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Dołączona grafika Dołączona grafika

Guest Message by DevFuse


[TF2] Freeze Tag - (1.0.0) 12/30/2012

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Napisano 30.12.2012 12:39

This plugins converts any map into a game of freeze tag. When players die, they become encased in ice, and a teammate must stand near them to bring them back to life. Once all players on a team become frozen (or the configured round timer expires), the round is over.Dołączona grafikaCVARs:sm_tf2freezetag_version: version number, for tracking (don't change)sm_freezetag_enabled: (1) - Enable/Disable Freezetag Mode [0/1]sm_freezetag_radius: (150) - Unfreeze Radius Units [100-300]sm_freezetag_duration: (3) - Unfreeze Duration [1-10] (time required to stand by people to unfreeze)sm_freezetag_proxpulse: (.33) -Update Interval For Beacons [0.1-1.0]sm_freezetag_forcemulti: (10) - Damage Force Multiplier To Push Frozen People [0-1000]* (damage is multiplied by this amount for force)sm_freezetag_forcecap: (500) -Damage Force Cap To Push Frozen People [0-5000]. (damage*multipler can't go past this amount)sm_freezetag_opendoors: (1) - 0 - Do Not Change, 1 - Force Open, 2 - Remove Doors**sm_freezetag_openaps: (0) 0 - Do Not Change, 1 - Open Area Portals (generally leave this off, unless you see hall of mirrors/void where doors were)sm_freezetag_blockcaps: (1) - Enable/Disable Capture Points and Payloads [0/1]sm_freezetag_blockflags: (1) - Enable/Disable Flag Captures [0/1]sm_freezetag_hpratio: (0.5) - Unfreeze Health Restore Ratio [0.01-1.0]sm_freezetag_preround: (10) - Preround Time to Allow Class Change in Seconds [0-20]***sm_freezetag_feedback: (1) - Enable/Disable Notification Messages [0/1]sm_freezetag_timer: (300) - Round Timer Length [60-1800]sm_freezetag_disabletrains: (0) - Enable/Disable Tank Trains [0/1]***** Setting to 0 will prevent players from being pushed, and bypass all push mechanics code** It generally works to open doors with 1, on some maps they may script to re-close, so use 2 to delete them. On maps like nucleus, the center paths would be deleted if 2 were used.*** On arena maps there is no way to switch classes after the pre-round warmup, but extra time allows medics to charge uber. **** Tank trains are payload cart movers, ghosts on harvest, elevators, trains on well, etc.The only ones you really need to set globally are:sm_freezetag_enabled, sm_freezetag_feedback, sm_freezetag_proxpulse, sm_freezetag_forcemulti, sm_freezetag_forcecapThe defaults for these, should be fine for most users. Also, the defauls in the included config, should be fine for most users.Most of these settings can be configured per-map with the optional included config file.If you need to add a map, just add it to the freezetag_maps.cfg:As you see, I removed the doors on degroot keep, because I hate hearing that music every round. Code: "cp_degrootkeep" { "preround" "10" "timer" "120" "radius" "150" "duration" "3" "opendoors" "2" "openaps" "0" "blockcaps" "1" "blockflags" "1" "blocktrains" "0" "hpratio" "0.5" }Commands:sm_freezetag_reloadconfigs: (Rcon) Reloads the configuration file.sm_freezetag_unfreeze: (Cheats) Unfreezes player(s) who are frozen.sm_freezetag: Info/help menu for information about weapon modification, rules, tips, etc.sm_stuck, sm_unstuck: Triggers unstuck mode. Increased radius, transported to spawn frozen when revived, lower HP for rest of round. Code: 2012-12-30 (v1.0.0)* Initial ReleaseRequirements:SDK HooksTF2 ItemsInstallation:- Place the bz2 archives on your fastdownload server if appropriate, they are included in the "fastdownload" directory.- Preserve the directory structures when extracting the files, so that the materials and models reach appropriate paths.- The configuration file goes in tfaddonssourcemodconfigs, not your tfcfg directory.Plans:- Find some way to parent the ice block model directly to the player properly.- Prevent player attack animations from playing when frozen.- Pop up a menu informing players about weapon changes/replacements.- Perhaps fix koth_lakeside_eventNotes:- I suggest you change your mp_waitingforplayers_time to something like 60, so that people have time to load in and don't start frozen right away on the first round.- Mods that scramble teams, or limit classes may help you manage the game mode a bit better. Keep in mind that each freeze registers as a death/frag.- I thought it fair to allow people to join a game in progress, and be revived by teammates. Reconnecting to become alive would abuse this, or just joining late/alive would change the flow of the game.- The game favors small to medium sized maps. Arena maps and Koth maps work perfect. Payload race works decently well. There is a problem with multi-staged maps, as they are very large and asymmetrical. If you wish to use a payload map, you will need to use an addon such as Stripper:Source and remove func_brush entities, as well as enable/disable desired spawn positions for the red/blu teams to make use of the space.- koth_lakeside_event does not work. The teleporter is disabled, and will not bring you out of the pit. The way in which the mod controls entities prohibits it from functioning properly. Use the normal version of lakeside instead. Attached Files Dołączona grafika (87.5 KB) Dołączona grafika Get Plugin or Get Source (freezetag.sp - 142.6 KB)

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