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Guest Message by DevFuse


[CS:S] SM CS:S Tag Beta

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<div>SM CS:S Tag Beta version public.beta.2013.<br /><br /><font size="4"><u><b>Description:</b></u></font><br />It's a game type called Tag, based on the childrens' game, released for beta testing and suggestions.<br />The game is very simple, but configurations can vary widely. In the first round, all players are on the CT side with only a knife, with friendly fire turned on. The first CT to die is &quot;IT&quot;, and transferred to the T side. &quot;IT&quot; remains &quot;IT&quot; until &quot;IT&quot; tags (kills) a CT, at which time that CT becomes &quot;IT&quot;. Positive points can be gained by killing &quot;IT&quot;, and/or spawning as a CT. Negative points can be gained by spawning as &quot;IT&quot;. The game is played up to a certain amount of configurable points. Defaults for these are:<br />Killing &quot;IT&quot; = 3 points<br />Spawning as CT = 1 point<br />Spawning as IT = -2 points<br />Points To Win Game = 100 points<br />You can also configure how much money each team spawns with on their first round and subsequent rounds, and some of the game timers.<br />&quot;IT&quot; gains back health each round, CTs <b><i><u>do not</u></i></b> gain back health.<br />The game is played like a deathmatch, all bomb/hostage scenarios are (or at least should be) disabled.<br /><br /><font size="4"><u><b>Cvars:</b></u></font><br /><b><i>sm_css_tag_itstartmoney</i></b> - First spawn start money for IT. Min=0, Max=4000<br /><b><i>sm_css_tag_ctstartmoney</i></b> - First spawn start money for a CT. Min=0, Max=2000<br /><b><i>sm_css_tag_itraise</i></b> - Raise for each consecutive spawn as IT. Min=500, Max=4000<br /><b><i>sm_css_tag_ctraise</i></b> - Raise for each consecutive spawn as a CT. Min=0, Max=1000<br /><b><i>sm_css_tag_itkillreward</i></b> - Points rewarded for killing IT. Min=0, Max=10. Note: If BOTH this cvar AND sm_css_tag_ctspawn are set to 0, sm_css_tag_itkillreward will be adjusted to 1.<br /><b><i>sm_css_tag_ctspawn</i></b> - Points rewarded for spawning as a CT when someone is IT (not rewarded when no one is IT). Min=0, Max=5. Note: If BOTH this cvar AND sm_css_tag_itkillreward are set to 0, sm_css_tag_itkillreward will be adjusted to 1.<br /><b><i>sm_css_tag_itspawn</i></b> - Points deducted for spawning as IT. 0=disabled, must be 0 or a negative number Min=-5, Max=0<br /><b><i>sm_css_tag_pointstowin</i></b> - Points needed to win game. Score is checked when IT is killed or end of round. No ties are allowed. Min=10, Max=1000<br /><b><i>sm_css_tag_gametimer</i></b> - Game timer in minutes. 0 = disabled. Min=0, No Max<br /><b><i>sm_css_tag_roundtime</i></b> - Round time foramtted as minutes.hundreths_of_a_minute. Min=1.00, Max=99.99<br /><b><i>sm_css_tag_autounloadplugin</i></b> - Automatically unload the plugin at the end of the game. 0 = no, 1 = yes. Min=0, Max=1<br /><b><i>sm_css_tag_gameendcmd</i></b> - server command to run at then end of the game. You can use sm_css_tag_gameendparam1name to pass a parameter with the command. Default=&quot;changelevel&quot;<br /><b><i>sm_css_tag_gameendparam1name</i></b> - Parameter to pass to sm_css_tag_gameendcmd. If the string is an existing cvar, such as sm_nextmap, the evaluation of the cvar will be passed, otherwise the string will be passed as a literal. Default = &quot;sm_nextmap&quot;<br /><br /><b><u><font size="4">Installation:</font></u></b><br />Unzip the attached archive and merge it into your cstrike game folder.<br /><br /><b><u><font size="4">Dependencies/Requirements:</font></u></b><br />SRCDS for CS:S. No other plugins, extensions, or other files not included here are required. This plugin may work with CS:GO, I have no way to test that, give it a whirl if you wish.<br /><br /><b><u><font size="4">Activation/Enabling:</font></u></b><br />The compiled plugin is stored in the cstrikeaddonssourcemodpluginsdisabled folder. Depending on how you want to use it, you can load it from the server console with &quot;sm plugins load disabledsm_css_tag&quot;, or you can stick that same command in your server.cfg or some other configuration file, or you can move the file into the plugins folder.<br /><br /><b><u><font size="4">Additional Features:</font></u></b><br />There is an optional file, sm_css_tag_otherplugins.cfg located in cstrikeaddonssourcemodconfigs folder. This is a key values file that can be used to unload and/or load other plugins when sm_css_tag starts and/or ends. Formatting is fairly simple and explained in detail in the sample file provided. The sample file is set up to unload the teambets and knifemug plugins, so make sure to modify or delete the sample sm_css_tag_otherplugins.cfg file if you wish to play sm_css_tag and have either of those other plugins running.<br /><br /><b><u><font size="4">License:</font></u></b><br />In addition to the required GPL license, all of the attached files are NO-BSware and complete freeware. Use any of it in any way you wish. It would be nice to mention me or give thanks, but not required. Nothing is required unless specifically required by the GPL license.<br /><br /><b><u><font size="4">Beta:</font></u></b><br />As mentioned, this is still in Beta, and I know there is more to be added and changed. As per my license above, anyone is free to modify the code in any way they wish. As far as modifications I make to the code released here, it will depend on how important I think it is, and how much interest there is in the code at all. There are some features I plan to add/modify already, but as far as adding some huge feature that only one or 2 people want, I wouldn't wait for me to do that, unless it's a really good idea. Personally, I think most of the tweaking will come in the existing configuration files. You can really change the game drastically with what's already configurable there.<br /><br /><b><u><font size="4">Thanks:</font></u></b><br />Thanks to the authors of the Predator plugin. It doesn't look like it's supported anymore, but while looking around for something different to put on my server like jailbreak or build, I came across that plugin which actually inspired me to make this plugin.</div>

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