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Dołączona grafika Dołączona grafika

Guest Message by DevFuse


[ L4D2 ] Fortspawn 2 v2.0.1

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Napisano 11.03.2013 02:25

DescriptionFortspawn 2 isn't a simple recreation of the Fortspawn mod. In fact, I've never played it, myself. However, this mod takes the generalidea behind Fortspawn and reinvents it, whilst adding new mechanics to it. In Fortspawn 2, players can earn experience and level upwhich unlocks additional objects, as well as earn cash which allows them to buy more lucrative objects. The number of items a playercan build is based on their level, and all objects have their own dynamic health pool. Server owners can easily add new objects to theobject pool by editing the simple config file included. (configs/fortspawn2/objects.cfg)Cash, Level and Experience are stored in the database.Players can also pay an amount of their cash to toggle a new object they'll create between being a static object (one that does notadhere to the laws of source-physics) and being a physics object. If purchased, the next object created will be a static object.Players can simply toggle the key again to disable (and refund the cost) spawning a static object. Of course, a server owner may wantto make static purchases free, or simply enabling all objects as static objects. These options are both configurable.I've provided a default objects.cfg in the compressed folder.DependenciesSDKHooks, and Ready Up 2.3 (It will not work with older versions).A database is also required; "fortspawn2" is the prefix you must use.ControlsYou can change these controls by directly editing the source. I will not be changing them or adding a configuration option for them.Objects that can be picked up when you are looking at them will highlight green. You cannot pick up another players objects. Attemptingto do so will simply tell you the owner of the objects name. At this time, admins can't delete other users items, but that will be added.However, when a player disconnects or dies, all of their items will be destroyed. At this time, this feature can't be removed, but an optionfor it will be added at a later date.!build: Will open the build menu. You must be a survivor, alive, not incapacitated, and not currently ensnared.!wipe: Will destroy all objects you have built (and refund their costs; includes static cost if applicable).!static: Will toggle between static/physics object, if static objects aren't forced.USE Key: Picks up/Drops the targeted object.Object Movement Mode ControlsMOUSE2 Key: Destroys selected object (must be in Object Movement Mode).ZOOM Key: Toggles Object Movement / Object Rotation Modes.Object Rotation Mode ControlsMOVEMENT, USE, DUCK Keys: Rotates the object along the 3 axis.RELOAD / MOUSE2 Keys: Increase / Decrease Rotation speed.Ready up InformationThis plugin will remove the survival start button, preventing random trolls from connecting to your server and starting the survival round beforeplayers who are building are ready. Instead, the survival round will begin automatically when the ready up time reaches 0. Survivors areinvulnerable during the ready up period, and should they find themselves hanging, will automatically recover. Objects spawned are invulnerableas well during this period, but will accept damage when the survival round starts.Compiling the Plugin Yourself, Plugin errorsI will not assist users in compiling the plugin themselves or with Plugin errors resulting in PEBKAC, due to the headaches it has brought in the past.When attempting to compile, please make sure you're using all of the dependencies the plugin requires, which can generally be found at the topof the main source file. Most importantly, make sure they are the latest versions of each dependency. I do not include them in thecompressed folder as authors may update their works at any time.Before posting complaints or problems, please verify that you've installed all of the dependencies, properly. Often, I see posts about plugin problemsbecause the EU didn't properly set up the dependencies - this includes improperly configuring the database. The plugin requires it and will not functionwithout it.If you have compile errors, it's a PEBKAC issue, because it compiles for me. Check the dependencies and try again.The binary is included, so you don't need to compile the plugin to use the plugin. Attached Files Dołączona grafika (55.6 KB)

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