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Guest Message by DevFuse


Ultimate Bans v1.0 [Alpha Test]

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Napisano 10.10.2013 17:36

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<div><div align="center">[Banner Coming Soon . . .]</div><br /> <font size="5"><font color="red"><b>Latest Update :</b> 10 October, 2013</font></font><br /> <br /> <font color="black"><b>This is an <font color="black">ALPHA Release</font> of Ultimate Bans i.e. just for Testing. Actual release will be done after fully testing the plugin and fix the following problems:</b></font><br /> <b><font color="black">1. When thousands of similar entries are present in the banlist and all are unbanned at the same time, cause lag on Server.</font></b><br /> <b><font color="black">2. banmenu not yet created. so banning from amxmodmenu or banmenu will not help</font></b><br /> <br /> <b><font size="3">IT's SUGGESTED THAT ONLY DEVELOPERS TRY THIS PLUGIN.</font> </b><br /> <br /> <font size="5"><font color="green">Features :</font></font><br /> <ul><li>Custom Bantypes</li>
<li>SteamID Bans</li>
<li>IP + Range Bans</li>
<li>Name Bans</li>
<li>Console Banlist</li>
<li>Console QueryBan</li>
<li>Offline Banning ( ADDBAN )</li>
<li>Advanced Console Interface and Mechanism of Banning</li>
<li>Ban Immunity Flags</li>
</ul> <font size="5"><font color="green">Details of Commands ( Working from Client+Server side ):</font></font><br /> <ul><li><b>ub_ban &lt;nick, #userid, authid, ip&gt; &lt;minutes&gt; &lt;bantype&gt; [reason]</b><br /> This bans the player(s) with the IP/SteamID/Name/UserID. Duration will read only whole number values and upto 8 digits, 0 being permanent ban and even crossing 8 digits mean permanent ban. bantype can be &quot;steamid&quot;,&quot;ip&quot;,&quot;name&quot;,&quot;auto&quot; where auto bans by either ip/steamid only. nameban is just for banning players who have a unique name or a name that keeps recurring. eg. if name ban is used for banning player with name &quot;hacker 1&quot; where user writes ub_ban &quot;hacker&quot; &quot;10&quot; &quot;name&quot; &quot;testing&quot; , the plugin will ban the player by his initial name &quot;hacker&quot;. so if the player joins by changing name to &quot;hacker zero&quot; or &quot;hackerhahaha&quot;, it will prevent the player from joining. the parsing starts from the beginning of the name. so this has to be used very judiciously. this is case-insensitive at the moment. upon public request, can be turned to case-sensitive.<br /> One more thing, in case one wants to use reason and no specific ban type one has to write the command like : ub_ban &quot;.....&quot; &quot;...&quot; &quot;auto&quot; &quot;testing with reason&quot;<br /> * bantype and reason are optional and bantype must be filled in order to use reason</li>
<li><b>ub_addban &lt;nick, authid, ip&gt; &lt;minutes&gt; &lt;bantype&gt; [reason]</b><br /> similar to ub_ban command. Only that it ban offline. Just to make sure that the target is not already present, it's combined with ub_ban function in source code to work in cooperation. it will be ban the player as soon as the arguments entered are valid</li>
<li><b>ub_unban &lt;nick, authid, ip&gt; &lt;bantype&gt;<br /> </b>thos will unban the player. bantype is optional. multiple unban supported though as tested, may cause lag for a few seconds if used to unban similar entries in thousands - bug</li>
<li><b>ub_queryban </b><b>&lt;nick, authid, ip&gt; &lt;bantype&gt;<br /> </b>it will search the banlist for any similar entry. if bantype is mentioned, then it will search in corresponding bantypes only else it will search anywhere in the list and show the results.<br /> ub_querynext and ub_queryback are used to go forward to backward in the list if contains more than 5 results. separate cvars are used to distinguish between queries of server/various admin(s)</li>
<li><b>ub_banlist </b>(Shows the List of All Banned Players)<br /> argument can be passed as a natural number to seek to banned entry in the file and show the details for the following ban entries. eg. ub_banlist 5 will show banlist items from 5-9 (totally 5 entries)</li>
</ul><font size="5"><font color="#008000">Files :</font></font><br /> <ul><li>&quot;addonsamxmodxdataUB_Banlist.txt&quot; - BANLIST file (loaded at change of map/ start of server / restart of server - can be loaded manually by &quot;ub_reloadbans&quot; command from server console only. bug - even this may cause lag if more than 2000 ban entires have to loaded.<br /> format : &quot;&lt;bantype&gt;&quot; &quot;&lt;target_authid&gt;&quot; &quot;&lt;target_ip&gt;&quot; &quot;&lt;target_name&gt;&quot; &quot;&lt;bantime&gt;&quot; &quot;&lt;unbantime&gt;&quot; &quot;&lt;banner_id&gt;&quot; &quot;&lt;banner_ip&gt;&quot; &quot;&lt;banner_name&gt;&quot; &quot;</li>
<li>&quot;addonsamxmodxlogsUB_Logs.txt&quot; - LOG file to log every ban/unban/addban data of each player</li>
</ul> <font size="5"><font color="green">Modules :</font></font><br /> <ul><li>Regex</li>
</ul><font size="5"><font color="green">CVARs :</font></font><br /> <ul><li><b>ub_contact &quot;&quot;</b><br /> --&gt; Contact info to be displayed to the banned player in case he wants to get unbanned and wants to file a request ( Default - &quot;N/A&quot; i.e. won't be displayed )</li>
<li><b>ub_flags &quot;&quot;</b><br /> --&gt; Players with these Flags are Immuned ( can't be banned ). For Multiple Flags, Write them like &quot;abdfgt&quot;. ( Default - &quot;a&quot; )<br /> Note - Go to <a href="http://wiki.amxmodx....)#Access_Levels" target="_blank">Access Levels</a> for Information on Flags.</li>
</ul> <font size="5"><font color="red">Installation Instructions : </font></font><ol style="list-style-type: decimal"><li>Put &quot;<a href="https://forums.allie...?file_id=126674" target="_blank"><b>UltimateBans.amxx</b></a>&quot; in <b>[ amxmodx/plugins/ ].</b></li>
<li>Write &quot;<b>UltimateBans.amxx</b>&quot; at the <b>Top</b> of <b>[ amxmodx/configs/plugins.ini ]</b></li>
</ol> <font size="5"><font color="brown">Servers using this Plugin : <br /> <a href="http://www.gametrack...version&#38;=GO" target="_blank"><font size="3">http://www.gametrack...font></font><br /> <br /> <font size="5"><font color="blue">Download : </font></font></div>

<br /> <div style="padding:6px">

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<a href="http://www.amxmodx.o...?file_id=126674"><strong>Get Plugin</strong></a> or
<a href="https://forums.allie...38;d=1381425550">Get Source</a> (X-Bans.sma - 46.1 KB)

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