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[TF2] Hidden v2.9.9, 2013-1-25

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Napisano 25.01.2013 21:27

This is a Hidden:Source-like mod for TF2 arena, based on Matheus28's unmaintained [TF2] The Hidden mod. Myself and smiley_dan picked up the mod to run on our community server for the weekends.Over the course of the last month we addressed many of the known issues in the existing plugin, and learned a lot about Sourcemod during the process. This is the first SM plugin for either of us, so any feedback or suggested improvements from other SM developers would be greatly appreciated.Development repository is hosted on Github

  • Hidden features

    • Increased health points for Hidden.
    • Increased movement speed for Hidden.
    • Increased jump heighth and distance for Hidden.
    • Reduced effectiveness of certain weapon effects against Hidden, e.g. fire, jarate, bleed.
    • Hidden is almost always cloaked. Except when attacking, pouncing, taking damage.
    • attack2 bind lets Hidden super-jump/pounce
    • reload bind lets Hidden stun team Iris players

  • Team Iris features

    • Spies have been disabled.
    • Sentry guns have been blocked.
    • Engineers can optionally be disabled.
    • Iris teammates can be seen with objective glow
    • Hidden's killer gets to play as the Hidden next, or a random player is selected.

  • Commands

    • sm_nexthidden - forces a player to be the next hidden
    • sm_hidden_enable - enables the plugin
    • sm_hidden_disable - disables the plugin

  • Cvars

    • sm_hidden_enabled - def. 1, enables/disables the plugin.
    • sm_hidden_alltalk - def. 1, turns alltalk on, and voiceicons off.
    • sm_hidden_allowpyro - def. 1, whether to allow pyro on team Iris.
    • sm_hidden_allowengineer - def. 1, whether to allow engineer on team Iris.
    • sm_hidden_visible_damage - def 0.5, time Hidden is visible when taking regular weapon damage.
    • sm_hidden_visible_jarate - def 1.0, time Hidden is visible when splashed (jarate/milk), bonked.
    • sm_hidden_visible_pounce - def 0.25, time Hidden is visible when pouncing.

  • Installation

    • Copy hidden.smx to plugins directory. Optionally install steamtools exension. Depends on smlib as a third party build dependency. Use the attached .smx file, rather than the "Get Plugin" link.
    • WARNING: AFK managers, scramble, and autobalance plugins may interfere with player queueing and spawning. This has not been thoroughly tested and it is recommended to disable such plugins.

  • Dependencies

    • Optional steamtools extension to change Server game description.
    • The smlib stock includes are a build dependency.

  • Plans

  • Class preference restoration for players who have just played the Hidden character.

Attached Files Dołączona grafika (50.8 KB) Dołączona grafika Get Plugin or Get Source (hidden.sp - 33.6 KB) Dołączona grafika hidden.smx (28.1 KB)

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