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Guest Message by DevFuse


[ L4D2 ] Sky rpg 3 (Sky rpg 2 Private branch included)

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<div><font size="3"><b>Description</b></font><font size="2"><br />The Sky rpg mods are comprehensively huge; they are jam packed with abilities and content.<br />Each iteration is written completely independent of the previous, and from the ground up.<br />Essentially, they're completely different mods;<br />Each version is unique; they may share some of the same abilities, but the leveling structure and ability hierarchies are<br />completely different, each re-worked for a different feel and experience.<br />The basic idea between Sky rpg is earning experience, leveling up, and spending the ability points you earn on different<br />ability categories to become more powerful. You can hoard the points and spend them whenever you want to, or not<br />spend them at all. Sky rpg supports both versus and cooperative game modes, wherein cooperative game modes, the<br />infected bots will level up and server admins can assign their ability points, while the plugin will allow the spawning of<br />all of the purchases or feature abilities that an infected player can generally use for the &quot;ai director&quot; to give players the<br />feeling that the &quot;ai director&quot; is actively using the mod.<br />As is also traditionally the case with Sky rpg, most aspects of the mod are completely configurable, with an expansive<br />config file, which generates the first time the plugin runs on your server.</font><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><font size="3"><b>Installation</b></font><font size="2"><br />Please review the /configs/databases.cfg file for reference on how to set your databases.cfg up for use with each plugin.<br />You <u>must have a database</u> hooked up or the plugin will fail to save data, probably won't load, and will shoot errors.<br />1. Download the <a href="" target="_blank">L4D2 Direct</a> gamedata.<br />Place it in your server's /addons/sourcemod/gamedata/ folder.<br />2. Review the /configs/databases.cfg file I have included for reference on how to set the it up on your server.<br />databases.cfg can be found in your server's /addons/sourcemod/configs/ folder.<br />3. Upload the contents of /translations/ to your server's /addons/sourcemod/translations/ folder.<br />4. Upload the other dependencies to your server:<br /><a href="" target="_blank">Left 4 Downtown 2 (No Playerslots)</a>, <a href="" target="_blank">SDKHooks</a>, and <a href="" target="_blank">Ready Up</a><br />5. Upload the plugin to your server. It is located in the /plugins/ folder.<br /><b>Sky rpg 2 private branch is included in the file. However, both sky rpg 2 and sky rpg 3 are not compatible with each other.<br />You can use only one at a time on the server.</b></font><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><font size="3"><b>If you want to compile the plugin yourself...</b></font><font size="2"><br />For the sanity of other developers, I have included the .inc file versions that I used for compiling.<br />However, it is your responsibility to make sure these file versions are updated to the latest version.<br /><i>You must be using the v1.5 branch of Sourcemod and the latest version of the compiler or the plugin <u>will not</u> compile.</i><br />1. After verifying the above, simply extract the contents of the /scripting/ folder.<br /><i>I do not offer support on modified versions of the plugin;<br />Support will be given only to users that are using the binaries (.smx) that are included in the file.</i></font><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><font size="3"><b>Donations</b></font><font size="2"><br />If you enjoy these plugins, please consider donating to support the extensive time they took to develop, and to<br />continue plugin development. You can donate by <a href="" target="_blank">clicking here -&gt; PayPal</a></font></div>

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