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Guest Message by DevFuse


[TF2] Resurrection - Respawn in Arena Mode (updated 05-Oct-2014)

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<div><font size="6"><b>Resurrection</b></font><div align="left">Capturing the control point will respawn your dead teammates instead of ending the round. Capture time is increased when the opposite team has more alive players. Players take a penalty for standing on the control point. A team wins by eliminating the enemy team or by holding the control point for set period of time.</div><br />Based on the Arena: Respawn mod I came across this week. I threw this together and it turned out to be a nice change of pace for arena. Had some people request the plugin so I thought I'd release it.<br /><br /><font size="4">Here's what is different:</font><br />1. No dependencies such as stripper and therefore has the ability to toggle on and off<br />2. Dynamic capture time - why should a team with 4 more alive players cap as fast?<br />3. A timer has been added to prevent the situation in which an engineer or C/D spy is hiding in the bushes and the game will never end.<br /><br /><font size="4">Features:</font><ul><li> Automatic votes when a map begins to toggle resurrection mod.</li>
<li> Player nominated votes activated by typing <b>res</b> in chat. (Similar to RTV)</li>
</ul><b>The above two features are turned off by default.</b> Take a look at the cvars to configure them for your server. You may run normal arena all the time but want to give players the option to play resurrection or start a vote automatically after the map begins. Or you may run resurrection arena all the time but want to give players the option to turn it off.<br /><br /><font size="4">For cvars, commands, source code, feature requests, or reporting issues, use the <a href="" target="_blank">GitHub</a>.</font><br /><br /><font size="4">Usage notes:</font><br />1. This is for arena maps only!<br /><br /><font size="4">Install:</font><br />1. Copy resurrect.smx to the sourcemod/plugins directory.<br />2. Copy resurrect.phrases.txt to the sourcemod/translations directory.<br /><br /><font size="1">old downloads: 72</font></div>

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