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Guest Message by DevFuse


[TF2] Unassigned Player Kicker (v1.2)

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Napisano 21.02.2013 04:21

Introduction Before I get into this, let me say that this plugin is most likely going to be very useful for those of us who run idle servers. Then again, if you run a TF2 server of any sort, and you're having problems with people joining and just sitting at the team selection screen (which is a total waste of a player slot), then this plugin is for you!About a year or so ago, I remember checking out all the various idle management/anti-spectator plugins on the forums here, and testing the majority of them out to see if they could take care of the people who would join my server and just sit at the team selection screen. Sadly, I didn't find anything of the sort. I'm not exactly sure if it's because the "Unassigned" team wasn't an actual team that could be targetted back then....or if it was because nobody had thought of making a plugin of this sort.But here we are today with a solution to the problem of people wasting player slots (mostly on idle servers) by just sitting at the team selection screen.ConVars
  • sm_unassignedkicker_version - Standard version ConVar, nothing to see here.
  • sm_unassignedkicker_timer - How long (in seconds) should the timer be, before it checks the connected player's team? (Default = 600.0 seconds, equal to 10 minutes)
  • sm_unassignedkicker_message - What do you want the kick reason to say? (Default = "If you return, please join a team")
Oh, and just a side-note about the message ConVar: You do not need to add a period to your kick message. The game automatically adds one. For example, if you set your kick message to "Please join a team.", it'll show up as "Please join a team.." to people who get kicked.Installation
  • Download unassignedplayerkicker.smx
  • Place the file in sourcemod/plugins folder.
  • Set up the timer and message ConVars in your server.cfg file
  • Load the plugin up ingame via RCON (rcon sm plugins load unassignedplayerkicker.smx)
  • ???
  • Profit!
Change Log Code: Version 1.2 - March 5th, 2013* Implemented the fixes suggested by Dr. McKay, to make sure that the plugin doesn't accidentally kick the wrong player.Version 1.1 - February 21st, 2013* Fixed the "[SM] Native "GetClientTeam" reported: Client # is not in game" error by adding an !IsClientInGame check, and having it return Plugin_Handled;Version 1.0 - February 20th, 2013* Initial releaseBugs? Errors? Suggestions? Comments?If you encounter any bugs, or notice any errors in your error logs stemming from this plugin, please post a reply and include as much information about the bug, or the full error listing from your logs, so I can fix this if necessary!As for comments or suggestions, again, just post a reply! I won't bite :wink: Attached Files Dołączona grafika Get Plugin or Get Source (unassignedplayerkicker.sp - 2.6 KB)

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