the plug-in, for example, &quot;Chainsaw&quot;. Edrene-loaf, as much as 9 sounds!<br /><br />We change them the way to the weapons / st /<br /><br />Actually sound names themselves are formed in the process, depending on how long the source (sound exchangeable).<br /><br />Well, after all, by analogy with the models. We find in WinHex (eg weapons / famas_boltpull.wav) and change it to weapons/st/chain_depl1.wav<br /><br />weapons / famas_boltpull.wav - 26 characters<br />weapons/st/chain_depl1.wav - 26 characters<br /><br />Here we got the first name to sound &quot;chain_depl1.wav&quot;<br /><br />Now the plugin appends it and do the same with the other sounds.<br /><br />That's all =)<br /><br /><br />Translated from russian to english in google translate. taken from <br /><br />this is not my idea. i just wanted to post it here so other can see.</div>

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