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Witamy w Nieoficjalnym polskim support'cie AMX Mod X, jak w większości społeczności internetowych musisz się zarejestrować aby móc odpowiadać lub zakładać nowe tematy, ale nie bój się to jest prosty proces w którym wymagamy minimalnych informacji.
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[source 2009] SourceComms (0.7.113-beta)

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Napisano 30.01.2013 23:42

  • Working sourcebans system (yes, you need MySQL server and web server with PHP)
  • SM 1.4.1 or newer
  • SM 1.5.0-hg3761 or newer if you want to store history of punishments from another plugins
Plugin based on ExtendedComms (Twisted|Panda) & SourceBans (SourceBans Development Team) plugins. Thanks them for code and idea. :wink:Features:
  • Provides a straightforward category in the sm_admin menu where administrators can punish players as well as view current comm punishments.
    • The original BaseComm menu option still exist, and will still function. SourceComms plugin has optional support (not by default) storing history of punishments from BaseComm and another plugins if you are having SM 1.5.0-hg3761 or LATER
    • The category provides options for issuing new punishments, removing and viewing current punishments (categorized based on the punishment), as well as a List feature that provides information about current punishments.
    • The category also modifies the player's names in all of the options to show what their current punishment is. [ ] = None, [G] = Gagged, [M] = Muted, [S] = Silenced. I used Twisted|Panda menu code :oops:
  • All punishments (temporary, extended or permanent) are saved in MySQL database and are automatically reapplied (except temporary) when the punished player connects to the server. This allows punishments to be applied across multiple servers.
    • Extended punishments will automatically expire in-game at the designated time.
    • Permanent punishments remain on the player until an administrator removes them.
    • If the server has problems with access to the database, the punishments will store in SQLite database and would be added in the main database when connection is restored. (like in sourcebans plugin, yes)
  • SourceComms has support for protecting current punishments based on immunity levels. When a punishment is issued, the administrator responsible has their immunity level attached to the punishment. In order to remove that punishment, the second administrator must have higher immunity level or special admin flag (ADMFLAG_CUSTOM2 by default. You may change it in sourcecode). Also, punishment can be removed by console or his author. Punishments issued by CONSOLE has some immunity level (which is set in config).Immunity checking system could be disabled by setting "DisableUnblockImmunityCheck" to value 1 in config file. One more important moment. When somebody removes punishment - plugin retrieves "punishment issuer admin id" from database. If the request fails - punishment could be temporary removed (on server, not in database) only by console, admin with special flag or with higher immunity.
  • Punishments reasons and times stored in config.
  • Config has another usefull setting - "DefaultTime". When admin run sm_gag (mute, silence) command only with player name - he will be gagged on "DefaultTime" value minutes. (if "DefaultTime" setted in -1 -> player will be blocked only on session (until reconnect))
  • SourceComms supports updater
Commands:The time parameter controls how long the player is punished. (< 0 == Temporary, 0 == Permanent, # == Minutes). If not specified it will be "DefaultTime" minutes (30 by default)
  • sm_mute

    Removes a player's ability to use in-game voice.

  • sm_gag

    Removes a player's ability to use in-game chat.

  • sm_silence

    Removes a player's ability to use in-game voice and chat.

  • sm_unmute

    Restores a player's ability to use in-game voice.

  • sm_ungag

    Restores a player's ability to use in-game chat.

  • sm_unsilence

    Restores a player's ability to use in-game voice and chat.

Installation instructions Code: A zip file has been attached that provide all the necessary files, which can simply be extracted to your SourceMod directory. However, this is where the files go:- sourcecomms.smx into /sourcemod/plugins/- sourcecomms.phrases.txt into /sourcemod/translations/- sourcecomms.cfg into /sourcemod/configs/sourcebans/You need to add database record "sourcecomms" to your /sourcemod/configs/databases.cfgDatabase Config Code: "sourcecomms" { "driver" "mysql" "host" "your_mysql_host" "database" "your_sourcebans_database" "user" "your_mysql_login" "pass" "******" //"timeout" "0" "port" "3306 or another" }On your sourcebans database execute the following query below (but first - check your table prefix!! replace sb to yours, if you uses another): Spoiler CREATE TABLE `sb_comms` ( `bid` int(6) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `authid` varchar(64) NOT NULL, `name` varchar(128) NOT NULL DEFAULT 'unnamed', `created` int(11) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', `ends` int(11) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', `length` int(10) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', `reason` text NOT NULL, `aid` int(6) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', `adminIp` varchar(32) NOT NULL DEFAULT '', `sid` int(6) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', `RemovedBy` int(8) DEFAULT NULL, `RemoveType` varchar(3) DEFAULT NULL, `RemovedOn` int(11) DEFAULT NULL, `type` tinyint(4) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0' COMMENT '1 - Mute, 2 - Gag', `ureason` text, PRIMARY KEY (`bid`), KEY `authid` (`authid`), KEY `created` (`created`), KEY `RemoveType` (`RemoveType`), KEY `type` (`type`), KEY `sid` (`sid`), KEY `aid` (`aid`), FULLTEXT KEY `authid_2` (`authid`), FULLTEXT KEY `name` (`name`), FULLTEXT KEY `reason` (`reason`)) ENGINE=MyISAM DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8; Instruction for installing web part will coming soon. (same reason)Description of web part will.. (i think you understand me :))Sample of web-part test/testApprovers, please check plugin code. In this time, I finish plugin description and installation.I'm not sure about working plugin on any source2009 games. I test it only on 8 tf2 servers. I need feedback.p.s. Spoiler If you have found any errors(spelling or grammatical) in the text, tell me with a private message, because my knowledge of English is not as good as I would like. Attached Files Dołączona grafika Get Plugin or Get Source (sourcecomms.sp - 91.9 KB) Dołączona grafika sourcecomms.smx (33.3 KB) Dołączona grafika (55.7 KB)

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