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Witamy w Nieoficjalnym polskim support'cie AMX Mod X, jak w większości społeczności internetowych musisz się zarejestrować aby móc odpowiadać lub zakładać nowe tematy, ale nie bój się to jest prosty proces w którym wymagamy minimalnych informacji.
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Napisano 19.03.2013 07:31

Hi there,Playing on a lot of race maps of different kinds (race, sliderace, xc, mg maps, etc...), I noticed that a lot of them were just "missing" a reward for the first player reaching the goal.I often thought the other players would be teleported to the winner and a fight would start, like in some mg maps... but in many cases, nothing: not a weapon, not a vehicule, nada.I think it's a pity because a lot of these old maps are great and would deserve to be played on more servers.So I had the idea to create a plugin which would:- allow admins to draw defined zones in any map- allow them to reward a player who reaches the zone- allow them to execute a file as soon as a zone is reached (to allow many more outputs than just a normal reward.)I took the code of Peace-Maker's Anti Rush plugin to create and manage zones, and Andi67's sm_skinchooser plugin sourcecode for the skin reward stuff.Big thanks to them for making their respective plugins (and allowing me to use them).Installation:Drop sm_zones_cmds.smx in your addons/sourcemod/plugins folder.Drop sm_zones_cmds.sp in your addons/sourcemod/scripting folder.Drop sm_zones_cmds.phrases.txt in your addons/sourcemod/translations folder.Drop zones_commands.cfg and zones_newround.cfg in your cfg/sourcemod folder.Drop sm_zones_cmds folder in your addons/sourcemod/configs folder.Drop the 3 ini files in your addons/sourcemod/configs folder.Fill sm_zones_cmds_skin_t.ini with a valid model name that will be used if the winner is a Terro. Fill sm_zones_cmds_skin_ct.ini with a valid CT model.List all files regarding skins in sm_zones_cmds_skins_downloads.ini.I attached ini files as an example so you can see how they should look like.It works the same way as sm_skinchooser plugin.I'll attach the example model pack later on for those who need it.cvars / command: Code: sm_zones_cmds_enabled - Enable/Disable zones detections.sm_zones_cmds_postaction - How should the plugin behave when a player reaches a zone. 1: Announce in chat, 2: Announce, reward, execute config file, 3: Slay.sm_zones_cmds_fencecolor - Which color should the fences have? RGBA: red green blue alpha.sm_zones_cmds_showzones - Show created zones?sm_zones_cmds_newround - Enable/Disable config file executed at roundstart, regardless of sm_zones_cmds_enabled (can be useful as a stand alone function).sm_zones_cmds_fragreward - Enable/Disable frag reward.sm_zones_cmds_cash - Enable/Disable cash reward ($16000).sm_zones_cmds_skin_enabled - Enable/Disable skin reward.sm_zones_cmds_skin_timer - Enable/Disable timer before a skin is applied at spawn (to override other plugins).sm_zones_cmds_config_file - File to be executed when a zone is reached, located in cfg/sourcemod folder (default: zones_commands.cfg).sm_zones_cmds_newround_file - File to be executed at roundstart, located in cfg/sourcemod folder (default: zones_newround.cfg).Admin command: sm_zones_cmds_menu: Opens the zones edit menu.Additional Information:This plugin requires SDK Hooks: this reason, you can't compile it with the web compiler. Please download the provided smx file.Why did I add a config file to be launched when a zone is reached? (and another one at roundstart)?-> I use this plugin on sliderace maps where I enable auto respawn. Thus, I set mp_ignore_round_win_conditions to 1 at roundstart.When a player finishes the map, he gets cash (to buy powerful weapons next round), 50 points (the map should give that!) and is also rewarded with a server side skin.At that point, I deactivate the respawn, and (very important) set mp_ignore_round_win_conditions back to 0 to allow the round to end (and the map to finish if timelimit is reached).Otherwise, the round would never end and other players would hardly know there is a winner :/Plus, some traps would certainly need to be restarted.For all this, config files are very useful.I also launch a sound when the zone is reached using sm_play @all in the zones_commands.cfg file.There are a lot of commands that you can play with using cfg files.Please note that this plugin can be used/edited freely and I even encourage you to do so to fit your needs. There are a lot of stuff that could be added like making vehicules spawn or changing players glow/color/alpha or many other things.For now, when a player reaches a zone, the zone output is disabled (like there can be only one winner for a zone, it was meant to be used on race maps...) but it could easily be modified if needed.All comments are, as usual, welcome.St00neDołączona grafikaDołączona grafikaDołączona grafikaDołączona grafika Attached Files Dołączona grafika Get Plugin or Get Source (sm_zones_cmds.sp - 66.5 KB) Dołączona grafika sm_zones_cmds.smx (28.9 KB) Dołączona grafika sm_zones_cmds.phrases.txt (4.8 KB) Dołączona grafika zones_commands.cfg (123 Bytes) Dołączona grafika zones_newround.cfg (82 Bytes) Dołączona grafika sm_zones_cmds_skins_downloads.ini (1.8 KB) Dołączona grafika sm_zones_cmds_skin_t.ini (51 Bytes) Dołączona grafika sm_zones_cmds_skin_ct.ini (39 Bytes)

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