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Guest Message by DevFuse


[Any] Simple-Build (v0.5.4, 3-31-2013)

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Napisano 31.03.2013 07:22


Simple Build (v0.5.4, 3-31-2013)

Description: The story for this mod is rather simple really; I couldn't find a mod that had the specific commands or worked the way I wanted it to, so I made one. When I first started making this mod I looked off of a few other plugins, and I went from there. I have provided credit inside the mod, and I will post (to the best of my recollection) everyone who deserves credit in this post. There are a few mods around that may be better than this, but they are in private hands; I wanted to get a public plugin out there that does these things. This was originally built and tested on HL2DM, however, I have tested all of these commands/features on CS:S and everything is working. (This should work in any Source-Engine Game!)

  • sv_sb_enabled - Toggles the plugin's features (0 = Off, 1 = On).
  • sv_sb_prop_limit - Sets the maximum number of props a player can spawn.
Command List
  • m_spawn <propname> - Spawns a prop from the prop-list.
  • m_create <classname> <model> - ROOT: Always a root admin to spawn special entities.
  • m_remove <self|player> - With no arguments: Removes a prop you are looking at ; Self: Removes all of your props ; Player: Removes a specified player's props
  • m_owner <player> - Changes the ownership of a prop.
  • m_propinfo - Returns various information about the prop you are looking at.
  • m_move <x> <y> <z> - Moves the prop given units on the given axis (for precision building).
  • m_rotate <x> <y> <z> - Rotates the prop given degrees on the given axis.
  • m_straight - Returns the prop you're looking at to 0 0 0 angles.
  • m_freeze - Freezes the prop you are looking at.
  • m_unfreeze - Unfreezes the prop you are looking at.
  • m_solid - Changes the solidity of a prop you are looking at.
  • m_modelme - ADMIN: Changes your model to what you are looking at.
  • m_setmass - Changes the mass of a prop you are looking at.
  • m_alpha <amount> - Changes the alpha value of the prop you are looking at.
  • m_color <r> <g> <b> - Changes the RGB values of the prop you are looking at.
  • +move / -move - Used to manually move players/props you are looking at
  • +copy / -copy - Used to copy then move a prop you are looking at.
  • m_save <save alias> - Saves any an all props you have spawned under a save alias.
  • m_load <save alias> - Loads all props under the specified save alias.
  • m_setspawn - Sets your custom spawn point.
  • m_clearnspawn - Clears your custom spawn point.
Installation: To install this is very simple: You download the zip file, Unzip the contents, upload them to your server (in the correct directories), and you are set! When the mod loads for the first time it will create the directories it uses. Inside the zip file there is a prop-life, if you want to add props you MUST follow the correct format (if it stops working, chances are you did something wrong).
Important Note: This plugin requires
vPhysics to be running on the server. If you do not have vPhysics, you may obtain it by clicking here.

Plugin Features:
  • Prop Ownership: Inside the mod, there are three levels of admin, and they are defined by which flag the admin has (Root: Root Flag ; Admin: Ban Flag ; Admin2: Slay Flag). It is set up so lower admins cannot target higher admin's props, nor can equal level admins target each others props (root admins can do anything to anyone).
  • Custom Logging: The plugin will log whenever an admin does a command on someone's prop. The plugin will create directories for these logs (ex: sourcemod/simple-build/logs/month/day/log.txt).
  • Custom Save/Load Commands: When players build something that they really like, they can save it using the save command. The save command requires a alias to save under. When the player leaves, his/her props will be removed, but when he/she reconnects, they can load it using the same alias. The plugin saves the model, origin, angle, solidity, color, and alpha of the prop (and spawns it with the same properties it was saved). Caution: If you save under an alias that already exists, it will delete the old file, and save the new props to it.
Change Log:
v0.5.4, 3-31-2013
* Initial public release.
v0.0-v0.53, no date
* Internal testing releases, no public build.

Special Thanks:
  • The Twisted Panda: I used code from your Build Wars plugin; You also answered quite a few of the questions I had, so thank you!
  • Mitchell: Introduced me to coding ; Continuously answers my questions (no matter how annoyed he gets), so thank you!!!
  • Bubka3: Answers my questions (even if done so reluctantly), and lends an ear when needed. Thank you!

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